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This is a list of answers to questions derived from the first season's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the first season of the Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

Independence Day

  • Was the "Ice Villains" attack coincidental or orchestrated?
It was part of a plan hatched by the Light to break every villain out of Belle Reve Penitentiary, as revealed in "Terrors". Mister Freeze, Icicle Jr., Killer Frost and Captain Cold allowed themselves to be caught and sent to Belle Reve, where they would use their cryogenics expertise to brittle the thick prison walls for the super strong inmates to tear down. The secondary goal of the plan was to bring about the removal of the existing administration of the facility thus enabling Dr. Hugo Strange, an agent of the Light, to gain control over the penitentiary.
  • Why did Wotan want to blot out the sun?
It was a distraction,[1] mostly to keep the Justice League away from Cadmus,[2] which Dubbilex had set on fire.


L-1 is Vandal Savage, L-2 is Ra's al Ghul, L-3 is Lex Luthor, L-4 is Queen Bee, L-5 is Ocean-Master, L-6 is the Brain, and L-7 is Klarion. Luthor and Ra's were implied members in "Targets", and in "Revelation" they were confirmed, along with the rest.
He was sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary, as seen in "Terrors".
In "Agendas", it is revealed that Superboy was created with both Kryptonian and human DNA, donated by Superman (unknowingly) and Lex Luthor, respectively. Therefore, his powers did not develop to those of a fully realized Kryptonian.
  • What is "The Light" and what is their agenda?
As Vandal Savage explains in "Auld Acquaintance", "The Light" refers to the group's raison d'être. They consider the Justice League to be an hindrance to natural selection, because by protecting the weak and helpless they are preventing mankind from evolving. Being aware of this, the villains consider themselves to be enlightened, and want to put mankind on the course of an advanced evolution, making Earth the epicenter of the universe. How exactly they will achieve this has yet to be revealed.
  • What are the "other subtler means of control" that L-3 refers to?
In "Agendas", Lex Luthor uses a trigger phrase to immobilize Superboy. In "Auld Acquaintance", Guardian was also similarly immobilized when the Light was ransacking Cadmus, while Red Arrow had the trigger phrase "broken arrow" that allows him to be surreptitiously reprogrammed.
  • How can the Light turn the loss of Superboy into an advantage?
In "Agendas" it was revealed that Superboy was programmed with a trigger that rendered him immobilized and harmless. Also, being his partial genetic template, Luthor attempted to subvert Superboy's loyalties by playing on his father issues.
  • Is Blockbuster's mutation irreversible?

Welcome to Happy Harbor

  • How and when was the location of the Cave compromised?
In issue #2, we learn through a genomorph-induced hallucination that the Joker followed Lucas Carr into the Cave. It happened four years ago.[3]
  • Was T.O. Morrow working alone or was he in cahoots with someone else?
In "Drop-Zone", L-6 implied that he was working with the Light.
As seen in "Humanity", the real T.O. Morrow had created Red Tornado to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society of America, and so wanted to retrieve him and put him back on his original track.


As revealed in "Auld Acquaintance", the Light was hoarding assorted means to control and possibly neutralize the League.
They were sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary, as seen in "Terrors".


He faked his death.[4]
In issue #2, he witnessed a G-Gnome-induced hallucination retelling the Joker's attack on the Cave, where he unleashed a troop of green-furred monkeys wreaking havoc. Also, G-Gnomes have monkey-like traits. Superboy has acquired a distaste for them since then.
Artemis. In "Infiltrator" the deed is ascribed to her, and in issue #8 it is confirmed, as we see the brawl between the Team and Amazo from her perspective until she intervened.
  • Why did Professor Ivo create Amazo?
    • Was Professor Ivo working alone or was he in cahoots with someone else?
In "Insecurity", Ivo is confirmed to be working with the Light, and in "Auld Acquaintance" Vandal Savage revealed that the Light developed several ways to counter the Justice League. Robotics was one of them.


As seen in issue #7 and "Homefront", Artemis comes from a dysfunctional family with a criminal history. Daughter of reformed criminal Huntress and Sportsmaster and sister to the assassin for hire, Cheshire, Artemis decided not to follow in her family's misguided footsteps and became a costumed vigilante. She used her dexterity with a bow to fight street criminals in Gotham City.

