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Following his resignation from the Justice League on July 27, 2018, Batman assembled a new covert operations team consisting of at least himself, Robin, Arrowette, Green Arrow, Spoiler, Oracle, Orphan, Katana, and Metamorpho as part of plan to better combat meta-human trafficking and the Light. Black Lightning derisively nicknamed it Batman Incorporated (or Batman Inc. for short).[1][2]

The team was disbanded on February 24, 2019 after its members rejoined the Justice League and the Team respectively.


Designation numbers

The Z-series was created for Batman's team.


Background information

  • Black Lightning turns down an offer to join Batman's group, referring to it as "Batman Incorporated." Batman Incorporated is an organization funded by Wayne Enterprises, made up of the Batman Family and the Batmen of All Nations (and their successors). It was formed to stop crime and make Batman to a global franchise.


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