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This is a list of answers to questions derived from the third season's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.
This page contains spoilers pertaining to the second season of the Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

Princes All

  • Who are the two shadowy figures watching over Ana's Tar procedure?
The following episode makes it clear that it was Helga Jace and Count Vertigo.
As revealed in "Triptych", Batman and other six Team and Justice League members have formed a secret group as a means of contravening the Light by using their own methods. Miss Martian, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are part of it and the reaction of the latter two to Batman's defection was staged. The other three members are Nightwing, Oracle and Robin. Between the seven of them, they coordinate six teams of heroes, none of whom are none the wiser to their scheme.
  • Why did Roy change his name to "Will"?
As seen in "Private Security", he has retired from the superhero business and is leading a civilian life. Since "Roy" is Arsenal's legal name, he needed his own civilian name.
In "Rescue Op" Oracle finds out she was working there.
It is revealed Tara was kidnapped by her uncle who was running a meta-human trafficking syndicate and activated her dormant Meta-Gene and shipped her off to the League of Shadows. All of this was revealed and inferred in "Rescue Op" and then confirmed in "True Heroes". This is further seen in "Antisocial Pathologies", where Bedlam is seen taking her.

Royal We

  • Why is Dick apparently keeping Oracle's tech support a secret from Artemis?
As revealed in "Triptych", Nightwing and Oracle are part of a secret group of seven Team and Justice League members that coordinate six teams of heroes, who are not aware of this. Oracle provides tech support for each team leader.

Private Security

  • What did Doctor Fate mean when he said that Halo had an old soul in a very young body?
It is revealed in "Nightmare Monkeys" that the soul of a dissected Motherbox entered Halo's previously deceased body.

Rescue Op

It is revealed in "Nightmare Monkeys" that the soul of a dissected Motherbox entered Halo's previously deceased body and therefore she gained all of its knowledge.
  • Why does Halo have a "special relationship" with Sphere? (Answer)
As seen in "Exceptional Human Beings", Deathstroke has assumed command of the League after becoming a member of The Light.
  • Who is the shadowy figure who dropped the giant boulder on Jaqqar Marlo?
It is revealed to be Tara Markov in "True Heroes".

Another Freak

It is revealed in the following episode that because the soul of a Motherbox entered Halo's previously deceased body, she gained all the powers from the device.

True Heroes

It is revealed in "Illusion of Control" that he was hired to join Onslaught.
It is revealed in "Antisocial Pathologies" that Helga is a deluded scientist who was part of the Bedlam Syndicate who believes that the children she turns into meta-humans are "her" children. In the case of her daughter, she never had children and it is revealed she saw the newly turned Tara as her daughter and wanted revenge on Bedlam for taking her.
  • Is Helga Jace planning to do something with the hair brush she used on Violet?
It is revealed in "Antisocial Pathologies" that Helga was working for Bedlam and previously experimented on Violet, but found she was negative for the meta-gene until she saw her powers. However, Helga took the hair as a sample and found Halo wasn't her creation.
It is revealed in "Antisocial Pathologies" that Deathstroke took her away from her kidnappers and trained her to be hardened in battle and they plan to destroy the teams from the inside.


It is revealed in "Antisocial Pathologies" that Helga wanted find out whether or not Violet had the Meta-Gene.

Illusion of Control

In "Early Warning", Helga claimed to have found out that Violet was "dying", but in "Antisocial Pathologies" she confesses that she tested Violet's hair to confirm whether her had the Meta-Gene or not. She didn't.
  • Who did Helga call?
It is revealed in "Unknown Factors" that Helga called her mentor Ultra-Humanite.

Early Warning

It is revealed in "Unknown Factors" that her mentor is Ultra-Humanite.

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