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This article is about the clone of Arion with the memories of Orm. For the original Arion, see Arion. For the original Orm, see Ocean-Master.

Arion (d. July 3, 2020)[2] was a clone of the original Arion, the Lord of Atlantis, implanted with the memories of the original Orm, the Ocean-Master. Orm pretended to be the original Arion to take the throne of Atlantis, and succeeded. He died soon after, killed by the Lords of Order for trying to use the power of Arion's crown.[2]


Early life

As part of Project Thrinos, DNA obtained from Arion's flute was used to create a clone of Arion's body, which was then implanted with the memories of Ocean-Master that had been stored in a Psy-Back created shortly before Orm's imprisonment. After Vandal Savage explained the purpose of bringing him back, Orm was tasked with learning everything Savage knew about Arion, before magical training with Wotan, so that he could pose as Arion and become High King of Atlantis. Not burdened by the memories of his six-year incarceration, the new Orm understood why the Light had killed him, and was grateful for the chance to take everything he had ever wanted.[2]


April 20, 15:56 UTC-2

Arion, in a hooded cloak, sat in an algae bar that happened to be patronized by several participants at the annual conference of city states.[3]

April 21, 09:58 UTC-2

Arion came to the aid of the delegates of Atlantis's annual governance conference when it was attacked by Ocean-Master. Having subdued the delegates present using the powerful magic of Neptune's Trident, Ocean-Master prepared to deliver the killing blow to Aquaman before the strike was suddenly redirected by Arion's own magic. Arion proceeded to subdue Ocean-Master with his magic, forcing his retreat from the ruined conference hall. Arion quickly departed without a word, before any of the injured delegates could inquire on his identity.[3]

May 14, 07:50 UTC-2

Later on, in the midst of Child's mystical rampage across the Earth, Queen Mera, Aquaman, and Ocean-Master attempted to stop the pillar of fire and the deadly red water it was emanating that Child had created outside of Poseidonis. Despite the combined use of their magic, they were in a losing battle in putting a stop to it. Once more, Arion came to their aid, adding his own potent magic into their effort that ultimately proved successful in ending the pillar of fire and red water. When Ocean-Master predictably turned on Mera and Aquaman, Arion defended them against his attack before using his own magic to disarm him of Neptune's Trident. Unarmed, Ocean-Master was quickly subdued by High King Orin, before being taken into custody by Wyynde and La'gaan. Meanwhile, Mera approached Arion, where he proceeded to relinquish the trident to her and began to take his leave. Before he could, Mera and eventually Orin insisted on learning the his identity to thank him for his efforts. Acquiescing to their requests, the stranger revealed to them that he was Arion, the former Lord of Atlantis, to the utter shock of Mera and Orin and jubilation of the overhearing Atlantean crowd.[4]

June 01, 17:27 UTC-2

Roughly a month after Arion's supposed return, much of Atlantis's populace was in uproar chanting his name. To confirm his apparent identity, Orin and Mera requested he submit to a magical identity test overseen by Vulko and Blubber, much to his humiliation. The test, however, proved to be inconclusive, although Blubber indicated that Arion's magical residue was indeed unique. Mera further confirmed this by stating that Arion's magic was of an older strain than has ever been encountered before, with Blubber further adding that Arion's DNA was a match for that of Batman's DNA samples of both Cassandra and Vandal Savage. Orin concluded that this was as close to a confirmation as possible, sans a direct comparison to Arion's own DNA from ancient Atlantis, to which Arion retorted that they did not think to collect DNA in Atlantis 12,000 years ago. Blubber stated this could be possible if Arion's crown could be located with surviving hair follicles, to which Mera asked where his crown might be. Arion claimed that his crown was lost during Atlantis's collapse, buried under the ground which the city-state Xebel now currently stands on. Orin stated that archaeologists had been searching for the crown in the ruins beneath Xebel for centuries, but Arion pointed out that such expeditions barely went as far back as a millennium and that the ruins the crown is likely buried with are twelve times older and thus far beyond their grasp.[5]

Later on, Arion overlooked a vast crowd chanting his name from the window of his quarters in the royal palace. He was approached by Chian, who humbly requested that he might say something to the assembled crowd, who hail from all eight city-states of Atlantis. Arion stated that he did not want this, to which Chian replied what else could he expect for single-handedly saving Poseidonis twice. Arion said he owed Atlantis as much and stated that if he could slip away from the city unnoticed without causing a riot, he would.[5]

June 02, 15:07 UTC-2

With riots in his name ongoing in Xebel, Chian once again met with Arion, stating only he could calm the crowd and restore peace. Arion refused, stating that these matters are for Atlantis's current leadership to handle. Chian pointed out that the populace will not listen to them with the riots being held in his name. Arion reluctantly agreed to speak about Xebel with High King Orin, but Chian told him that the High King had left the royal palace. He left orders for Arion to remain in his quarters, but she claims that she can sneak him out. They did so, with no one knowing where he and Chian went.[5]

July 03, post-18:58 UTC-2

At the palace, Orin opened the Conference of Delegates. It quickly became clear that they intended to elect a new High King, just as Arion and Chian arrived at the palace. Arion "reluctantly" suggested it was time for him to once again take leadership of Atlantis. With all the other delegates voting for Arion, save Ryus Nereus who voted for himself, Orin reluctantly agreed to the of transfer power.

Soon after, Arion gave a public address to all the city-states of Atlantis, accepting the throne and promising to return Atlantis to its former glory. As Kaldur and his squad arrived with Arion's crown, Arion took it. Orin, having learned from M'Gann that Arion was in fact a clone with Orm's memories, urged his brother not to wear it. Arion-speaking as Orm-dismissed him, claiming they were not and never were brothers and proceeded to put on the crown. Shortly after, Arion writhed in pain from the crown's magic before being disintegrated by the Lords of Order.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Longevity: Arion inherited the original Arion's Meta-Gene.[1][2]
  • Magic: As an immortal and a clone of the first Homo magi, Arion's body had great affinity for magic, more so than Ocean-Master's original body, and he trained with the immortal sorcerer Wotan to learn very old magic.[2]


  • Arion's crown (briefly): Arion took the original Arion's crown shortly after becoming High King. Immediately upon donning it, the Lords of Order had the crown disintegrate Arion, and depowered the crown.[2]



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