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"Beyond the Grip of the Gods!" is the 18th episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 91st of the overall series. It debuted on April 14, 2022 on HBO Max.


Rocket gets a reality check, and reality's ready to collect.


Dakota City
August 24, 06:47 CDT

At her apartment, Raquel gets ready to take Amistad to his father. Amistad is upset when his toy cars are put out of place, and he refuses to leave without his wool hat. Unable to find the hat quickly, Raquel insists they leave without it, causing Amistad to scream.

As they take the subway, Amistad, with a wool hat, says the older lady sitting next to them smells bad. Raquel apologizes but Amistad doubles down, leading to an argument between Raquel and the woman.

Reaching Noble's apartment, Raquel makes sure he knows how to contact her while on her mission with the Justice League. Noble wants to know if she'll be back in time for a school meeting to set up Amistad's IEP. Raquel says she won't be back in time, and doesn't see the need anyway; she feels the school just doesn't get Amistad. Noble reminds her that the specialists have diagnosed Amistad with autism and that they need to get him the help he needs. Raquel isn't ready to deal with it, and goes to say goodbye to her son.

Later, aboard the Javelin, Raquel is lost in thought when she is interrupted by Jay Garrick.

New Genesis
August 26, 20:16 UTC

The new old Flash is eager to reach their destination so that he can stretch his legs and, as Forager points out, start his first mission as a Justice Leaguer. They are attending a summit on New Genesis between the League, the New Gods and the Green Lantern Corps. Rocket asks Forager for advice on navigating New Genesis, but Forager admits that, since he hasn't been home in over a year and has never been to Supertown, he is unsure how much use he will be. They then receive a transmission from Orion, who welcomes them to New Genesis, and instructs them to follow the Lightray. Lightray then knocks on the viewport and leads them to Supertown.

August 26, 20:20 UTC

As the League contingent disembarks the Javelin, Lightray introduces himself, then to Highfather, Highmother and Orion. Raquel is disturbed by Orion's epithet, the "Dog of War".

Meanwhile, at a secure warehouse in Supertown, Antinoös brings in a shipment of spent crystals. After a cursory inspection by Captain Celestia, he takes them in and offloads the crate. Something opens the crate from inside.

Back at the landing port, Forager is honored to meet Highfather, who is pleased to welcome a Bug to Supertown for the first time.

In the warehouse, a Forager Bug dodges the patrols, searching several crates before finding a device that causes some crystals to glow.

As they fly on hover pads, Orion explains to his guests that the Green Lantern Corps's representatives will not arrive until tomorrow, and so he is taking them to their quarters. Orion's Motherbox pings, informing him that Rocket's belt is unknown technology. He wants to take it for study, as is standard procedure, but Highmother reminds him that Rocket is an honored guest, and he backs down.

At the warehouse, the Bug attempts to escape with the device, but bumps into Celestia.

Orion's Motherbox informs him of the theft,

August 26, 20:42 UTC
August 26, 20:43 UTC

In a bar, Graggin stands on a table and addresses his fellow Hunger Dogs, urging them to use their superior numbers to rise up against the New Gods of Apokolips. The barkeep interrupts him and orders him out, lest they all be killed or reeducated. While most of the patrons mutter in fear and disgust, a girl follows Graggin outside and asks him about what he had said. Graggin tells her he knows others she should meet, and takes her away.

Back in Supertown, Orion activates his personal hover platform, and prepares to go after the thief. Rocket offers to join him. Orion initially refuses, but Highmother changes his mind. They boom tube to the warehouse in time to see the Bug roll off the landing platform and off of Supertown entirely. Rocket and Orion race in pursuit, but the Bug lands in a lake. Orion is impressed by the precise timing it would take to make the jump. Motherbox is unable to scan for the Bug as the area is charged with Radion particles. Rocket creates a force bubble to take them underwater to search manually, but Orion is immediately uncomfortable and asks Rocket to release him. Motherbox pings repeatedly to help calm the agitated Orion. Rocket notes the thief has escaped.

Meanwhile, Superboy is still in the strange dimension, jumping from rock to rock while holding a comatose Ghosty. Lex Luthor repeatedly asks him who he is, and he responds with his old Cadmus programming.

Back in Supertown, the Leaguers and the New Gods examine a photo of the thief. Forager notes she is a female, prompting Lightray to wonder why a Bug is privy to the meeting. Orion explains he is not the thief and may prove useful. Lightray tells Highfather the stolen item was a Radion-powered Ruction Cell. Highmother notes that it must be thousands of years old, obsolete and dangerous. Orion suggests searching the hive near the lake, but Forager can tell from the Bug's marking that she is of the Mountain Hive.

