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This is a list of answers to questions derived from the second season's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the second season of the Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

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Superboy tells Alanna in "Earthlings" that he broke it off, because Miss Martian "left [him] no choice". It was later revealed in "Depths" that he broke up with her because he disapproved of the way she "abused" her psychic powers and because she tried to tamper with his mind.
  • Why are the Leaguers wanted criminals?
As revealed in "Earthlings", during the 16 hours the six Leaguers were missing, they were sighted in Rimbor, and whatever they did there caused them to be considered wanted criminals, and by extension, every member of the League is unwelcome in the entire sector.
According to Nightwing in "Bloodlines", the Kroloteans were on Earth to study humans and search for a "Meta-Gene".
As seen in "Alienated", Aqualad left the Team after blaming them for Tula's death, and discovering that Aquaman kept his true lineage from him. He is currently working with his father. However, in "Depths" it was revealed that this is merely a ruse and he is working undercover for Nightwing to get close to the Light and ascertain the identity of their Partner.

Wally and Artemis have left the Team and moved to Palo Alto where they attend college together, as seen in "Salvage".

Because Blue Beetle bears a striking resemblance to Black Beetle, a member of the Reach as the Kroloteans' competitors, as seen in "Before the Dawn".
  • Who hired Lobo and why did he have to put on a show?
The Reach hired him, presumably to expose the Kroloteans, as revealed in "Summit".
As revealed in "Endgame," Godfrey is an associate of Darkseid and an ally of the Light, who wanted to erode the Earth's trust in the Justice League.


As Queen Bee said herself in "Players, Chapter Six: Rolling Doubles", it was for revenge. Presumably because of the events from "Image".
In "Alienated", Miss Martian reveals that the League went on a rampage during the missing 16 hours, all the while making sure everyone knew who they were.
In "Depths", he states that he broke up with her because he disapproved of the way she "abused" her telepathy and because she then tried to to make him forget his anger.


  • Who is the "Competitor"?
The Reach, as revealed in "Before the Dawn".
  • Who is the agent of the "Competitor" that the Kroloteans refer to?
Black Beetle, as revealed in "Before the Dawn", whom they mistook for Blue Beetle.
In "Bloodlines", Nightwing reports that the Kroloteans were kidnapping humans for study and search for a "Meta-Gene", which, as explained in "Before the Dawn", is genetic human marker that indicates mankind's potential of withstanding catastrophic physical trauma by developing superhuman abilities. Presumably, the Kroloteans wanted to weaponize it, just as the Reach (their competitors) intended to.
In "Bloodlines", Nightwing is studying those data files containing some details of their plan: kidnapping humans for study and search for a "Meta-Gene" within them.
As revealed in "Depths", Aqualad is not truly working with Black Manta. He is actually working as a double agent for Nightwing, and only the two of them, along with Wally and Artemis, know the truth.


No. Both she and Wally have quit the hero life, but she momentarily joined the Team on one last mission, at Nightwing's request, in "Depths".
He used a special drug of his own invention that induces catatonia for weeks. Artemis used this on Psimon in "The Fix".
As revealed in "Intervention," the Light wanted possession of the Scarab and Kord died trying to prevent its theft.


  • Why does the Partner want human abductees?
The Reach wants to study and test the Meta-Gene, as explained in "Before the Dawn".


In "Before the Dawn", the Reach ambassador explains that it is a genetic human marker that indicates mankind's potential of withstanding catastrophic physical trauma by developing superhuman abilities.
  • Who were the aliens controlling Neutron?
Two members of the Reach: Black Beetle and the scientist. They can't be seen clearly, but they have matching silhouettes to the characters seen in "Before the Dawn".
  • What caused the future to turn out the way it did?
An apocalypse caused by the Reach as seen in "Before the Dawn".


It is revealed in "Before the Dawn", that the Manta Troopers took Lagoon Boy to the Reach for experimentation on the Meta-Gene.
In "Darkest", Artemis became the lieutenant of Aqualad, under the name "Tigress".


