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Atlantis is an underwater kingdom, and the home of the Atlanteans. King Orin is the current king of Atlantis. It is a constitutional monarchy.[1]

Atlantis is the size of a small continent;[1] the capital city is Poseidonis.[2] Other city-states are Shayeris, Tritonis, Nanauve, Neptunos, Lemuria and Crastinus.[3]

History Edit

Early history Edit

The continent Atlantis sank beneath the surface millennia ago. The Atlanteans used science and sorcery to adapt to life on the ocean floor.[3]

2010 Edit

August 27, 13:00 UTC-2

At a time when Orin was absent on Justice League business, Black Manta attacked the capital. Several explosions were set off in the capital to act as a distraction while tried to steal Starro. He was stopped by Garth and Aqualad, so instead opted to blow it up.[2]

Atlantic Ocean
September 4, 13:26 UTC-2

Racial tensions rose, and the purists attacked "impure" Atlanteans. Topo was one such victim.[3]

September 6, 01:31 UTC-2

Aqualad introduced Superboy and Miss Martian to his parents, Sha'lain'a and Calvin Durham. They were quite pleased to see him again, and welcomed his friends.[3]

September 6, 08:06 UTC-2

After meeting with Queen Mera and Prince Orm, Aqualad visited the Conservatory of Sorcery to see his friends.[3]

September 6, 19:27 UTC-2

While talking with his old friends Garth and Tula, Aqualad learned about the purists. They had to break up an argument between conservatory students about that very subject.[3]

September 6, 23:45 UTC-2

Ocean-Master and the purists kidnapped Mera from her royal quarters. She was brought to the S'atiroman Cave and held hostage.[4]

September 7, 00:41 UTC-2

Orm and Aqualad organized a counterattack to rescue Mera. Orm deliberately sent Kaldur to an ambush at the Old Roman's Trench.[4]

September 7, 07:01 UTC-2

After defeating Ocean-Master, Orin thanked his protégé for the safe return of his queen and unborn son.[4]

2016 Edit

June 13 23:45, UTC-2 Time Zone

Miss Martian traveled to Atlantis's capital to meet up with Lagoon Boy, who had been living in the city to recuperate from wounds sustained three weeks earlier. They left in the Bio-Ship together.[5]

Sightings Edit

References Edit

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