Alec Rois is a former CIA agent and ally of Wade Eiling.

Physical appearance

Though Rois has to be more than sixty years of age, he doesn't look it. Apart from a few wrinkles and streaks of gray hair, he is still the man he was during the Vietnam war. He has blue eyes, thick black hair and a solid black mustache.[2]


Early life

Rois was a CIA agent with multiple skills, including brainwashing and demolition.

During the Vietnam War, he was part of Eiling and Yarrow's weapon smuggling ring. After the war, he staged his own death.[2]


St. George
August 14, 03:26 MDT

Rois was part of the ambush of the Team at an old airbase. He wore a vest of explosives, and had a dead man's trigger. He was defeated when Miss Martian telekinetically locked his finger on the switch, and Artemis shot a foam arrow at him, encapsulating his hand in that position. He was arrested.[2]

August 15, 00:00 EDT

Rois escaped with Rako, and made it back to the Pentagon, where he met with Wade Eiling. He congratulated his boss on the success of the plan.[2]


Background information

In the comics, Alec Rois is a Captain Atom villain known as The Ghost. He is called a "spook" for the CIA; in the comics, he was a weapons designer.


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