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Atomic Skull is a member of the Injustice League.

Physical appearance

Atomic Skull wears a dark yellowish-green costume without any mark of distinction. He has a set of vertically positioned tubes, its purpose unclear, in his midriff. He wears a dark green helmet and goggles.

Atomic Skull's face is gray, and appears dehydrated.



Salt Flats
July 25, 13:21 MDT

Atomic Skull came in Salt Flats to collect a canister of plutonium stolen by Psycho-Pirate, but found the the Team was there too. He managed to fight off Kid Flash and obtain the plutonium, but when Psycho-Pirate's spell on the Team broke, they worked hard to stop Atomic Skull as well. He managed to get away, but had to leave the plutonium behind.[3]

Bayou Bartholomew
October 1, 18:52 CDT

With his allies, the Injustice League, Atomic Skull planned an attack on the world. They created giant plant creatures to attack several cities around the world, and their control center was in the Louisiana bayou. Poison Ivy provided the plants, which were upgraded with Kobra-Venom and Joker venom, and Ultra-Humanite added cybernetic enhancements.

When the Team arrived at their headquarters, he stayed out of the fight, instead fueling the plant with his atomic power. After the plant was destroyed, he used his blast on Miss Martian and Kid Flash. He surrendered without a fight when the Justice League arrived,[4] and was taken to Belle Reve.[5]

Powers and abilities

Atomic Skull firing his energy beam.

Atomic Skull has the power to shoot a beam of energy from his head that is powerful enough to knock people to the ground. He can also release multiple energy streams of the same type which empowered Poison Ivy's mutant plant life.[4]


Background information

  • Atomic Skull is the name of two different DC Comics supervillains, both of whom are enemies of Superman.
  • This is Atomic Skull's third animated appearance. He previously appeared in the 1988 Superman TV Series and Justice League Unlimited.


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