Back on Apokolips, Graggin brings Jovita to a remote building where they are ambushed by Parademons. Graggin reveals himself to be Ma'alefa'ak, who had been searching for rebels. Jovita insists she had never considered rebelling until she heard Graggin speak, but that just proves her susceptible. He orders her taken to the Reeducation Center. Grayven emerges from the shadows and praises Ma'alefa'ak's work, telling him Darkseid is pleased and summons him. Grayven has his Fatherbox open boom tube. Ma'alefa'ak is glad it is finally happening.

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:58 UTC

Inside the hive's tunnel system, the blue thief Forager demonstrates the device's ability to charge crystals to the rest of her hive. All-Widow leads the Bugs in praising Forager, until a red Forager runs in warning that New Gods approach. As all the other adult Bugs rush outside, the thief Forager tells two larvae to stay inside, and leaves the cell with them for safekeeping, before joining the other adults.

Outside, Orion, Lightray, Rocket, Flash and Forager approach the many entrances in the mountain. Motherbox is Radion-blocked, indicating the cell is nearby, but unable to tell exactly where. Flash offers to check the tunnels at speed, but Orion insists on following Highfather's rule against entering Bug hives without permission. As the Bugs emerge, the blue Forager calls it a wise rule. Orion explains that he has come to retrieve the Ruction Cell, but All-Widow and the others pretend to know nothing.

Inside, while the larvae are distracted listening to what is happening outside, a camouflaged Ma'alefa'ak density shifts in and inserts something into the cell.

As Orion and All-Widow argue, the Outsiders' Forager approaches the blue Mountain Forager. He explains that the others are speaking the truth about the danger of the cell. The blue Forager accuses him of forgetting what it is to be a Forager, but Outsider Forager says he is loyal to his hive as the other Forager is to hers, but she will have no hive if they keep the dangerous cell and it explodes. Orion is ready to make an exception to Highfather's rule to protect life. All-Widow is unimpressed with New Gods who are not faithful to even their own rules, but the blue Mountain Forager accedes to take them to the cell.

Inside the hive, the larvae run away with the cell, believing it will please Forager, as the cell begins to malfunction.

Meanwhile, Superboy's hallucinations continue. He sees himself in his old solar suit, rescuing Lois Lane from a burning Daily Planet building and putting out the fire. Later, Luthor praises his new Superman. As Toyman operates a giant robot in the streets, Dr. Desmond wonders if it is a job for Superman, but Lex says no, as Toyman is doing them a favor. He wants to save Superman for more important work, such as when he took out Batman and destroyed the Watchtower. Luthor is overall very pleased with his son's progress, but tells him he has yet to reach his full potential. To do so he must shed useless attachments, indicating Ghosty-or later, Miss Martian-in his arms.

Back outside the hive, the Mountain Forager helps to search for the larvae, but with so many exits, it is hard to know where they emerged. Flash and Lightray rush off to search. Outsider Forager notes that the larvae of the Forest Hive favor common trails, and asks her to consider where the larvae of her hive would likely go. Mountain Forager leads the way.

Back on Apokolips, Ma'alefa'ak meets with Darkseid and asks that, as he has done all that was asked, if Darkseid will fulfill his promise. Grayven speaks for his father, calling Ma'alefa'ak impudent, and giving him one more task to perform first. Grayven has Mantis come forward with the Kaizer-Thrall, than tells someone watching to reveal themselves. A Time-Sphere de-camouflages and opens to reveal its pilot. Grayven orders Ma'alefa'ak to follow the orders of the pilot as if they were Darkseid's own. Ma'alefa'ak and Mantis board the Sphere with the Kaizer-Thrall. Ma'alefa'ak asks the pilot who he is, and he reveals his name is Lor-Zod, before having the Sphere disappear.

In the forest surrounding the hive, the red Larva is shocked by the malfunctioning cell and drops it, and the blue Larva accuses them of breaking it. The red Larva flips a switch and the cell fires a beam of energy, which destroys a rock, to the larvae's delight. The blue Larva picks up the cell and begins destroying trees as the cell's indicator lights flash red.

Orion, Rocket and the Foragers hear and see the energy blasts and rush toward them. Rocket and Orion get there first. Orion asks the Larvae to return the cell, but the red Larva refuses. The cell then malfunctions again and the blue Larva accidentally blasts Orion, knocking away his helmet and Motherbox. Rocket makes a force bubble to protect herself and the newly arrived Foragers, while the cell discharges uncontrollably. The Mountain Forager and Rocket warn the Larvae to leave the device, but Orion goes berserk and attacks them, knocking them away from the device. The Mountain Forager is appalled at the attack on the Larvae, and Rocket moves the force bubble around the cell, but warns it will not hold for long. Orion begins to punch at the bubble, before turning on Rocket, who encases him in a second bubble, as Orion becomes even more enraged. Flash and Lightray arrive, and Flash rushes the larvae to safety. Lightray tells Rocket to release Orion, explaining that he is claustrophobic and holding him may do irreparable damage. Rocket hesitates, but the cell lets out a massive discharge, overpowering the force-bubble containing it, and knocking Rocket and the others off their feet, causing Rocket to release Orion. Lightray stops Orion from charging and holds up Motherbox, who pings to reassure Orion. Orion takes the Motherbox, who continues to ping and emit light until Orion has calmed. Orion gives Rocket a one-word apology.

