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The Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean, situated between the Americas, Europe and Africa. Atlantis is located in the Atlantic.[nb 1]



Atlantic Ocean
July 5, 12:41:16 UTC-03

Aquaman and Aqualad were patrolling the Atlantic, and discussed recent events.[1]

Atlantic Ocean
September 4, 13:26 UTC-2

Topo was attacked by Atlantean purists. He could not escape them, and was branded with the sign of the impure.[2]

Atlantic Ocean
September 6, 20:09 UTC-2

At S'atiroman Cave, the purists with met their leader, Ocean-Master.[2]


Atlantic Ocean
March 20, 00:00 EDT

Black Manta and the Manta-Sub were waiting in the Atlantic for Kaldur'ahm to return from his mission to Cape Canaveral.[3]

Atlantic Ocean
March 24, 03:17 EDT

Kaldur linked up with the Manta-Sub after his successful raid on Mount Justice.[4]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 00:13 EDT

In the Manta-Sub, Vandal Savage and Black Manta visited the still-catatonic Kaldur'ahm. Savage brought Psimon with him to attempt to restore his mind.[5]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 01:16 EDT

Fearing her secret might be exposed, Tigress sedated Psimon with a poison dart. Now, she and Deathstroke had to abduct Miss Martian, so she could restore Kaldur's memory. They left in the Manta-Flyer.[6]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, post-05:20 EDT

After successfully abducting Miss Martian in Chicago, Tigress and Deathstroke took her back to the submarine. There, she could begin healing Kaldur. Deathstroke used the Manta-Flyer to trail the sub, outside the reach of Miss Martian's powers.[6]

Atlantic Ocean
May 27, 01:00 EDT

Fixing Aqualad's mind went quicker than expected, and the three heroes had to worry about getting Miss Martian to safety. The opportunity rose when Sportsmaster and Cheshire infiltrated the sub. After a fight aboard the submarine, the two assassins and Miss Martian escaped.[7]

Atlantic Ocean
June 14, 00:45 UTC-3

Miss Martian picked up Lagoon Boy from Poseidonis. They travelled through the Atlantic in the Bio-Ship, heading west to Blüdhaven. At the same time, several other members of the Team crossed the Atlantic eastward, to Bialya.[8]

Atlantic Ocean
June 20, 09:32 AST

Aqualad and Lagoon Boy worked together to destroy one of the Reach's Magnetic Field Disruptors. Aqualad took care of the drones, allowing La'gaan to sabotage the disruptor.[9]



  1. Atlantis's precise location has not yet been revealed, but the timestamps in "Downtime" place Poseidonis in UTC-2, the eastern Atlantic.


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