Beetle-tech Drones

Beetle-tech Drones.

Beetle-tech Drones are Reach robots that were deployed to protect the Magnetic Field Disruptors. They are stated to have an armament equivalent to a beetle warrior. The drones are capable of operating in hostile environments such as sub-zero temperatures and deep underwater.[1]

History Edit

June 2016 Edit

Multiple locations
June 20, 06:20 EDT

Black Beetle and the Reach activated Magnetic Field Disruptors around the Earth in an attempt to destroy the planet. Each disruptor was guarded by a number of Beetle-tech drones. 

Despite the drones, forty heroes, working in pairs, were able to reach twenty of the MFDs and disable them with Reach-tech Eggs, destroying many, if not all, of the drones in the process.[1]

North Magnetic Pole
June 20, 13:48 UTC

A twenty-first disruptor was discovered too late and went chrysalis, at which point it's guarding drones deactivated.[1]

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