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"Artemis Through the Looking-Glass" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 79th of the overall series. It debuted on November 11, 2021 on HBO Max.


Tigress catches up with her sister, Cheshire, as a Shadowed history catches up with them both.


Jade Nguyen sneaks back home to find Artemis with a broken arm and black eye. Artemis asks "Why are you here?"
Star City
April 19, 04:18 PDT

Jade asks the same question. Artemis explains that she has two "defectors" from the League of Shadows, but needs Jade's assistance in figuring out if they're lying. Jade is not interested and begins to leave. Artemis points out that the Shadows know where she, herself, lives. Which means they now know where Lian lives.

April 19, 12:17 PDT

At the Premiere Building, Wonder Girl and Windfall knock on Garfield's bedroom door to inform him that the Outsiders are heading out to help assist, down south, with Hurricane Amy. Gar doesn't feel up to helping, still jet lagged after getting back from Mars. Wonder Girl assures him that they can handle the situation without him, but Windfall expresses her concerns about him.

At the Vault, Looker telepathically reads both Onyx Adams and Cassandra Savage minds to see which one is lying. She informs Tigress that both seem sincere. Orphan mentally explains to them that the Shadows are trained to thwart psychic readings.

Jade asks Artemis for food, but Lawrence Crock overhears and throws Jade out. Jade gives Artemis a secret message.

Artemis is in the park when she finds Jason Bard out for a jog with his dog Holly. As they kiss, Jade shows up and Artemis introduces them. Jade acknowledges that she is happy for Artemis. Jade informs her that her sources all tell her that Cassandra is on the run from the Shadows and nobody has even heard of Onyx, which means Onyx could be the more dangerous of the two. Jade asks for the opportunity to interrogate them both, herself.

Artemis meets Jade on their secret rooftop. She gives Jade the food she desired and Jade gives her a book titled Dumb Luck. Jade promises to return, the following night, with enough money for Artemis to restock the fridge before Sportsmaster gets home.

Back at the Vault, Tigress arrives to relieve Spoiler from her shift only to discover that Orphan had refused to be relieved from her shift. Spoiler informs Tigress that Cassandra and Onyx have been quiet before taking her leave. Tigress tries to force Orphan to leave, as well. Orphan silently refuses. Tigress finally gives up and allows Cheshire inside. Orphan prepares to fight but Tigress stops her, explaining that she wants Cheshire's help with Onyx and Cassandra. Orphan reluctantly concedes.

Back at the Premiere Building, Gar mopes around and finally turns on the TV. Tod Donner is talking about a speech from King Brion Markov, inviting meta-humans to come to Markovia. Donner then cuts to a story about Queen Perdita Vladek which causes Gar to shut the TV off.

At the Vault, Cheshire interrogates Onyx first. Onyx explains that she was raised by her grandfather Will Everett. She ended up being recruited into the Shadows by Sensei, convincing her that he could train her to be the best version of herself. Things were good until Ra's al Ghul and Sensei were replaced by Deathstroke and Lady Shiva. Now Onyx is determined to learn how to be a human being again.

Next Cheshire interrogates Cassandra. Cassandra explains that Vandal Savage told her that her mother was dead, and later, he killed his other daughter, Olympia Savage, who raised Cassandra. Then Cassandra found out that her mother was actually alive and had a new family. Realizing that Vandal Savage had stolen her childhood so he could use her. So she chose to seek out Tigress. Seeing as how Tigress is Sportsmaster's daughter, Cassandra figured that she would understand her pain.

At the Premiere Building, Gar is lying in bed listening to sad music on his phone. When the music stops, he grabs his phone to restart it. The video on the phone reads "Superboy Fan Memorial".

Not able to tell which is the true mole, Cheshire suggests killing them both. Tigress refuses. Suddenly, Orphan takes out her sword. They notice that someone has just blocked out the surveillance camera in Cassandra's room. Tigress and Cheshire draw their weapons as well. Black Spider drops from the ceiling and uses his webbing to disarm them. Cheshire and Orphan distract Black Spider as Tigress releases Onyx to assist with rescuing Cassandra from a new threat named Rictus.

A vicious battle occurs until Lady Shiva knocks Orphan out from behind. Lady Shiva informs Tigress that she has 24 hours to bring Cassandra to Santa Prisca, alone. Otherwise, Orphan will die. Shade arrives and uses his powers to provide Lady Shiva, Black Spider, and Rictus with an exit. Cheshire is surprised to see him.

Cassandra asks for Tigress to give in to Lady Shiva's demands. Onyx still doesn't trust Cassandra and decides to go to Santa Prisca to "watch Tigress's back". Cheshire advises Tigress call in the Team, explaining that Lady Shiva was bluffing. She informs them that Orphan is actually Cassandra Wu-San, Lady Shiva's daughter. Nevertheless, Tigress, Cassandra Savage, and Onyx decide to go to Santa Prisca. Cheshire refuses and leaves.

