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Beast Boy (real name Garfield Logan) is the founder/leader of the Outsiders and a former member of the Team and Doom Patrol. He grew up in Qurac on an animal sanctuary with his mother, Marie Logan. He received a blood transfusion of shape-shifted Martian blood from Miss Martian after being injured in an explosion. Initially his eyes became green, and over time so did his body while also acquiring the ability to shape-shift from the transfusion.


As a young boy, Garfield was outgoing and energetic, yet also mature enough for an 8-year-old to help his mother to care for animals. He worshipped heroes, and after a blood transfusion from Miss Martian saved his life, he began to consider her his "blood sister".[1]

As Beast Boy, Garfield still evinces a childlike personality. Often when someone explains anything to him or chides him for his behavior, he responds with "noted".[9] Like Kid Flash, he has taken up the role of collecting souvenirs from each mission.[3]

By 2018, Garfield has matured and mellowed out. He carries himself with a sense of professionalism in public, though he retains some of his old quips. He also likes teasing his girlfriend Perdita.

In 2020, Garfield has begun to face mental health challenges, exhibiting signs of post traumatic stress disorder due to his unresolved issues in regards to Geo-Force's betrayal, becoming easily agitated and more aggressive as well as overprotective of the Outsiders.[4][10] He has now fallen into severe depression and mourning following the death of Superboy, constantly staying in his room, refuses to go on missions and has resorted to taking sleeping pills after developing insomnia. He refuses to talk about his problems or seek treatment for his declining mental health.[11][12][13] Eventually, Garfield is finally forced to face his grief and admits he needs help when he confesses to Black Canary how he not only blames himself for Conner's death, but believes he could have done more to prevent the deaths of his loved ones in the past.[14]

Physical appearance

Prior to his transformation, Garfield Logan had a tanned complexion, blue eyes, and messy red hair. His eyes turned green immediately following a blood transfusion from Miss Martian.[1]

After manifesting Miss Martian's shape-shifting abilities, Garfield's skin became a pale green complexion with green eyes and dark green hair.[9] For some time he took a simian-like form, during which he had dark green fur and a prehensile monkey tail in proportion to his size. He wears a red and white single piece uniform, which shrinks down to a collar when he adopts a fully animal form.[3]



November 22, 23:56 UTC+2

After a group of Bialyan soldiers cut through their animal preserve, Garfield and his mother, Marie Logan, were nearly killed by a stampeding herd of wildebeests while attending to an injured oryx. All three of them were saved by the Team, and as a thanks they allowed them to stay in their home for the night. Garfield noted the resemblance between Miss Martian and his mother as a teenager when she played the main character of Hello, Megan!.

Unfortunately, the earlier defeat of the soldiers attracted the attention of more and when morning came Garfield was injured in the explosion of their barn. As a result of Garfield's O-negative blood type, none of the members of the Team could give him a life-saving blood transfusion, but luckily Miss Martian was able use her shape-shifting powers to modify her blood to match Garfield's. He was given the transfusion and his condition stabilized as a result.[1]

November 23, post-22:11 UTC+2

As he recovered, now with green eyes, Garfield and his mother watched the news in his room; live coverage of Rumaan Harjavti turning away "Queen Bee", and her threatening to take over Qurac regardless.

When the Team returned, Marie told M'gann Garfield considered himself her blood-brother. Miss Martian visited him in his room, to find him asleep with Queen Bee beside him. Bee had enthralled him, and given him instructions to harm himself if anything happened to Bee. This gave Bee the opportunity to blackmail Miss Martian, as Gar slept on.[1]

December 1, 09:15 UTC+2

Garfield was watching the news about Rumaan Harjavti's impending impeachment hearings, while playing with Monkey. His mother called him away because their guests, Megan and Conner, had arrived.[15]

December 1, 10:28 UTC+2

Conner had picked Megan flowers. Gar was quick to point out that it was poison sumac, and he'd better wash his hands before touching anyone. They then got up to meet another guest, an American reporter.[15]

December 1, 10:31 UTC+2

After the American guests left, Megan and Conner had to go too. Before boarding the Bio-Ship, M'gann said goodbye to Gar and promised to come back for him.[16]


On January 16, 2011, Queen Bee arranged Marie's death by enthralling her to drive off a cliff, orphaning Garfield.[17] After Marie's death, Garfield was taken in by his godmother Rita Farr, his mother's old co-star from Hello, Megan![2]

In 2012,[18] he took the name Beast Boy after turning green and gaining the ability to shape-shift into animals.[3] Rita joined the Doom Patrol and sometimes allowed Gar to go on relatively safe missions with them.[19] At some point after this, Rita died on an unspecified mission with the rest of the Doom Patrol, save for Mento[2] and Robotman.[20] Garfield was then orphaned again with the death of his "other mother".[2]

Garfield was then taken in by Miss Martian.[2] He joined the Team in 2015.[21] He took it as his task to collect mission souvenirs.[3]


Mount Justice
February 18, 09:59 EST

Beast Boy joined Miss Martian and the rest of the Team in grieving Aquagirl's death in the Cave. He attended Batman's debriefing, though he had not taken part in the fatal mission.[22]

Mount Justice
December 1, 08:55 EST

Beast Boy and Miss Martian were waiting in the Mission Room for the briefing to start when Zatanna and Rocket stopped by to wish Nightwing a happy birthday. They both watched as Zatanna kissed Nightwing.[15]

December 1, 09:48 EST

Beast Boy was selected for Beta Squad; their mission was to secure a democracy rally held by Noor Harjavti. They suspected Queen Bee might make a move on her adversary, and especially Beast Boy was convinced it would happen, having learned of Queen Bee's ruthlessness firsthand. He watched her intently, disguised as a small bird perched in a tree.[15]

December 1, 10:30 EST

After Superboy, Superman and Devastation disappeared, M'gann and Lagoon Boy were split off from Beta Squad. M'gann said goodbye to Gar, and promised to come back for him.[16]

December 1, 10:35 EST

Gar kept his hummingbird form, and flew near Batgirl and Bumblebee. They spotted a strange space ship that hovered over the city.

