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The Batcave.

The Batcave is the personal secret headquarters of Batman located beneath his residence, Wayne Manor.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

2010[edit | edit source]

Cape Canaveral
August 19, post-20:48 EDT

Robin contacted Alfred to confirm he was observing the mission from the Batcave computer.[2]

Gotham City
August 27, 05:40 EDT

In the Batcave, Batman studied the morphic field of a sample from Clayface, hoping to find the correct frequency to disrupt the field.[3]

Gotham City
August 27, 20:04 EDT

Bruce and Alfred used the computer to watch Dick working out in the gym.[4]

2018[edit | edit source]

Gotham City
September 26, 02:24 EDT

A secret rendezvous took place in the Batcave involving Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Aquaman, Miss Martian, and Wonder Woman. They exchanged intel and discussed the details of their coordinated efforts to disrupt the meta-human trafficking activities of Simon Stagg.[5]

Layout and description[edit | edit source]

The Batcave consists of bare rock and metal support frames with a number of floodlights and spotlights to provide illumination. A metal platform houses a powerful computer[3] which uses the same system as Justice League computers.[6] The computer can be used to view and analyse footage from cameras inside Wayne Manor[4] and mounted in Batman's suit.[2] The platform also holds a lab bench with microscope, and a set of steps leading down to a lower level where the Batmobile is stored.[3] The cave also has Zeta-Tubes.[7]

Sightings[edit | edit source]

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • The Batcave is one of the most iconic locations in DC Comics and pop culture at large. It is here that Batman stores all of his eccentric vehicles and memorabilia from his most famous enemies.

References[edit | edit source]

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