As revealed in "Before the Dawn", the Scarab belongs to the Reach and they want to put him back under their control.
  • Where does Aqualad's allegiance truly lie?
It becomes evident in "Before the Dawn", from Miss Martian's telepathic probing, that Aqualad is loyal to Nightwing and their cause.

Before the Dawn

  • Did the other abductees also acquire superhuman abilities?
It becomes evident in "Cornered" that the abductees obtained superhuman powers and they make use of their newfound powers in "Runaways".
It was revealed in "Intervention" that an ancient ritual had been performed to free the Scarab of Reach control. After Blue's Scarab was put back on mode, Zatanna performed the same ritual to free it again.
It is revealed in "Summit" that Godfrey's initial support was part of the Light's plan to ultimately turn the populace against the Reach. Further, in "Endgame", it is revealed that Godfrey was an associate of Darkseid and an ally of the Light.


Despero was imprisoned in a stasis cell, and was transferred to the Warworld when the Reach took control of it, as seen in "The Hunt".

True Colors

  • What does Vandal Savage mean when he says that the Reach's drink contains everything that they need the body to need?
As stated in "The Fix", the chemicals that make up the additive in Reach would, over generations, addict the human population to the drink.
  • What is the additive that the Reach is using and what does it do?
As shown in "The Fix", it contains a trace amount of chemicals that would, over generations, remove the will of humans to resist Reach subjugation. It also had a mitochondrial marker that would make it easier to identify, isolate, and locate people with Meta-Genes.
  • What is the alternative to removing the Scarab that Green Beetle referred to?
As shown in "The Fix", Green Beetle claimed he could use his innate abilities to reach inside the scarab and silence it. This was ultimately a ruse to allow him to reboot and reprogram the scarab.
As it became clear in "Summit", the Light was working behind the Reach's back and sabotaging their plans.
  • What does Lex Luthor have planned for the abductees?
He sent them to the Warworld on a rescue mission to save the Team, as shown in "The Hunt". This was done to create a distraction, so that Deathstroke could secretly procure the Warworld's crystal key, which was guarded by the Reach.

The Fix

  • Was Green Beetle truly sincere in his volunteer "debrief" to Miss Martian?
No. In "Runaways", he was shown to be an agent of the Reach, working with Black Beetle to corrupt Blue Beetle. In "The Hunt", Miss Martian realized that he and his scarab fed her only what they needed her to see.
  • Did Green Beetle really fix the Scarab to let Blue Beetle have full control with no problems?
No. In "Runaways", he was shown to have secretly reprogrammed Blue Beetle's scarab so that it followed Reach directions and took control of Jaime Reyes.


As revealed in "Summit", Luthor and the Light had indeed been working behind the Reach's back and sabotaging their plans.


  • What does the Reach plan to do with the key of the Warworld?
They wanted to use it, but were unable to, as the ambassador forbade an assault on the Justice League members guarding the key chamber, as seen in "The Hunt".
It becomes clear in "Intervention" and "Summit" that the Light had always planned to betray the Reach. Therefore, by spurring Mongul into an attack, the Reach was forced to expose their fleet, thus belying their proclaimed benevolent intentions and sullying their public image.


  • What did the Reach do with Mongul and the Team members who were captured?
All prisoners were kept unconscious in stasis cells in a chamber guarded by Black Beetle, as seen in "The Hunt".
Arsenal was fighting for his freedom in the Warworld, where he eventually aided the runaways in rescuing the Team. Sphere was sucked off into space, but was reunited with Nightwing and Miss Martian, and helped them locate Superboy. Both events occurred in "The Hunt".

The Hunt

  • What does the Light intend to do with the Warworld's crystal key?
They intended to keep it out of the Reach's grasp and use it to pilot the artificial satellite off-world. This was revealed in "Summit".


  • Where is the Light headed with the Warworld and to what purpose?
They brought the Warworld to Rimbor to enforce a warning delivered by Vandal Savage that the Earth was not to be touched by any alien, as seen in "Endgame".
He used Magnetic Field Disruptors to try and disrupt the Earth's magnetic field to the point where it would break apart. This was seen in "Endgame".

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