The ship created a bubble that trapped part of Metropolis. All communications were cut off.[16]

December 1, 10:45 EST

Gar feared the sphere might be a distraction to harm Noor Harjavti. Batgirl thought so too, and ordered Gar and Bumblebee to make contact with her.[16]

December 1, 10:55 EST

Gar made his way to the stage, and transformed into his normal form. It startled a security guard, but Noor vouched for him. Gar advised her to get away from the crowd.[16]

December 1, 14:01 EST

Beast Boy and Bumblebee had taken Noor and her bodyguard to Bibbo's Diner for protection. Gar was uncertain why they chose the diner as a safehouse, but Karen explained that Bibbo could be trusted and that it was unlikely that anyone would look for them there.[23]

Bibbo's Diner
December 1, 16:56 EST

Beast Boy and Bumblebee continued to watch over Noor at Bibbo's.[24]

Bibbo's Diner
December 1, 17:54 EST

After Black Lightning asked him and Bumblebee to attack the probe likely generating the force field, Gar reluctantly agreed they had to focus on the big picture and leave Noor. He turned into a bird and flew away with Karen.[24]

December 1, 18:16 EST

Beast Boy and Bumblebee descended to the probe. Beast Boy was still uncomfortable with leaving Noor Harjavti, but Bumblebee reminded him that she was safe from Queen Bee.[25]

December 1, 18:31 EST

They reached the probe. Beast Boy changed into a cockroach and went in after Bumblebee.[25]

December 1, 18:33 EST

Bumblebee contacted Batgirl, informing her they had figured out a way to shut the force field down. Batgirl gave them the go-ahead.[17]

December 1, 19:03 EST

The plan worked, and the force field receded. However, almost directly after, Bumblebee was contacted by the others, who explained the field had to be reactivated so the city could be restored to its normal size.[17]

December 1, 22:03 EST

With everything back to normal, Beast Boy rushed to Bibbo's Diner, with Bumblebee in tow. He was relieved that Noor was apparently okay.[17]


Gotham City
January 1, 16:16 EST

In Gotham's sewers, Beast Boy arrived too late to fight against Clayface, and complained that he couldn't obtain a souvenir. Blue Beetle told him that the stink from the sewer water would make a perfect reminder of the mission.[3]

Mount Justice
January 1, 18:18 EST

After returning home, Superboy said he would hit the showers, and Blue Beetle told Beast Boy to take a shower as well.[3]

January 4, 22:16 UTC

Beast Boy was part of an away team sent to Rann, with Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange. He was amazed when he saw the alien planet.[3]

January 4, 22:17 UTC

Beast Boy was elated by the majestic beauty of the capital city of Rann. Inside Sardath's lab, Beast Boy was similarly amazed at a Rannian lizard-bird,[26] and studied it closely until he could change into it.

The Squad set off to track the Kroloteans on Rann, with Alanna as their guide. It proved necessary; in the jungle, Beast Boy saw a flower and wanted it for a souvenir, but got halted by Alanna who revealed it to be a trap plant.

After Miss Martian located the base of the Kroloteans they broke in, and Beast Boy and Miss Martian planted the bombs on the Zeta platforms. After the Kroloteans from Earth arrived, the bombs exploded and the Team was discovered. Beast Boy shape-shifted into a gorilla and cleared the way to an exit which Miss Martian created. Outside, Beast Boy wondered why Miss Martian did not translate the words of the Kroloteans, and she explained that it would have taken a long time to work. Soon after, they were chased by the Kroloteans in Mechs.[9]

January 5, 04:48 UTC

Beast Boy escaped the Mechs by hiding in a tree along with Miss Martian. After the Mechs were gone, Beast Boy received an unexpected hug from Miss Martian, and challenged Miss Martian to a race, until he stumbled into a waterfall. The place triggered an unhappy memory for him: the car crash that killed his mother. He broke down into tears, but Miss Martian was quick to comfort him. Then suddenly, they were ambushed by Kroloteans and knocked unconscious. They were stored in one of the Mechs.

After being rescued by Superboy, Beast Boy woke up and they charged into the Krolotean ship. They destroyed the inside of the ship and left before it left for space. Down below, Miss Martian knocked a Krolotean unconscious and took the sash from him and gave it to Beast Boy as a souvenir, which he appreciated.[9]

January 6, 09:58 MST

Beast Boy was still so happy with his souvenir, the first thing he wanted to do upon his return on Earth was show it to Nightwing. Miss Martian took him aside, and told him the mission debriefing was more important.[27]

Mount Justice
February 13, 21:51 EST

Garfield was finishing his term paper with help from Lucas Carr. He was not amused when Lagoon Boy told Carr to have him write a term paper on the Zeta-Shield.[28]

Mount Justice
February 28, 10:07 EST

Beast Boy and Robin checked up on Nightwing, who was working on the translation of the Krolotean intel from Malina Island. Beast Boy had to be filled in, as he had not been there. Their conversation was cut short when the computer detected an energy impulse.

In a ball of lightning, a small pod arrived in the Mission Room, and a boy jumped out. Beast Boy quipped that this was the impulse they detected, and as a response, the boy took Impulse as his name. Beast Boy and the others saw him run off; Nightwing sent the two junior members after him.

Beast Boy changed into a cheetah to run faster, but Impulse countered that: he tricked Beast Boy into the showers, where the faucets were running. Beast Boy slipped on the wet floor. By the time he recuperated, Nightwing had captured the speedster. Robin and Beast Boy heard him out, but Gar did not buy his "future tourist" explanation. Impulse tried to convince him by revealing the secret identities of everyone in the room.

When Mal arrived at the Cave, Impulse took the opportunity to escape. Beast Boy tried to go after him as a peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird, but Nightwing and Robin guessed that his chances of catching the speedster were thin.[29]

Mount Justice
February 28, post-13:03 EST

After Impulse had stopped Neutron's rampage, he claimed he was ready to go back to his own time. When the time machine didn't disappear in the same way it appeared hours earlier, Beast Boy suggested it could be traveling forward one second at the time.[29]

Mount Justice
March 20, 03:58 EDT

Beast Boy did not participate in a disastrous mission that resulted in the capture of Lagoon Boy and the apparent death of Artemis at the hands of Manta. Team members, both past and present, gathered in to mourn the loss of their former teammate. Beast Boy comforted his adopted sister, who took Artemis's demise hard.[30]

Mount Justice
March 21, 17:33 EDT

In the Cave's grotto, Gar, Robin, Jaime, and Bart were looking at the holographic statue of the fallen member Artemis. Gar was annoyed by Bart, who ate Chicken Whizees.[31]

Mount Justice
March 23, post-21:05 EDT

Beast Boy was watching Hello, Megan! in his bedroom when Tuppence Terror knocked on his door. Caught off guard, Beast Boy was incapacitated before he could fight back, and was taken captive by Kaldur'ahm, alongside Impulse and Blue Beetle.[32]

Atlantic Ocean
March 24, 03:17 EDT

The Manta-Flyer was docked with the Manta-Sub, and Impulse, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle were carried off in containment pods. They were sent to the Partner.[32]

Pacific Ocean
March 30, post-18:28 HAST

For a little under a week, Beast Boy and Impulse were experimented upon by the Reach. The scientist exposed him to high levels of stress to investigate the Meta-Gene.

When the Team raided the facility, Miss Martian found Gar and Bart, and on Nightwing's command, freed them. Impulse went off to look for Blue Beetle, and M'gann and Gar made their way to the docking bay to link up with the others. In one of the corridors, they encountered Aqualad, and Miss Martian attacked him psychically. Beast Boy could not know what she learned, and was surprised to see her in slump to her knees, overcome by emotion.

