The Appellaxians were an alien race of energy beings.


Early history

The Appellaxians invaded Earth with special host bodies, made of different materials and with different abilities.

The Justice League first came together to battle the alien invaders, and eventually drove them off the planet. The invaders were forced to leave their husks behind.[1] The four surviving husks were displayed in the trophy room of the Hall of Justice.[2]

Background in other media

  • In the comics, the Appellaxians were the force that brought the Justice League together (though chronologically, their first foe was Starro). The Appellaxians first appeared in Justice League of America #9 (February 1962), which explained the origin of the League.
  • There were seven Appellaxians in the comics. The four husks seen in the show correspond to Wood-King, Crystal Creature, Stone-God and Golden Roc. Catherine Cobert's description of the husks as "surviving" suggests the possibility that the others (Mercury Monster, Fire-Lord and Glass-Man) may have attacked as well.
  • The husks were designed by Jerome Moore.[3]


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