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This is a list of answers to questions derived from the tie-in comic's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the issue guides.

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the tie-in issues of Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

Monkey Business (Issue 2)

It happened four years ago,[1] which, according to the timeline, places it in 2006.

Face Your Fears

  • Why didn't Flash want a young partner?
Flash did not want the responsibility of a partner, as revealed in Young Justice #5.
It's his religion which is based on the endlessly parsed "lifespan" of a radioactive particle.[2]
  • What "personal things" doesn't Miss Martian want everyone to know?
Her darkest secret: she is a white Martian, as revealed in "Image".


  • In "Secrets," Red Arrow claimed that according to Martian Manhunter, M'gann stowed away on his ship after a trip to Mars, and he did not know her before that. Why does she tell a different story to her teammates?
As revealed in "Image", she is a white Martian and took on the guise of a green Martian to fit in and lied in fear of being rejected by her peers.

Rabbit Holes

  • What happened to the daughter Paula "lost" while she was in prison?
She's referring to Jade Nguyen, a.k.a. Cheshire, who ran away from home while Paula was still in prison, as seen in the flashback of "Homefront".
As revealed in "Insecurity", Sportsmaster is Artemis's father, and both of them are affiliated with the Light.

Cold Case

As revealed at the end of the next issue, Captain Atom is Captain Adams. His primary reason for assigning the case was to find out if Wade Eiling was involved.

The Pit...

As seen in issue #13, it was all part of a ruse to get close to Icicle Jr., an acquaintance of hers, and coax him to spill his plans regarding his prison destination.

...And the Penalty

  • How can Clayface know of the relationships within the Team to go after each of them?

Under the Surface...

  • Who is Jim Lockhart, and why does he unwittingly obey T.O. Morrow?
In the next issue, it is revealed that Jim Lockhart is actually Red Torpedo, and as such he is programmed to obey Morrow.
In the next issue, it is revealed that Nanaue is the ruler of the city-state Nanauve, and as such, he clearly wants that to be acknowledged.

...Here There be Monsters

In the next issue, it is shown they were working with their mentors on individual cases.

Common Denominators

In the next issue, Kobra uses his twin brother, Jason, in a ritual to create a giant cobra and transform himself into a snake-god.

Monkey Business (Issue 18)

In the next issue, it is revealed that Grodd and other gorillas were mentally enhanced by the Brain, a side-effect of which was telepathy.
In the next issue, it is revealed that the Brain wishes to extract their brains, perform Kobra-Venom experiments on them, or have them cloned. Or all of the above.
  • What does Grodd want from Miss Martian?
In the next issue, it is revealed that Grodd and the other gorillas are enslaved by Ultra-Humanite and the Brain, and want Miss Martian and the Team to help them. He mistakes M'gann for the Team's leader due to her strong telepathic mind.

Players, Chapter One: Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble

Because, as she made it clear in "Players, Chapter Six", she is aware of Dick's philanderous reputation, and accepts it.
They were taken to Kylstar's Moon based headquarters, as seen in "Players, Chapter Two".
In "Players, Chapter Two" the First Leader is revealed to be Kylstar and Orb-One is his assistant.
It was an opportunity to get to know Conner as Clark.[3]

Players, Chapter Two: Directly to Jail

  • Why were those specific individuals abducted?
In "Players, Chapter Six", Kylstar explains to his captives that his homeworld was destroyed and his race enslaved, so he has been gathering sentient weapons to free his people.
In "Players, Chapter Five", Plastic Man realizes that Metropolis within the bubble is being shrunk, and Nightwing finds a room filled with miniaturized cities in the Collector of Worlds' ship. So, he wants to add it to his collection.
He was going to tell him that Match broke loose, as seen in "Players, Chapter Three".
Draaga attacked Metropolis the preceding year, and was stopped by Superman and Superboy, as revealed in Red Arrow's diaries in Young Justice: Legacy.

Players, Chapter Three: Landing on Boardwalk

  • Where is Kylstar taking the "weapons"?
As he explained in, "Players, Chapter Six", he has been gathering sentient weapons to free his people.
It is revealed in "Players, Chapter Five" that beam shrinks the city, which the Collector plans to add to his collection.

Players, Chapter Four: Do Not Pass Go

  • Where were Batman and Robin and what were they investigating?
They were in Two-Face's lair.[4]

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