He led his sister to the docking bay, but even as a gorilla, he could not break the locked door open. They heard a fight on the other side, so they had to get in. Gar urged M'gann to phase through, which she did, though she was not alert enough to anticipate the Reach enforcer's next step. When he altered the density of the door when she was halfway through, she was knocked out. The door was eventually opened by Blue Beetle, and Gar carried M'gann and the others to the safety of the Bio-Ship. Blue Beetle fended off the "Black Beetle", which ultimately allowed the Team and the abducted teens to escape aboard the Bio-Ship.

When Nightwing offered control of the Bio-Ship back to M'gann, and she did not respond, Beast Boy revealed that M'gann had confronted and attacked Kaldur, and he thought she was still basking in the victory.[33]

April 1, 17:23 MDT

The Team members and abductees that were liberated from the Reach were being debriefed at STAR Labs. Beast Boy patiently waited until it was his turn.[34]

April 1, post-21:24 EDT

Nightwing had set up a temporary place to live for the former inhabitants of the Cave. Beast Boy came along and brought in his belongings.[34]

The Warworld
May 26, post-12:00 UTC

Beast Boy was part of Beta Squad, one of several squads who secretly boarded the Warworld. He joined Blue Beetle and Impulse in heading to a chamber that contained a crystal key which powered the giant satellite, controlled by an alien tyrant named Mongul. As Beta Squad headed to the chamber, they were intercepted by a carriage, which deployed a number of drones that protected the Warworld, forcing Beta Squad to engage.

Beta Squad ultimately reached the chamber but found the crystal heavily guarded by drones. Elsewhere, though, Bumblebee created a surge in the power core that stunned Mongul and rendered the drones inoperative, allowing Blue Beetle to secure the crystal.[35]

The Warworld
May 26, post-12:40 UTC

As the Team members regrouped in the entry point, Blue Beetle suddenly attacked the rest of the Team. Beast Boy was caught in Beetle's initial firing of his sonic cannon and knocked out.[35] He was stored in a stasis cell aboard the vessel.[36]

The Warworld
May 27, 06:36 UTC

Beast Boy was present in a stasis cell.[36]

The Warworld
May 30, 03:36 UTC

Once freed from his cell, Beast Boy retreated to the Bio-Ship with the rest of the Team.[36]

June 14, 05:19 UTC+2

Taking the form of a frilled lizard, Beast Boy slipped into an underground temple in a Bialyan complex, where he landed on Green Beetle and shape shifted into an elephant to take him down. He and other Team members were able to keep Green Beetle at bay until Zatanna completed a ritual to free Blue and Green Beetle's scarabs from control of the Reach. Beast Boy took the form of a peregrine falcon as he left with the others.[37]

Santa Prisca
June 19, 00:00 ECT

Beast Boy infiltrated the summit between the Light and the Reach, disguised as an agent of the League of Shadows alongside Lagoon Boy. He was called in to defeat the Team after Aqualad's ruse was discovered. Beast Boy took down some of the Shadows, and engaged Monsieur Mallah while in gorilla form. During the battle, Mallah managed to throw him into a careless Impulse, knocking the speedster out. Before Mallah could harm Bart, Beast Boy recovered, shifted into a rhinoceros, and charged at Mallah. The gorilla was knocked unconscious. After the battle ended successfully in the Team's favor, Beast Boy hugged Artemis, happy that she wasn't really dead, and that Aqualad wasn't really a traitor. He pointed a finger at Nightwing's face, and told him not to fake anybody's deaths for at least a year. Kid Flash and Aqualad agreed with him.[38]

New York City
June 20, 06:16 EDT

Along with Nightwing, Lagoon Boy, and Guardian, Beast Boy infested a corridor of the Reach flagship. The squad dispatched the Reach soldiers present with super-speed and projectile weaponry.[39]

June 20, 08:16 EDT

When Magnetic Field Disruptors planted by the Reach threatened the Earth, Beast Boy joined 39 other heroes of Earth in a briefing in Metropolis. The heroes would use a computer virus provided by Lex Luthor to safely disable the disruptors. The heroes were paired off with another into twenty squads: one member would run interference against weapons guarding the disruptors, allowing the other to get close enough to plant the virus.[39] Beast Boy was assigned to Psi Squad, and worked alongside Miss Martian.[40]

Within thirty minutes, all squads had succeeded in their mission.[39]

Mount Justice
June 20, 23:16 EDT

At the ruins of Mount Justice, Beast Boy joined the Team in welcoming the Justice League back to Earth.[39]

Later in June,[41] at the funeral of Wally West, Garfield met Perdita of Vlatava. The two hit it off and started what became a high-profile relationship, dubbed "Gardita" by the press.[8]

The Watchtower
July 4, 21:16 EDT

Aqualad summoned everyone to the mission room, where Batman informed the Team that they would now operate side by side with the Justice League from the Watchtower—not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because they earned the right to do so. Aqualad assigned Beast Boy to Alpha Squad to help B'aarzz O'oomm with a matter on Mars.[39]

The Watchtower
August 08, 16:16 EDT

Beast Boy was waiting for their final teammate Superboy. Batgirl assigned them and Miss Martian to track down Psimon, who had returned to the US. Batgirl and Beast Boy witnessed an apparent spat between the former love birds, and were surprised as they though the two were getting better.[42]

August 08, 13:57 PDT

Psimon lured them to a classic movie convention. One of the speakers was Sandra Stanyon, and Miss Martian and Beast Boy snuck off in the hopes of learning more about Marie. Sandra was happy to tell them all about it and was delighted to meet Marie's children.

During a sit down with her at the food court, Psimon trapped them all inside Miss Martian's mind. They were forced into a memory of Hello, Megan!.[42]

August 08, 16:16 PDT

Gar's encyclopedic knowledge of the show allowed him to see which parts were from the episode and which parts were M'gann's subconscious. He discerned she really needed forgiveness. Superboy explained the reason they split up, and that he had only more or less forgiven her. In a reenactment of the episode's finale, M'gann asked for forgiveness in a song. With Superboy forgiving her, and asking for her forgiveness in return, they were all freed from her mind.[43]

In late 2016,[41] Mento resurfaced to claim dubious parental rights over Garfield, since being Rita's husband also made him Garfield's "stepfather", apparently because he wanted to exploit Garfield's meta-human abilities. Despite M'gann's willingness to fight for custody, Garfield felt he had no choice and left the Team to live with Mento.[44]


Garfield became one of the first open meta-humans and pursued an acting career like his mother.[8] He landed the role of Lt. Tork in the science fiction show Space Trek 3016 and used his newfound fame to ask for attention of missing meta-humans, by recording PSAs[45] and mentioning it in interviews.[8]


October 15, 16:16 PDT

Garfield finished filming on the set of Space Trek 3016, and was complimented on his work by Paul Sloane and Gretchen Goode, who revealed she had handled their casting, as well as everything else at Goode World Studios. Gar also had a less cheerful conversation with Steve Dayton.[2]

Beverly Hills
October 15, 18:39 PDT

Garfield met Perdita at her suite at the Luthor Grande Hotel. While she got ready for their date, he tried her Goode Goggles. The goggles tested Gar for the Meta-Gene and attempted to brainwash him into going to Encino, but something went wrong and Garfield entered a catatonic state.