One night during a patrol, Artemis spotted Superboy being thrown through the sky. She followed him to the Gotham Academy, where she encountered the Team fighting Amazo. (issue #7) After fending off Ivo's MONQIs, she shot an arrow to release Kid Flash from Amazo's grip. Upon seeing the young heroes defeat a robot with the powers of the Justice League, she realized that she had found her true calling and wanted to become part of the Team. Four days later, she returned home to find Batman and Green Arrow talking to her mother. The former invited her to join the Team, and with Paula's consent, Artemis accepts on the condition that her family history remains a secret. (issue #8)

  • Why are Batman and Green Arrow apparently lying about Artemis's kinship to Green Arrow?
In issue #8, Batman and Green Arrow offered Artemis membership in the Team. She accepted under the condition that her family's criminal past remained a secret to her teammates. Batman and Green Arrow acquiesced and decided to introduce her as GA's niece, as a cover story.
They are sisters, as revealed in "Homefront".
  • How does Artemis seem to know so much about the League of Shadows?
She is the daughter of Sportsmaster and sister to Cheshire, as revealed in "Insecurity" and "Homefront" respectively. Cheshire is an agent for the Shadows and Sportsmaster used to be one. Also, in issue #13, she implied to be privy to the "family business".
  • What does Cheshire know that could jeopardize Artemis's position in the Team?
Artemis is sister to Cheshire and daugther of Sportsmaster and former criminal Huntress, as revealed in "Homefront" and "Insecurity", respectively. Cheshire figures that if the Team found out about this, they would reject Artemis.
In "Auld Acquaintance", Vandal Savage explained that they made a point of being in the cutting edge of all new technologies.
  • Who is the operative L-2 claims to have infiltrated in the Team?
Red Arrow, as revealed in "Usual Suspects". In "Auld Acquaintance" he is revealed to be a clone of the real Speedy and programmed to be a sleeper agent.


In "Humanity" it is revealed that Red Tornado was a member of the Justice Society of America alongside Kent Nelson, aka Doctor Fate.
As documented in issue #11, Robin and Batman were in Cape Canaveral, trying to foil Ra's al Ghul from launching a rocket and wiping out world cities.
To permanently neutralize Nabu.[1]
Kent would not be warned of Abra's approach—nor be readily able to counter Abra's abilities. Plus Abra wanted something from Klarion, which made him easier to boss around.[5]


As seen in issue #12, Batman dispatched the Team (minus Artemis) to track down Clayface, who had recently emerged (issue #11). They picked up his trail to the sewers of Gotham, where they engaged him and were bested. Later on, they decided to split up to find him and reconvene when one of them located him. Superboy tracked him to the Bichel Co. warehouse and was quickly subdued. Clayface lured the rest of the Team and took them out one by one. (Issue #13)
  • Where was Artemis during the fight?
As seen in issue #13, Artemis was ostensibly placed under arrest by the Star City Police Department, under the behest of Batman and Green Arrow. She was assigned to ascertain Icicle Jr.'s intentions, following his capture in "Independence Day".
He dropped out of the Conservatory of Sorcery before he got to the advanced level.[6]
He enacted Plan B, which consisted of blowing it up so that Prince Orm could send a sample of it to the surface. Then, the Light contrived a way to re-procure it in "Misplaced".
The echinoderm has mind controlling capabilities, as seen in "Usual Suspects", and the Light wanted to use it to create mind controlling technology to subdue the Justice League.


  • Where did the Sphere come from?
    • Is it good or evil?
In "Disordered" it is revealed that the Sphere is an extraterrestrial artifact from the world of New Genesis, and is also known as "the New Genesphere". Like everything that hails from that planet, she is benign.
  • When Miss Martian restored Superboy's memories, there was a glimpse of a white creature never before seen. What was it?
It was a White Martian, Miss Martian's true form.
  • Likewise, there was also a glimpse of a cheerleader who looked like Megan. Who was she?
She is Megan Wheeler, the title character of Miss Martian's favorite sitcom, Hello, Megan!. Miss Martian took on her appearance and mannerisms before coming to Earth.
Her father is Lawrence "Crusher" Crock, a.k.a., Sportsmaster. Lawrence's name was revealed in issue #7 and his identity confirmed in "Insecurity".
As revealed in "Endgame", the new partner is Darkseid.


In the G-Gnome-induced vision, Lucas was a teenager and went by the nickname "Snapper" and now he is an adult, so Superboy didn't make the connection.[6]
According to Miss Martian's telling in issue #6, many Green and Red Martians were intolerant of Whites, deeming them inferior for (as of yet) undisclosed reasons. M'gann was raised in a liberal family, and they had no issue with the Whites. This last story, however, turned out to be a lie, as in "Image" she is revealed to be a White Martian herself.
  • Why is "Conner" Megan's favorite name?
Conner is the name of Megan Wheeler's boyfriend on the sitcom, Hello, Megan!.
Because he is her father, as confirmed in "Insecurity" and when growing up, he was emotionally and verbally abusive to her.[4]


The Justice League caught him.[7]
  • Is the Riddler as inept as regarded?
Not entirely. He is actually an operative of the Light, as seen in "Misplaced", one of the few to know the identities of all seven founders, as seen in "Misplaced". Riddler is their strategist, as seen in "Usual Suspects".
They were at the Cave, watching TV, as seen in 18. "Monkey Business".
  • If only one convict escaped, then how were "the main objectives all reached"? What were the main objectives of the break out?
Part of the plan was also to replace Amanda Waller with Hugo Strange, an agent of the Light, as Belle Reve's new warden. This was implied by Vandal Savage in "Auld Acquaintance." Riddler's escape was one of the more important prioritized goals.[8]


