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Bear is a New God from New Genesis and a member of the Forever People.


Bear is rash and impulsive at times, and eager to throw his strength into any fight. However, he is actually quite kind natured.[3] He is also very close with Superboy, warmly greeting him with a bear hug and was greatly saddened over learning of his death.[4][2]

Physical appearance

Bear has brown skin, long red hair a little bit below his shoulders, and a black headband with a large black gem on it. He has very large red eyebrows.

He has a vest that seems to be made out of fur from an animal, and his skin has blue stripes on his arm. He wears a black wristband that goes onto one part of his hand and on his wrist. He has large, baggy, green pants, and wears black and white sandals.[3]


Bear's real name is Tabore-Kadan,[1] after an animal not from Earth.[3]

He has been courting Dreamer for what he feels is forever.[2]


October 23, 17:28 EDT

The Forever People arrived on Earth to track down the New Genesphere. After they discovered it was on the planet, Bear vowed to take care of whoever stole it.[3]

Eastern Seaboard
October 23, 18:04 EDT

When they found the New Genesphere, Bear was ready to fight its passenger, Superboy. Vykin had to restrain him, and after Motherbox informed them Superboy was not the thief, Bear showed his lighter nature. He introduced himself, and they decided to track the stolen technology together.

They found the rescue drill and Intergang at the Metropolis Federal Reserve. After their initial attack was beaten back, the Forever People merged into Infinity-Man. Intergang was defeated, but Bruno Mannheim and his men escaped. After extracting information from Whisper A'Daire, the group set out to a hangar, where they found Intergang. When they wanted to merge into Infinity-Man again, Desaad showed himself, and Ugly threw a Fatherbox into the transformation. The evil Infinity-Man was defeated by Superboy and Sphere, who took damage in the process. The Forever People healed her, and decided to leave the New Genesphere with Superboy. They then returned to New Genesis.[3]


Bear encountered "Earthlings" again, became friends with Rocket,[2] and met Miss Martian at least once.[4]

At some point, Bear struck Metron.[5]


New Genesis
August 04, post-00:16 UTC

The Forever People investigated an attack on Bugs supposedly carried out by Orion, even though he was off-world at the time.[4]

Happy Harbor
August 04, 12:25 EDT

Bear arrived at Superboy and Miss Martian's home in Happy Harbor. He hugged Superboy enthusiastically, and was re-introduced to his fiancée M'gann. Bear congratulated the happy couple, but sadly revealed that celebration must wait and informed them of the trouble on New Genesis. M'gann telepathically linked everyone so Bear could explain the situation on New Genesis. After that, Bear and the Team departed for New Genesis via boom tube.

Bear watched as the Team investigated the site of the attack. Mantis soon led a Bug attack on them, but Forager intervened. Bear claimed that the attacker was not the real Orion, but Mantis refused to believe him. The group decided to lay a trap for "Orion", and Bear waited out of sight with the Team as the Bugs drew "Orion" in with the offer of more goods. Miss Martian soon recognized who "Orion" really was and that he was telepathically inflaming the Bugs' anger. When M'gann went to speak with "Orion" privately, Bear and the Team followed, and found M'gann under attack by her brother and his meta-human thralls. Bear and the Team fought off the metas as M'gann battled Ma'alefa'ak psychically, while Mantis led the Bugs in attacking everyone else. Ma'alefa'ak was defeated, but had activated a kill command in the metas before escaping. Mantis decried Forager as a race traitor for helping the New Gods and Earthers. Bear sadly noted that Forager was no longer safe on New Genesis, and opened a boom tube for the Team to take Forager and the metas' bodies back to Earth.[4]


August 28, post-11:43 UTC

Bear arrived and interrupted the summit between the New Gods, Justice League and Green Lantern Corps. He apologized for disturbing them, but admitted that he eagerly wanted to see Rocket and Forager, happily greeting them both with a bear hug and was introduced to Jay Garrick. However, the mood changed when Bear revealed he also wanted to offer his condolences over Superboy's death, with everyone taking a moment to mourn the loss of Conner Kent. Bear also wanted to discuss the rumors he had heard about Forager being romantically involved with another Forager. They were interrupted once more by the arrival of Metron, who boom tubed in with a dire warning of galactic peril.[2]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Bear and the rest of the Forever People joined a meeting held by Metron to discuss the threat of Lor-Zod and the Phantom Zone Projector. Metron determined there were two possible power sources for the Projector on the surface of New Genesis. The Forever People formed Infinity-Man and went with Metron and Kilowog to one site.

This turned out not to be the site used by Lor-Zod. The group boom tubed to Boiling Lake Crater where Lor-Zod had been found, but by the time they arrived, the battle was over; the Projector was destroyed, Lor escaped and Tomar-Re was dead.[6]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Bear and Dreamer arrived by boom tube to attend Conner and M'gann's wedding and eagerly gave both Foragers a bear hug.[7]

Powers and abilities



Background information

  • In the comics, Bear's name is "Big Bear". He is married to Beautiful Dreamer.
  • This is Bear's second animated appearance. He made a cameo in the Justice League episode "Twilight, Part II".


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