While unconscious, Gar dreamed himself on the bridge of the Engager with the dead members of the Team and League. After seeing a vision of Wally West's death, Gar chased Monkey and found himself in Doom Patrol Go!, a cartoon based on his life with the Doom Patrol. After reliving their deaths and recapping the circumstances that led to him living first with M'gann and then with Steve Dayton, Monkey used a remote control to send him into a surreal episode of Hello, Megan!. When this became too much, Monkey sent him to relive his mother's death. Gar pleaded for Monkey to "turn it off", which he did, sending the world to black, and stopping Gar's heart. In the darkness, Gar saw Monkey, who claimed to be the Monkey God responsible for Beast Boy's powers, but also suggested he may just be Gar's imagination. M'gann then arrived, having entered his mind after Perdita called her. Ultimately Gar realized that his current life was not enough and that he wanted to return to heroics.

Gar then woke up, no worse for wear. Knowing what the goggles had tried to do, and that Gretchen Goode handled "everything", Gar knew his boss was one of the bad guys. But before a full debriefing, he kissed his girlfriend.[2]

Los Angeles
November 05, 17:11 PST

At a café, Gar watched Gretchen's interview on The G. Gordon Godfrey Show following the exposure of the Goode Goggles's role in meta trafficking. As he walked out, he saw a young woman get mugged. He transformed into a gorilla to catch the mugger. The woman thanked him and snapped a selfie with him, which she posted on 1K Wordsworth. The post soon went viral.[46]

November 06, 11:11 PST

Gretchen called Gar into her office, where she praised him for raising his profile with the rescue. Gar was not impressed and challenged her, saying he knew what she really was.[46]

The Watchtower
November 06, 14:59 EST

Beast Boy Zeta'd to the Watchtower to reaffirm his desire to rejoin the Team. Miss Martian was happy to welcome him back, but noted that she may have to keep him off some missions due to his celebrity.[46]

November 07, 23:51 PST

In bed, Garfield clicked through a number of interviews and news reports about Gretchen Goode and Lex Luthor. Finally he came to the selfie of him with the girl he rescued, which had achieved a staggering 16 million likes.[46]

November 16, 16:16 PST

While filming episode 16 of season three of Space Trek, Gretchen Goode insisted on an absurd number of takes, despite them already having a good take. Gar was ready to walk off, but director J. Anson Schwartz reminded him that the show, and everyone's jobs, depended on him, and that Granny could sue him for everything he had.[47]

The Watchtower
November 16, 21:21 EST

After 52 takes, Gar finally reported to the Watchtower for a mission briefing. A squad under Tigress was assigned to covertly investigate a suspected government-sponsored meta-trafficking operation in Russia.[47]

November 17, 23:23 VLAT

Taking the form of an eagle, Beast Boy played lookout as the rest of the squad infiltrated the base. After the squad had determined the facility was not doing anything illegal, Gar spotted some supposed convicts led by Black Manta preparing to attack the base. The Team stopped the attack and sent the group into retreat, but where then confronted by the Rocket Red Brigade, who thought they were part of the attack on the base. The criminals regrouped and attacked again, and were defeated. The Brigade once again turned on the Team, and Dmitri Pushkin recognized Beast Boy as Tork. Tigress convinced the Brigade to let them go with the captives.[47]

Belle Reve Parish
November 17, 10:10 CST

Gar and the rest of the Team monitored from the Bio-Ship as Aquaman returned the captives to Belle Reve Parish and met with Amanda Waller. Waller explained the nature of Task Force X, and threatened to expose the Team if the League attempted to expose her. Gar wanted to call her bluff, but Aquaman and Tigress disagreed.[47]

November 17, 12:12 PST

Gar was in bed looking at the selfie, which now had over 52 million likes.[47]

November 22, post-13:59 MST

Gar and Perdita arrived by helicopter for the Meta-Human Youth Center's Harvest Festival arranged by Bart. They were greeted by various members of the Team, and introduced to Traci, who fangirled over Gar. They enjoyed the attractions at the festival, but Gar and Ed commiserated over the lack of inspiration out there for young metas. Everyone was then disabled by a wave of nausea, followed by the arrival of what appeared to be Count Vertigo and Henchy, who abducted Perdita.

Gar and the Team pursued "Vertigo"'s helicopter until Traci disconnected its fuel line, forcing it to land.[44]

Taos Pueblo
November 22, 17:31 MST

The Team followed the helicopter to the Pueblo, but could not find their quarry, even with Bart searching at super speed. They eventually realized they were being fooled with illusions, and Gar used the sense of smell of his bear form to track them. He led them to an unexpectedly strong and invulnerable "Henchy", until the illusion dropped, revealing him to be Devastation. Devastation leapt off and the Team pursued her to find Perdita standing over an injured Psimon-"Vertigo"-who had used his psychic power to disguise Devastation and himself. The Team realized the kidnapping had all been a ploy to lure them from the Youth Center.

They returned to the Center to find the rest of Onslaught taking the metas captive. The Team defeated Onslaught. Realizing the press would soon be on the way, the Team considered clearing out, but Gar, Kid Flash and Blue Beetle chose to address the news cameras.[44]

The Watchtower
December 04, 19:09 EST

Beast Boy called a meeting with Aquaman and the Team. He announced his intention to form a new public team of young heroes. He argued that the League was losing the war of public opinion to the Light in traditional media, but that young, open heroes could inspire young people reach a new audience via social media. Aquaman was initially set against the idea, but Gar was joined by five fellow founding members-Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Static and Geo-Force-who insisted, noting that they did not need permission. Aquaman relented, on the condition they secretly reported to Miss Martian, to which Gar gladly agreed.[48]

December 04, 17:48 PST

Gar then took the group to tour the penthouse of the Premiere Building, which Gar had arranged to serve as the headquarters for the new group, as well as providing living space for members of that group and the Team without homes of their own. He was paying for it with his Space Trek pay cheques, using Gretchen Goode's own money against her.[48]

December 07, 19:37 PST

Gar and the new team were relaxing in the HQ when M'gann called their attention to a seeming Reach attack in Brooklyn, Maine. Though Aquaman was responding, he did not fare well and the new team quickly Zeta'd out to help.[48]

December 07, post-22:37 EST

The group was able to take down the three Reach War Bugs with little trouble, thanks to Blue Beetle. Their effort was broadcast on social media by several local girls, with their posts and streams being picked up by traditional news outlets. With the War Bugs down, Gar introduced his squad to the girls, and the world. They reveal that the fighters were piloted by members of Intergang, alien tech dealers. Mayor Thomas Tompkins then interrupted and insisted the group be arrested in accordance with anti-vigilante laws he had passed, which Sheriff Patrick Maguire reluctantly did. Gar told his squad not to resist.

