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For information about Bibbo's robotic duplicate, please see Bibbo Bibbowski (robot suit).

Bibbo Bibbowski is the owner of Bibbo's Diner, and a friend of Superman.[2]

Physical appearance

Bibbo is a Caucasian man with blue eyes and short blond hair. When he's at work, he normally wears a red shirt and a white apron.[3]



August 3, 21:18 EDT

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent visited his restaurant to talk about Superboy. Clark ordered a piece of apple pie and Bruce, devil's food cake. Bibbo heard Clark raise his voice when Bruce referred to Superboy as his "son".[4]

August 14, 01:45 EDT

The Team regrouped in the diner after Duk Trang was murdered. They discussed the rest of the plan telepathically, which led Bibbo to think that they were all text messaging each other.[5]


Bibbo was abducted by aliens, and brought to their main base on Earth as a "plaything".[6]


December 1, 14:00 EST

Beast Boy and Bumblebee had taken Noor Harjavti and her bodyguard to Bibbo's Diner for protection. Bibbo welcomed them, and offered Noor some banana cream pie.[2]

Bibbo's Diner
December 1, 16:56 EST

Bibbo served Noor Harjavti a meal, while Gamma Watch patiently watched over them.[7]

Bibbo's Diner
December 1, 17:54 EST

Gamma Squad left Bibbo under the protection of Noor and her bodyguard, as they left the diner to destroy the probe.[7]

December 1, 18:03 EST

Harjavti's bodyguard, revealed to be under the thrall of Queen Bee, took advantage of the heroes' absence, and summoned his mistress and her goons into the diner. The real Noor Harjavti and an innocent bystander, Bibbo himself, were replaced by Krolotean robotic duplicates. Queen Bee handed the captives to the Kroloteans for experimentation, while the robotic duplicates took their place.[8] At some point, Bibbo and Noor were transferred to the Kroloteans' main base underneath New Orleans.


New Orleans
January 4, 21:59 CST

Bibbo was discovered by Gamma Squad in the Krotolean base underneath a New Orleans junkyard, together with UN Secretary General Tseng and other hostages. He was freed from confinement by Lagoon Boy, and all hostages and squad members managed to escape before the base self-destructed.[6]

January 5, 17:09 EST

Bibbo helped apprehend the Krolotean that impersonated him, with help from Bumblebee and Blue Beetle. However, the Krolotean escaped from the robot suit.[3]


February 28, 16:16 EST

Background information

  • In the comics, Bibbo is a fan of Superman who purchased a bar, the Ace O' Clubs, after winning the lottery. He is a former boxer and Superman's self-proclaimed biggest fan.
  • This is his second animated appearance. He was a recurring character in Superman: The Animated Series, where he was voiced by Brad Garrett.



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