Back at Supertown, Flash explains that the Ruction Cell is now dormant but still dangerous, so Metron is taking it to his Inter-Dimensional Vault for safekeeping. Rocket watches as Orion talks with Highmother. He tells her he lost control again, an inheritance from his biological father. Highmother assures Orion that he will never be his father. Flash praises Forager for his insight, and Rocket commends them both, but feels she froze up. Flash tells her not to be so hard on herself, as everyone was fine, but she is worried about the negotiations the next day. Especially as she will be negotiating with a "monster"; Orion.

Meanwhile, Luthor continues to urge Superboy to leave Ghosty/M'gann. Superboy says he doesn't know, then a new voice asks what he doesn't know. Superboy turns to an unfamiliar man, who appears miscolored, like him. The stranger quickly surmises that Superboy is talking to a hallucination, a symptom of Zone-Sickness, something common to those in that place. He assures Superboy that he is real as he had never seen him before, as is the girl in his arms, but anything else is a hallucination. The stranger offers to teach Superboy how to survive there, and asks his name. Superboy answers "the Superboy" in Cadmus-programmed fashion. The stranger is bemused by the name, and introduces himself as General Dru-Zod.

The Phantom Zone
---- --, --:-- ---

End credits scene: Aboard the Watchtower, Black Lightning and Superman look at a holographic display of candidates to be considered for the Justice League reserves. Superman also suggests the recruitment committee consider several other heroes, and suggests that they could also call on Russia's Rocket Red Brigade and whatever secret heroes China has. He also suggests that Atlantis, Themyscira and perhaps Geranium City represent untapped resources, and hopes they can negotiate alliances with various other worlds. His real concern is Markovia; though they have heroes there, can Brion Markov and his Infinitors be trusted?


Beyond the Grip of the Gods can refer literally to the Ruction Cell stolen from the New Gods, as well as metaphorically to the New God Orion's inability to control himself at times.

The title of this episode and subsequent episodes in this arc are all longer, descriptive titles ending with an exclamation mark. This homages the titling style of Jack Kirby, creator of the New Gods, during the original Fourth World saga. Examples include New Gods Vol 1 1, "Orion Fights for Earth!" or Mister Miracle Vol 1 4, "The Closing Jaws of Death!"

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Dee Bradley Baker Grayven  
Jimmy Olsen
Mark Desmond
Denise Boutte Raquel Ervin/Rocket
G.K. Bowes Jovita  
Elaine Jackson  
Ben Diskin Orion  
Nika Futterman Forager  
Kurtis Mansfield Amistad Ervin
Phil Morris Dru-Zod  
Noble Davis  
Nolan North Superboy
Geoff Pierson Flash
Mark Rolston Lex Luthor
Jason Spisak Forager
Non-speaking roles
Adam Strange (picture)
Alanna (picture)
Artemis (picture)
Asami Koizumi (picture)
B'arzz O'oomm (picture)
Batman (illusion)
Black Lightning
Bumblebee (picture)
Clayface (picture)
Dick Grayson (picture)
Delphis (picture)
Dubbilex (picture)
G-Gnome (illusion)
Guardian (Jim Harper) (picture)
Guardian (Malcolm Duncan) (picture)
Isis (picture)
Jason Blood (picture)
Kaldur (picture)
Khalid Nassour (picture)
Lois Lane (illusion)
Madame Xanadu (picture)
Mary Bromfield (picture)
Mera Nereus (picture)
Miss Martian (illusion)
Phantom Girl
Red Arrow (picture)
Tempest (picture)
Toyman's robot (illusory picture)
Troia (picture)
Tye Longshadow (picture)
Wally West (picture)
Wyynde (picture)
Zatanna (picture)
Zatara (picture)
18 Character debut
2 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut




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Answered questions


  • Flash: I could check all those tunnels pretty quick. Not Barry-Allen-quick, but still...
  • Lightray: "Barry Allen" does not translate, yet I get the gist and I am with you.
  • Forager: If Forager did forage Cell, then Cell is Forager's. Or has Forager spent so much time with New Gods, Forager has forgotten what it means to forage.
  • Forager: Forager will bring New Gods to the Cell.
  • Flash: He will?
  • Forager: Forager will not. But Forager will.
  • Flash: No, this isn't going to get confusing at all.