The arrest was interrupted by the arrival of the War Bugs' unmanned mothership, called in by an automated distress signal. The squad freed themselves to fight the new threat. They boarded the Reach warship and piloted it away from the town so they could crash it safely. Mayor Thompkins was still not satisfied and insisted they be arrested again, but the Sheriff let them off under a Good Samaritan law. Beast Boy once again addressed the "newsgirl legion" and effectively named his new squad; the Outsiders.[48]

December 21, 04:31 PST

At the Premiere Building, Gar summoned Brion, telling him that Miss Martian had given them intel on a meta-trafficking operation in Cuba. they went to Happy Harbor to pick up Wonder Girl, Static and the Bio-Ship.[49]

Santiago de Cuba
December 21, 10:13 CST

Gar sent out a mini-drone to investigate the facility, a solitary building under an ominous red cloud. The bug was almost immediately swallowed by a gruesome Flesh Monster. After dropping off Geo-Force to hold off the encroaching military, the rest entered the building to face Klarion and his monster. Gar soon realized the monster was made of metas and told the squad to avoid harming it. Beast Boy then focused his efforts on Teekl. Zatanna arrived to discreetly help, and told the Outsiders to distract Klarion while she dealt with the monster. Klarion targeted Gar, seemingly disintegrating him, then Klarion had Wonder Girl absorbed into the monster. Beast Boy then attacked Klarion as a hornet, distracting him while Zatanna separated the flesh monster into its constituent metas, then performed a spell to transport Klarion and herself to the Tower of Fate.

With the mission complete, Gar signaled Geo-Force to let the military police in. He then noticed one of the metas could not breathe on land, and quickly carried her to the sea. Ramon Bracuda arrived and called for back-up to arrest the Outsiders, while Maria Garcia thanked them for rescuing her son, and one of his men streamed the event on his phone. The Outsiders then left with the metas not from Cuba.[49]

December 21, 16:51 MST

The squad brought he metas to the Meta-Human Youth Center, including the gilled girl in a water-filled compartment on the Bio-Ship. Aquaman congratulated them on their success. Ed declared his intention to join the Outsiders, wanting the kids at the Center to see one of their own on the Team. Gar happily accepted him. Wendy then piped up that Stargirl was reporting that the Outsiders were now more popular than the Justice League on social media worldwide, to Gar's shock.[49]

December 31, 09:00 CAT

Beast Boy led the public half of a joint Outsiders-Team mission to prevent an attack by the Bwundan Independence Front on a UN climate summit in Bwundasa. He helped fight the attackers, protecting Lex Luthor and Simon M'Barra, but ultimately it was the intervention of the Flash that ended the conflict. Luthor pointed out to the gathered press that he had called in Flash, proving that his way of doing things worked and that the Outsiders "help" was counter-productive, noting the injured Kid Flash. Beast Boy wanted to argue, but Miss Martian pointed out it was Lex's arena and called everyone back tot he Bio-Ship. Aboard the Bio-Ship, Gar angrily noted they had been set up, which was confirmed by a meta-human operative M'gann had liberated from the "B.I.F."[50]

December 31, 07:15 MST

The group took the meta to the Youth Center, where Ed and his father got into an argument. Eduardo Sr. had second thoughts about allowing his son on the Outsiders. Ed stormed off and had Halo boom tube him out, with Gar and the rest of the Outsiders following in solidarity.[50]


January 01, 14:24 PST

Gar played table hockey while the squad gathered for a training session. Before it could begin, they were surprised by the arrival of Eduardo Sr., Helena Sandsmark and Jay Garrick who all had objections to their wards continuing with the Outsiders. At the same time, Gar took note of a call for help from a girl in Dublin. Gar took those members not in dispute to Ireland, leaving the rest to resolve things with their guardians.[50]

January 1, 22:41 UTC

Gar and the squad found the home of the girl, and spoke to her father, who explained that she had been abducted by robot monkeys and that the authorities would not take him seriously.

They track the girl to a factory containing a batch of inactive Spider Bots, and some active MONQIs. The squad freed the girl, who took down the Professor Ivo android. Beast warned everyone to get clear of the building before it was destroyed by the android's self-destruct. The Outsiders then reunited the girl with her father.[50]

January 21, 17:32 PST

Beast Boy returned home from a mission with Geo-Force. They had been called to a disturbance at a restaurant caused by a new villain, the Condiment King. They were successful, but Gar was covered in various sauces and had slipped, hurting his wrist. Helga Jace promised to tend to his injury.

Later, Gar hung out in the gym with Victor Stone, and the pair tested Vic's increasingly well controlled abilities.

Later, in the hub, Vic and Violet both sensed something was wrong, and Vic opened a boom tube to everyone's surprise. Gar and Brion followed them through it, to find themselves in Gretchen Goode's home where Aquaman, Wyynde and a Motherbox were under attack by Goode, Overlord, plus Nightwing and Black Lightning under mind control. Violet freed Dick and Jeff from Gretchen's control and Gretchen was knocked down by a shot from a drone. Gar wanted to stay and fight Gretchen, but the group retreated through a boom tube.[51]

Los Angeles
January 22, 02:24 PST

Garfield had pancakes at a café with some of the others living at the Premiere Building so they could leave space for the relatives and close friends of Dick, who was severely ill following his ordeal with Gretchen. Brion was angry that a new meta-hero group, Infinity, Inc. was getting attention, but Gar considered it a good thing. Gar was more concerned about Goode, who was responsible for Dick's condition, and still out there.

The group returns to the Premiere Building just in time for an explosive outburst from Jeff, who had realized that the breakup of the Justice League and separation of their teams had all been faked by their leaders, and that the Outsiders had been manipulated by them from day one. Gar was initially in disbelief, but later confronted Barbara and Tim, who admitted that the Brooklyn mission had been teed up for them and that the Dublin mission had been set up by M'gann and Batman, who had posed as the rescued girl and her father. Gar furiously called out M'gann on the psychic link.

Gar was present later on when Tara and Brion returned after Helga had tried to abduct them, informing everyone about her betrayal and the fact Violet was now Gretchen's prisoner, who could use her to mind control people.[52]

January 25, 14:28 PST

Gar watched an interview with Gretchen who claimed to fell betrayed that her property had been violated by meta-humans after all her donations, referring to the Team searching her facilities for Violet. Gar felt taunted, but Tigress warned him not to let her get in his head.[53]

January 25, 17:16 PST

Aboard the Bio-Ship, Gar led a squad of Outsiders, plus Vic, to raid a Goode World Studios lot based on intel provided by Vic. When they went in, Vic found a strange camouflaged alien device, but the squad were soon boom tubed into an X-Pit.