It was T.O. Morrow, as seen in "Humanity". More precisely, the "real" T.O. Morrow had created the original humanoid versions of the robots many years ago. The android replica of T.O. Morrow re-procured them in issue #14.
He was emotionally and verbally abusive.[4]
  • How did Red Torpedo and Red Inferno bypass the Cave's security system?
They didn't; they blew up the security system, causing lots of pretty explosions.[1]
  • What happened to Red Tornado when he touched Red Inferno?
Nothing. He pretended to turn against the Team to protect them,,[9] presumably from the reactivated Reds.
  • Is Red Tornado the mole?
No, as confirmed in "Humanity", Tornado didn't betray the Team, but pretended[9] to attack them and defect as the Team may not survive a battle with the rebooted androids.
She was once the criminal known as "Huntress", revealed by herself in "Insecurity".

Alpha Male

Yes, the Brain is L-6, the French speaking member of the Light, as revealed in "Revelation".
Because he is her father, which was confirmed in "Insecurity".


No. As of this episode, no new Leaguers had been introduced since "Independence Day", as seen in "Agendas". It was not until then that the League debates on accepting new members, with all five heroes mentioned as potential candidates—though ultimately, as revealed in "Usual Suspects" only Plastic Man and Icon are granted membership.


  • Professor Ivo contacted T.O. Morrow to warn him about the Team with Hugo Strange standing next to him. Is Ivo also affiliated with the Light?
Yes, he is, as confirmed in "Insecurity".
  • Who is the real mole?
Red Arrow, as revealed in "Usual Suspects". In "Auld Acquaintance" he is revealed to be a clone of the real Speedy and programmed to be a sleeper agent.


She thought Black Canary meant she had turned into her true form: a White Martian, as revealed in "Image". Miss Martian has been hiding that from everyone in fear of rejection.
In reality, Artemis comes from a family of criminals: her father is Sportsmaster, her mother is ex-criminal Huntress and her sister is the assassin for hire Cheshire. Her ties to Cheshire were confirmed in "Homefront", while her relationship to Sportsmaster and her mother's criminal past were revealed in "Insecurity".
Desaad is from Apokolips, and as revealed in "Endgame", his master, as well as the planet's leader, is Darkseid.


  • What do the claw marks on Harm's face mean?
They make him look tough.[1]
As revealed in "Image", she is a White Martian and took on the guise of a Green Martian to fit in and lied in fear of being rejected by her peers.
  • Is there really a mole, and if so who is it?
There is, and it's Red Arrow, as revealed in "Usual Suspects". In "Auld Acquaintance" he is revealed to be a clone of the real Speedy and programmed to be a sleeper agent.


  • Were the ice-villains really behind the snow storm?
The Light was planning to gain control of Vlatava through Count Vertigo.[11]


As stated by Beast Boy in "Earthlings", the blood transfusion altered his DNA, and over time, he acquired green skin and shape-shifting abilities.
  • What does Queen Bee want Miss Martian to do?
In "Usual Suspects" she told her to go to Santa Prisca.
In "Beneath" it is revealed that he was left in a catatonic state.


  • What additional code words have been implanted in Superboy?
None, as confirmed by Lex Luthor in "Usual Suspects".
  • What is the result of the Justice League's membership vote?
In "Usual Suspects", Superman announces they've decided to induct five new members: Doctor Fate, Plastic Man, the Atom, Icon, and Red Arrow. Captain Marvel was retained; Blue Devil and Guy Gardner were not inducted; Rocket joined the Team, and none of the Team members discussed in the episode were selected.
They didn't want Guy in the League because they knew him to be "difficult".[12]


They turned it into a biotechnological weapon capable to subduing and controlling any intended target, as seen in "Usual Suspects".
She plays along for a while to get back at him, as seen in "Usual Suspects".


  • Why did Haly lie to Faraday regarding his troupe's whereabouts?
He was protecting his people (in a fatherly way).[13]
They wanted to test the tech.[13]

Usual Suspects

  • Why was Red Arrow shocked at finding out he was the mole?
As explained in "Auld Acquaintance", he was a sleeper agent and wasn't in full control of his actions.
  • How long has Red Arrow been under the influence of the Light?
Ever since he was created three years prior to the events of "Auld Acquaintance".

Auld Acquaintance

  • What did the six Leaguers do and where did they go during the missing 16 hours?
They were sent to Rimbor, as revealed by Sardath in "Earthlings". In "Alienated", Miss Martian reveals that the League went on a rampage during that time, all the while making sure everyone knew who they were.
  • Where does Red Arrow stand in the League as of now?
As of "Salvage", he is no longer with the League.
Speedy was taken and stored in a Tibetan facility until he was rescued by Red Arrow in "Bloodlines", while Match was taken to LexCorp, as seen in "Players, Chapter Three".
  • What happened to the real Speedy's right arm?
As revealed in "Satisfaction", Roy Harper's clone explained that the Light amputated his arm, to receive endless supply of his DNA to perfect the cloning process.

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