Artemis is on the rooftop, reading the "Dumb Luck" book, waiting for Jade to return. Lawrence Crock finds Artemis on the roof and decides to put her through extra hard training as punishment for giving Jade their food.
Star City
April 20, 06:00 PDT

Halo arrives at the Vault for their guard duty shift only to discover that the place is deserted except for the remains of Black Spider's webbing.

Caribbean Sea
April 20, 18:25 ECT

Tigress, Cassandra, and Onyx have taken Super-Cycle to Santa Prisca.

End credits scene: Kraig looks at Superboy's memorial, including a framed photo of Conner playing chess with Dubbilex and a Superboy teddy bear, over which Artemis recites a passage from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.


In keeping with the title scheme of the second arc, this episode's title spins off another work of literature: Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. This is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a book that has been connected to Artemis in several ways throughout the series: she has a big poster of an illustration from the story on her bedroom wall, her sister's moniker was taken after a character from the book and her origin story was told in two tie-in comics titled after elements from the book, "Rabbit Holes" and "Wonderland". Artemis is seen reading the book in the first flashback and she quotes a passage from it in the end credits scene. In a more literal sense of sorts, it can refer to Artemis watching her sister interrogating Onyx and Cassandra Savage through a monitor screen.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Troy Baker Tod Donner
Brion Markov
Jeff Bennett Jason Bard
Logan Browning Onyx
Nick Chinlund Crusher Crock
Greg Cipes Garfield Logan
Zehra Fazal Cassandra Savage
Grey Griffin Looker
Kelly Hu Jade Nguyen/Cheshire
Paula Crock
Josh Keaton Black Spider
Stephanie Lemelin Artemis Crock/Tigress
Justice League Computer
Mae Whitman Wonder Girl
Gwendoline Yeo Lady Shiva
Non-speaking roles
Angel O'Day (picture)
Dubbilex (picture)
Marie Logan (picture)
Superboy (picture)
1 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut


  • This episode picks up immediately where the previous one ended.
  • Garfield has returned from his trip to Mars. He was last seen in "Involuntary" when he was still there. He's still reeling from the loss of Superboy, which also took place in that episode.
  • The flashback of Artemis and Jade follows up on that of the previous episode, in which Jade ran away from home.
  • Jade tacitly alludes to Wally's death in "Endgame" when talking to Artemis about her new boyfriend.
  • The killing of Olympia Savage in "Evolution" is mentioned again.
  • Cassandra says Lady Shiva sent out Manta Troopers a few weeks ago and that's how they figured out Tigress was leading the Team. This was seen in a still shot in the previous episode.
  • The music Artemis was listening to in her car in the previous episode is revealed to be from Superboy Fan Memorial.
  • Cassandra's line to Rictus "Do you really believe you have what it takes to bring down the daughter of Vandal Savage?" echoes her father's line to Kid Flash in "Coldhearted", "Do you really think you have what it takes to survive Vandal Savage?".
  • Cheshire reminds Black Spider she was once her boss, which we got to see in "Infiltrator".
  • Black Spider alludes to Cheshire betraying the League of Shadows for "a guy", which took place sometime around May 26, 2014 and was documented in Red Arrow's journal #6 from Young Justice: Legacy.


  • This is the first episode containing the name of a character in the title.
  • In the flashbacks, Artemis's arm sling has a tiger skin pattern.


Cultural references

  • The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe is seen in a stack of books on Artemis's bedside table when Jade sneaks through the window. This book has appeared in one episode of each season insofar: in "Homefront", "Satisfaction" and "Unknown Factors".
  • Jade's meet-up code "We're all mad here" is a line from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, uttered by her namesake character, the Cheshire Cat. While the follow-up line "Mad as Hatters" is not from the novel, it alludes to the Hatter, another character from the novel, popularly known as the Mad Hatter.
  • Jade's line "And your little dog too" is a reference to The Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West threatens Dorothy.
  • The book Jade gives Artemis in the flashbacks, Soh Dah (Dumb Luck), is a 1936 novel by Vietnamese novelist Vũ Trọng Phụng which satirizes the late-colonial Vietnamese middle classes.


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  • Wonder Girl: Hurricane Amy just doubled in size and keeps growing.
  • Windfall: Flash flooding in Florida, stranded citizens...
  • Wonder Girl: We suspect Weather Wizard.
  • Windfall: Or global warming...
  • Tigress: I know you probably learned all about Cheshire from the Bats, but she is my sister, and another defector from the Shadows.
  • Cheshire: (chuckles) It's like an epidemic.
  • Tigress: She's here to help. We can trust her.
  • Cheshire: More or less.
  • Onyx: How? Are you kidding? She still goes by Artemis Crock. It took me three minutes on the internet.
  • Black Spider: Don't ya just love my balls? Hot, sticky web balls! Comin' atcha.
  • Cheshire: Someone's overcompensating.