While the others suffered, Gretchen brought Gar into a protective cube so they she could enjoy watching him watch his team suffer. She challenged Gar to fight for their freedom, which he accepted. Gretchen easily outmatched Gar, beating him brutally no matter what form he took. But he was able to buy enough time for Vic to cybernetically infiltrate and defeat Overlord, freeing them all from the X-Pit. While Gar and Wonder Girl apprehended Gretchen, Vic and Beetle destroyed the device, causing Gretchen to disappear. Vic then pursued her via boom tube.[54]

January 26, 06:54 PST

Back at the Premiere Building, Gar beat himself up for leading a disastrous mission, fearing that they would never see Vic or the Team that had gone after Violet again. Two boom tubes then opened, and Vic, Violet and the Team returned victorious. Everyone celebrated Vic's role in the success, and he was inducted into the Outsiders under the name Cyborg.[54]

February 14, 18:03 PST

At the Premiere Building, while Violet babysat Lian Nguyen-Harper, Gar and Vic watched a news report on the League rescuing metas from Gretchen Goode, featuring the video of her fusing with Granny Goodness supplied by Vic, and announcing Cyborg joining the Outsiders. Later, the news moved onto an interview with Geo-Force, discussing Infinity, Inc. Beetle texted Gar suggesting Brion was stealing his role, but Gar was just happy for the message to get out.

Later, Gar entertained Lian by transforming into various animals. They were startled by the appearance of Metron, who boom tubed Vic, Violet and Lian away, then returned them moments later, to Gar's puzzlement.[55]

February 16, 01:33 EET

As part of a joint Outsiders-Team mission to respond to Baron Bedlam's coup in Markovia, Gar led Alpha Squad, consisting of Terra, Geo-Force and Cyborg. After Beta flushed the Baron out, Alpha boom tubed to the Royal Palace to confront him. During the fight, Bedlam and Geo-Force went out through a window, into the path of a news cameraman. Beast Boy and Cyborg followed, but Bedlam broke Gar's arm. Geo-Force finally subdued the Baron and was ready to kill him, but Gar talked him down, telling him they don't deal out punishment. Gar then found himself under a hovering rock; Terra was ready to kill him. Tigress and Halo then arrived and talked Tara down, telling her she did not have to follow Deathstroke's orders. The revelation Tara had been a double agent all along was a surprise to both Gar and Brion. Enraged, Brion then killed Bedlam after he tried to escape and took the crown for himself before a cheering crowd. After Brion found no support from his sister, girlfriend or teammates, he ordered them away.[56]

February 16, 01:24 PST

Gar, along with members of the Outsiders and Team, processed the events in Markovia.[56]

The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Beast Boy was present for a meeting of the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders and Batman's team, where Black Lightning was elected the League's new leader and Batman's team was folded back into the League and Team.[56]

February 26, 13:13 MST

Gar was at the Meta-Human Youth Center with Ed and Bart as Wendy decided to remove her inhibitor collar.[56]


On Febrary 24,[57] Beast Boy led a squad of the Outsiders to prevent the Cult of the Kobra broadcasting a signal to brainwash people into joining. Beast Boy personally took down Kobra.[10]

Happy Harbor
February 25, 07:38 EST

After making some last-minute logistical arrangements with the Outsiders, Gar arrived at the Carr home to join Conner and M'gann on their wedding trip to Mars, along with J'onn. Despite the long journey, he was glad of the chance for a break from the Outsiders and Perdita. He eagerly took the first shift as pilot and had the Bio-Ship go into "Engager-mode".[4]

March 22, 16:16 UTC

As their journey neared its end, Conner noted Gar's crankiness. Gar apologized and admitted he had trouble sleeping on the ship.[4]

March 22, 16:22 UTC

As the Bio-Ship came in to land at the Science Center, Gar took the form of a Ma'arzuu Beast to survive the Martian atmosphere. He and Conner exited first and were greeted by Em'ree J'onzz, M'gann's sister. There was some tension between Em'ree and M'gann. To make her human guests more comfortable, Em'ree took on the form of first Megan Wheeler and then Rita Lee, discomforting Gar as they were essentially versions of his late mother and godmother. Leaving J'onn to work with Em'ree on the Zeta-Tube project, M'gann Conner and Gar left to explore the city.

As they wandered, they encountered some hostility, and many Martians posing as humans, including a group of Outsiders who eagerly swarmed Beast Boy and Superboy. Soon after the trio came under a psychic attack which M'gann easily repelled, and they decided to head directly to M'gann's parents' home.

The trio were warmly greeted by M'gann's parents, who remembered Conner and Gar fondly from their previous visit. They were interrupted by a disturbance outside; a group of G'arrunn Martians had scrawled racist graffiti on the house. Gar attempted to confront them as a Ma'alefa'ak, but was brain blasted until M'gann made the group disperse. Back inside, M'gann's parents explained that racial tensions and anti-Earth sentiment had heightened since the unsolved murder of the king a month prior.

Gar accompanied the family to the Science Center where the test of the Zeta-Tube was ready to begin. R'ess E'dda led a massive mindlink to protest the project, which greatly upset Gar. M'gann sensed Ma'alefa'ak, but he was apprehended before he could do anything. Queen J'arlia J'axx approved the test, but shortly after J'onn entered the Zeta-Tube, it exploded.[4]

March 23, 00:03 UTC

Gar woke up after the explosion, and was greatly distressed that J'onn was missing.[58]

March 23, 00:22 UTC

Gar stayed with Conner and Em'ree after M'gann and her parents accompanied Ma'alefa'ak as he was arrested. Em'ree was able to re-establish contact with the Watchtower and found that J'onn had arrived their safely, to Gar's great relief, but lost contact again soon after as the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite was destroyed.

Prince J'emm J'axx arrived. He explained that he felt most of Mars's problems stemmed from his father's death and had hoped to get Martian Manhunter to solve it. Gar eagerly volunteered his and Conner's services, but freaked out when J'emm psychically transferred information on the murder into Gar and Conner's minds.[58]

Sacred River
March 23, 15:51 UTC

While Conner and M'gann enjoyed the beauty of the river from the Sacred Boat, Gar listened to a voice mail from Perdita and looked at photos of the Outsiders on his phone. He was pulled out of his funk by a Ma'arphin Beast squirting him in the face. Gar soon learned to take their form and joined the beasts in the water, from where he watched Conner and M'gann's Ma'ayava'ana ceremony.

Later, as they walked along the river bank, Gar, Conner and M'gann were caught in a cave in. Gar instantly suspected they were under attack, and M'gann briefly sensed a psychic presence at the same time. Gar and M'gann were both shocked to see Conner had been cut in the rockfall.[58]

March 24, 10:21 UTC

At the M'orzz house, Gar looked over photos of the Outsiders while M'gann and Conner reviewed information on their various mysteries. They noted Gar's distraction and lack of sleep, but he insisted he was okay.[10]

March 24, 10:23 UTC

Prince J'emm visited the house after hearing about the cave in. Gar was noticeably agitated. S'yraa S'mitt arrived soon after, and Conner and M'gann had to honor commitments to both J'emm and their wedding. Deciding to split up, M'gann took them outside and introduced everyone to Bio-Ship's new offspring, Baby. Conner, Gar and J'emm took Baby, much to Gar's delight.

They went to the Great Hall of the Royal Palace, where Gar's audible enthusiasm was not welcomed. They examined the site of the king's murder, but only found a microscopic residue that was only vaguely familiar to Conner. J'emm then offered to join them as they went to construct Conner's wedding altar.

