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Baby is Bio-Ship's offspring.

Physical appearance

Baby is pink and red with the typical aerodynamic shape of a Bio-Ship.



March 22, post-17:38 UTC

After mating with her tribe, Bio-Ship emerged and Baby split off from her. After a few tries, Baby shifted from her rest form to her actve form, and mother and child flew off together.[1]

March 24, post-10:23 UTC

Miss Martian introduced Baby to Superboy, Beast Boy and J'emm J'axx, who then took the new ship to the Royal Palace. En route, Conner noted that Baby appeared to be ticklish. After finishing at the Palace, Baby took the group to pick up M'aatt M'orzz and B'arzz O'oomm, before heading to Hollow Hill. En route, the group discussed the ritual building of the wedding altar they were about to emark on. When Gar expressed concern that Conner was vulnerbale without getting more sunlight, Baby deployed canons on her wings in response.[2]

Hollow Hill
March 24, 13:19 UTC

At the Hollow Hill, Garfield hallucinated that Brion Markov was attempting to kill Conner, so ran off with him to the surface. The rest of the group pursued in Baby. They found Conner, following what they thought was Garfield, and J'emm left the ship to find Gar, who was then brought aboard Baby.

Later, at the M'orzz house, a recovered Garfield expressed sadness that Bio-Ship was retiring, and welcomed Baby.[2]

March 25, 16:16 UTC

M'gann, Conner and Gar said a final goodbye to Bio-Ship, who departed. Baby comforted the sad group.[3]

April 21, 00:49 UTC

On Baby, Martian Manhunter contacted Hawkwoman on the Watchtower, who confirmed that all known Kryptonite was accounted for, and that they had no further leads on who killed Superboy. M'gann watched and left wordlessly.

Later, M'gann and J'onn finished loading Baby with supplies for the trip back to Earth. Em'ree J'onzz came aboard and asked to join the journey. J'onn signaled that they were ready, and Baby took off.[4]

May 14, 04:06 UTC

En route to Earth, Em'ree was increasingly concerned that M'gann was continuing to shut J'onn and herself out ever since Conner died. Later, she deliberately provoked an argument with M'gann, successfully getting her to open up. Moments later, a school bus materialized near Baby and narrowly avoided hitting her before disappearing. Baby reported the near collision to her occupants, which they dismissed as a false alarm in confusion.[5]

Happy Harbor
June 01, 15:26 EDT

M'gann introduced Baby to Forager. Forager was happy to have Baby join his hive, though he would miss Bio-Ship.[6]

North Pole
September 14, poat-09:41 UTC

After hearing her mother's psychic scream when she was shot down by the Emerald Empress, Baby arrived at the site of the crash.[7]

Eastern Seaboard
September 14, 06:08 EDT

Baby flew Miss Martian, Nightwing and the Legion of Super-Heroes from the North Pole to Metropolis to face Dru-Zod. M'gann told her how grateful she was for the help, and promised her mother would recover.

When they arrived at Planet Circle, Baby immediately fired on Zod and Superboy, who was still under Zod's thrall. Baby dropped off her crew and continued to fight, taking on Lor-Zod, who eventually threw her into a Chicken Whizee shop. Ultimately, Zod and his followers were defeated, and Superboy's mind restored.[7]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Baby took the form of a white limousine to carry M'gann to her wedding. After M'gann got out, Baby reverted to her normal flight form and watched the ceremony with her mother.[7]

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Baby is capable of flight both in-atmosphere[1] and the vacuum of space.[5]
  • Shape-shifting: Baby can change her form, shifting from an egg-like rest form to her ship form,[1] as well a more minor changes, such as opening and closing hatches[4] and generating canons on her wings.[2]
  • Weapons: Baby can form a pair of canons on her wings.[2]
  • Telepathy: Baby is able to communicate psychically with other Bio-Ships, and was able to hear her mother's psychic scream of pain over great distances.[7]



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