Arlington Nuclear Power Plant

The power plant after the Golem's attack.

Arlington is a city in Virginia.

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2010 Edit

August 13, 23:03 EDT

Miss Martian infiltrated the Pentagon to speak to General Eiling about the court-martial of Nathaniel Adams.[1]

August 13, 23:57 EDT

Robin and Miss Martian found one of the people involved in the trial, Shirley Mason, dead on the floor of her living room.[1]

August 15, 00:00 EDT

Alec Rois congratulated Eiling on successfully finishing his scheme.[2]

2016 Edit

February 13, 22:45 EST

A fight with an Appellaxian golem that started at the Hall of Justice brought Superboy and Blue Beetle to the nuclear power plant. The creature attacked, and while Superboy and Blue Beetle tried to stop it, they couldn't. It was destroyed by Black Beetle, who had been watching the fight.[3]

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  1. The timestamp in Young Justice #9 places the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., but in reality, it's in Arlington County, Virginia. Source.

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