They went to a transport depot to meet M'aatt M'orzz and B'arzz O'oomm. Gar was happy to see B'arzz once more. The group then boarded Baby. As M'aatt explained the significance of the upcoming rite, Gar was anxious to get Conner out into sunlight first to recharge, but his concerns were dismissed.[10]

Hollow Hill
March 24, 13:19 UTC

Gar took the form of a ma'alefa'ak to help with the construction of the altar. He began to hallucinate, seeing visions of Geo-Force making threats against Conner. Gar grabbed Conner, hitting his head in the process, and ran off with him to get sunlight and escape Brion.[10]

G'all'ee Crater
March 24, 14:47 UTC

Gar reached the surface with Conner, but found the sun blotted out by a sandstorm. Distressed, he left Conner and ran off to find the sun. Gar broke down, feeling he had failed conner as he had Brion. In his mind, he was approached by what appeared to be M'gann, who explained to him he was experiencing psychic trauma exacerbated by the brain blasts of the Martian racists. "M'gann" healed the psychic damage from the attacks, but made clear that Gar still needed to deal with the underlying trauma. Gar was then found by Prince J'emm and reunited with Conner aboard Baby.

Later at the M'orzz house, M'gann revealed she had not helped Gar. She checked that no nasty surprises had been left behind, and found that the psychic signature of whoever helped Gar matched that which she sensed at the cave in. Later, he went outside to welcome Baby and say goodbye to Bio-Ship, who had announced her retirement.[10]

March 25, 16:16 UTC

Outside the M'orzz home, Gar, Conner and M'gann said a final farewell to Bio-Ship.

Later on at the Palace, Conner and Gar thanked J'emm for inviting them to his birthday celebration. J'emm sadly noted it would be the first without his father, and Gar promised they would find his killer. M'gann then joined them, and she created a mental link where she, Conner and Gar could examine the evidence once more. Gar found that an A'ashenn servant entered the Palace on the night of the murder but was not recorded leaving. They found another servant who entered with them and went to talk to him.

They found K'arr M'angg at his home in the A'ashenn slums, and he revealed that the servant had in fact been G'arrunn posing as A'ashenn. When the trio told this to Prince J'emm at the Palace, he left quickly. Conner then realized that the residue he had seen at the murder site was in fact magic residue, prompting M'gann to suspect S'yraa S'mitt had killed the king because he did not approve of her relationship with J'emm. The trio quickly caught up with J'emm who was confronting S'yraa. Gar confirmed that he had tasted her back at the murder site as Conner matched her magic residue to that at the murder scene. S'yraa confessed that she had accidentally killed the king with a magic outburst when she had gone to plead with him to let her marry J'emm. After her arrest, news began to spread psychically, and Gar watched as J'emm made a speech pleading for an end to caste discrimination.

The celebration then continued, with Gar, Conner and M'gann watching with the royal family. Conner heard a strange sound under them, and when they went to investigate they found a bomb containing a virus. Gar tasted Ma'alefa'ak on the bomb, and they deduced it targeted G'arrunns and B'lahdenns. Conner sent everyone away while he dealt with the bomb, as M'gann was mixed race and Gar had taken blood from her. Soon after the bomb exploded. Gar and M'gann rushed back down and found only an ash shadow left of Conner. Superman and J'onn arrived moments later, and though the virus was evidently destroyed, Superman noted the Kryptonite in the air. After they retreated to the Palace, a despondent Gar could only recount the events in disbelief.[59]

Gar and Superman subsequently return to Earth on the Javelin.[11]

April 19, 12:17 PDT

As the Troub-alert blared at the Premiere Building, Wonder Girl and Windfall knocked on Gar's door to ask him to join the mission to help deal with Hurricane Amy. Gar declined, saying he was tired due to "Javelin-lag".

Late in the night, Gar came out into the Hub and turned on the TV. On GBS, a video address by King Brion Markov played. When they were about to cut to Queen Perdita's comments, Gar turned off the TV and returned to his bedroom.

Later, Gar lay awake in bed repeatedly watching a video of a fan memorial for Superboy.[11]

May 13, post-17:31 PDT

Gar lay awake in bed. Andie had volunteered to do his chores for him as he seemed so tired.

Later, as Gar went outside, he was intercepted at the elevator by Blue Devil, who checked to make sure Gar was okay. Gar insisted he was just tired.

Gar went to a pharmacy where he purchased some sleeping pills.[12]

May 13, 21:05 PDT

Gar, having taken some sleeping pills, lay in bed looking at photos of himself, Conner and M'gann in Qurac before finally drifting to sleep.[60]

May 14, 00:23 PDT

On a couch in the Hub, Gar slept through a troub-alert. He was awakened by Stargirl, but declined to go on the mission, confident they could handle it, before going back to sleep.

Later, the Outsiders returned to find Gar still sleeping. Stargirl woke him, but he clamed not to have been sleeping. When Stargirl voiced her frustration, Gar stormed off, complaining that first he had been told off for not sleeping enough and now for sleeping too much.

Later, he slept on his bed, with a mixture of over-the-counter and prescription pills on his night-stand.[61]

May 14, 02:37 PDT

Gar was on the set of Space Trek 3016 giving a wooden performance requiring many takes. Despite the best efforts of the director to get Gar to focus, he ended up forgetting his lines on the next take.

Later, Schwartz took Gar aside. Noting his bereavement, he offered to get Gar help, but Gar insisted he was fine. Schwartz then suggested he take a break from the show. Gar ultimately agreed.[13]

May 14, 19:48 PDT

While the Outsiders deployed to help deal with Child, Gar sat alone in the hub, scrolling through his phone. Perdita arrived unexpectedly, bringing him some of his favorite food-vegan Thai/Chinese fusion-but Gar was distant.

They went to Gar's, now very messy, bedroom, and Perdita offered to help Gar deal with his grief, noting her own losses. Gar did not react. Perdita then received an alert on her phone that Gar had left Space Trek. She had also noticed his break from the Outsiders and wondered if he had taken a break from her as well. She accidentally knocked over Gar's large supply of sleeping pills, and realized he was using them as a way to disconnect from the world. Perdita implored Garfield to get help, but he insisted he didn't need it. When Perdita told him she wouldn't stay around just to watch him self-destruct, he showed her the door.[62]

June 01, 21:48 PDT

M'gann visited Gar at the Premiere Building. Gar was furious she had spoken to Perdita. M'gann reminded Gar that they had found out about his lingering trauma on Mars and that he had promised to get help when they got back to Earth. Gar rejected this, saying that the diagnosis from someone posing as M'gann was hardly reliable. M'gann then diagnosed Gar with depression and possible PTSD herself. Gar did not dispute the symptoms but insisted he would deal with this loss himself, just as he had so many others. M'gann told him this time was clearly different, but Gar rejected any help.[20]

