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Apokolips seen from outer space.

Apokolips is one of the home planets of the New Gods. Under Darkseid's dominion, the forces of Apokolips are enemies of the gods of New Genesis,[1] and the rest of the galaxy. The Light and Intergang have had many dealings with its people, mostly acquiring weapons.

Apokolips is also home to the Hunger Dogs, a humanoid race enslaved by Darkseid.[2]


Apokolips is the very antithesis of its sister planet New Genesis, a world of life and freedom. On Apokolips, the gods champion Anti-Life, slavery, and degradation. The surface is a barren wasteland, with fire pits across vast areas visible from space, even. The only notable structure is Darkseid's residence, which overlooks rivers of lava.[1]

As the throne world of the Apokoliptan empire, Darkseid can oversee his dominion and conspire with his allies throughout the galaxy without ever leaving the planet.[3] Apokoliptan weaponry, such as Fatherboxes, are supplied frequently to the Light and their agents. Apokolips's attack force comprises foot soldiers, known as Parademons, that overwhelm enemies, and gunships sporting Darkseid's face.[4] Darkseid's more immediate minions―Desaad, G. Gordon Godfrey, and Kalibak―execute his bidding on different fronts, such as sowing dissent on enemy worlds and weapons dealing.[1][3]

The New Gods of Apokolips have a truce with New Genesis which prevents either side from directly moving against the other. The truce was forged at great cost and both sides are extremely reluctant to break it.[5]

Hunger Dogs are enslaved by Darkseid and live in slums such as Armagedda. There is a resistance among them, but Darkseid has forces dedicated to find rebels and sending them for reeducation.[2]



July 5, 00:16 UTC

Using the Warworld to travel to the planet, Vandal Savage arrived on Apokolips's surface via the use of a boom tube. He passed Desaad and G. Gordon Godfrey, and walked over towards the edge of a balcony to meet with a tall, ominous figure. They shook hands as Savage remarked that it was business as usual.[3]

After the Meta-Gene was discovered amongst humans, the Light began trafficking meta-humans to Apokolips's forces,[6] and in some cases to Apokolips itself. Danny Chase was one such abductee. He was given to Desaad who extracted his brain and placed it in box, creating the Kaizer-Thrall.[7]


January 22, 11:57 UTC

Darkseid summoned Vandal Savage to meet via boom tube.[8]

January 26, 04:31 UTC

Granny Goodness grovelled to Darkseid and blamed Vandal Savage for the failure of her attempt to harness the Anti-Life Equation.[9]

Some time in February, Savage travelled to Apokolips to meet with Darkseid. They discussed their mutual sense of betrayal, but were able to find common ground and renew their partnership, as Granny was tortured by Desaad.[10]


August 26, 20:43 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak posed as a Hunger Dog to entrap potential rebels. After arresting his 16th rebel, Grayven took him to an audience with Darkseid. He and Mantis were assigned to a mission under Lor-Zod using the Kaizer-Thrall.[2]

September 17, 00:00 UTC

Grayven introduced Granny Goodness's newest Furies to Darkseid; Black Mary and Supergirl.[11]


May 16, 16:16 UTC

Big Barda was baffled to see a school bus fly over Apokolips.[12]


Background information

  • Apokolips and New Genesis were spawned by the cataclysm that ended the era of the Old Gods. As such, both planets exist outside the DC Universe in a separate dimension known as the Fourth World.


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