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Amistad Ervin is the son of Rocket (Raquel Ervin).

History Edit

Early life Edit

Amistad was born just before December 1, 2015.[2]

2018 Edit

Central City
September 29, 10:00 CDT

Amistad and his mother came to a play date at Barry and Iris' house with the other kids. Amistad was quick to point out Karen Beecher had a baby in her belly.[3]

2019 Edit

February 28, 16:16 EST

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Amistad Augustus Ervin is the son of Raquel Ervin and her one time boyfriend Noble. Raquel first learned she was pregnant in Icon #1, and Amistad was born in Icon #24.
  • This is his first animated appearance.

References Edit

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