June 02, 10:00 PDT

Gar heard M'gann arrive at the Premiere Building with Robotman, Cassie, Jaime and Virgil, and correctly guessed they were there to stage an intervention. After each of them took a turn to speak to him, Gar coldly dismissed them. Gar told M'gann that he didn't want to be needed any more and was going to do this by himself, and went to leave. M'gann stopped him, and reminded him that unless he was willing to leave the Outsiders and his superheroic career forever, he still had to have his annual mandatory mental health check with Black Canary.[20]

Star City
August 28, 09:00 PDT

Gar went to a therapy session with Dinah in her office above Sherwood Florist. Dinah initially presented the session as a formality for his return to duty, checking off boxes on a blank page as he admitted his prior faults but insisted everything was now okay. Eventually Gar grew frustrated as she probed him on whether he really wanted to return to the Outsiders, and finally broke down and said that he believed he was responsible for Conner's death, and for all the many deaths of those close to him over the years, even though he didn't know what he could have done differently. He admitted he felt powerless and needed help, which Dinah told him was a real start.[14]

September 09, 19:08 MDT

Gar went to a monthly group therapy session led by Dinah, also attended by Lia, Violet, Tara, Leslie, Andie and Vic. He introduced the group to his new emotional support dog, Wingman, and spoke about how he helped provide structure to his life. Gar had also started talking with M'gann and his friends again, and was on prescription anti-depressants, but no longer any other drugs. He admitted he was still not ready to return to Space Trek or the Outsiders, and had not yet reached out to Perdita.

He later attended the dedication ceremony for the new Hall of Justice.[63]

September 15, 14:42 EDT

Stargirl interviewed Beast Boy on her show. He spoke about his mental health struggles and the return of Superboy.[64]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Gar was a groomsman Conner and M'gann's wedding. Before the ceremony, he spoke with Perdita, who was glad to see he was doing better, but had moved on and encouraged him to do the same.[64]

November 11, 12:32 PST

Gar was distracted looking at pictures of Perdita as the Outsiders readied to go on a mission to rescue her. He dismissed Stargirl's concerns that the mission was too personal for his first back with the Outsiders.[65]

Powers and abilities

Garfield mid-transformation.

  • Animal shape-shifting: Beast Boy has the ability to shape-shift into any animal he has seen and made meaningful contact with[66] while still maintaining his original green color. This extends to extraterrestrial animal life, as long as he has studied them.[9] While in an animal's form, he gains its strength, agility, and modes of movement, such as speed, flight, and flexibility.[29] However, he loses his human capacity for speech.[42] Beast Boy was also able to independently transform his head into that of an animal,[9] and while in the form of a Gorilla, he was able to shape-shift his hair to imitate Gretchen Goode's hairstyle.[54]
  • Enhanced senses: Beast Boy's senses are more keen than the average human, enabling him to track through scent from a considerable distance.[33]



Marie Logan

Main article: Marie Logan

Marie was Garfield's mother. They were very close, and he helped her out on the animal sanctuary, though he did not always do as told.[1] On January 16, 2011,[17] Marie was killed in an accident set up by Queen Bee, leaving Garfield devastated and orphaned.[9] Garfield continues to greatly love and miss his mother, often rewatching old episodes of Hello, Megan! and has several photographs of her as a remembrance.[32][2] However, the death of Marie left Garfield deeply scarred and traumatized, blaming himself for being unable to save her and would later continue to feel responsible for the deaths of his family and friends throughout the years, including Rita Farr, Wally West and Conner Kent.[14]

Miss Martian

Main article: Miss Martian

After a blood transfusion from M'gann saved his life when he was eight, Garfield considered her his blood-sister.[1] Their bond became stronger after Marie's death, and they now treat each other as brother and sister.[9]

Perdita Vladek

Main article: Perdita Vladek

Garfield and Perdita.

During the funeral of mutual friend Wally West, Garfield met Perdita, Queen of Vlatava. They began a romantic relationship which has gained much popularity, support and a celebrity status with fans shipping their relationship as "Gardita".[8] They share a happy and stable relationship and have a rule that ensures that Perdita's royal status does not interfere with their relationship such as addressing Perdita as "Your Highness" or "Majesty". Garfield and Perdita are aware of how lucky they are to have each other.[44]

Over the next year, however, Garfield and Perdita have begun to face issues in their relationship. They haven't spent much time together in part due to their separate responsibilities, but largely because Perdita has since become preoccupied with the escalating refugee crisis with citizens of Markovia fleeing to Vlatava. Despite their separation, they still greatly miss and love each other.[58]

In the aftermath of Conner's death, Perdita constantly tried to call and message Garfield to comfort him, but received no response and over time, grew more concerned when she learned about his absence from the Outsiders and Space Trek. Perdita managed to take time off to visit Garfield, confronting him about his recent struggles and learned about his drug addiction. Perdita realized Garfield needed professional help, but her pleas and support fell on death ears.

Garfield and Perdita's relationship begins to fall apart.

Perdita gave Garfield an ultimatum; if he refused to let her help him or seek treatment himself for his mental health than she would not stand by as he self-destructed. Garfield chose the latter, effectively ending their relationship.[62] Eventually, when Garfield finally came to terms with his depression and sought treatment, he acknowledges the damaged he caused towards his relationship with Perdita, but still has yet to reach out and reconcile.[63]

Garfield and Perdita reunite at M'gann and Conner's wedding and though Perdita expressed her relief for his improving mental health and assured she will always love and care about him, she decides not to renew their relationship, much to Gar's disappointment.[64]


Main article: Superboy

Through their shared relationships with M'gann, Conner and Garfield became close and Conner often accompanied M'gann to Quarac to visit him and Marie.[15] When Conner and M'gann broke up, Garfield tried to help bring the couple back together by reminding them of happier times, but it wasn't until months later after advising Conner about forgiveness did it help them to fully reconcile and renew their relationship.[9][43]

Conner and Garfield's bond grew to the point they came to see each other as brothers when Garfield became extremely worried and overprotective of Conner when his life was threatened on Mars and insisted that he seek the sunlight to recharge himself.[10] Following Conner's death, Garfield reaches his breaking point and falls into a deep mourning over his loss, believing he is the reason Conner died.[14]

Garfield greatly misses Conner, often replaying a memorial tribute video in his honor or looks through photos of their shared past, but is unable to face or deal with his feelings over losing him.[11][60][20] Eventually, after attending his mandatory therapy session with Black Canary, Garfield finally opens up about his feelings of guilt and regret over Conner's death, wishing he could've done something different to save him.[14]

When Superboy is revealed to be alive, Beast Boy happily welcomes him back to Earth in a live broadcast on Stargirl and serves as one of Superboy's groomsmen at his and Miss Martian's wedding.[64]


Background information

  • In the comics, Beast Boy received his powers as a side effect of treatment given to him by his parents, to save his life after contracting a rare disease. Beast Boy was a member of the Doom Patrol, the New Teen Titans and the Titans. He was also a temporary member of the Young Justice relief squad. At one time he changed his codename to Changeling, but later changed it back to "Beast Boy".
  • This is his second animated appearance; he was a main cast member in the Teen Titans animated series.


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