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This article is about the fake Bibbo Bibbowski. For its human counterpart, see Bibbo Bibbowski.

"Bibbo Bibbowski" was a robot suit worn by a Krolotean.



December 1, 18:03 EST

During the Collector of Worlds' incursion into Metropolis, the heroes left Noor Harjavti and her bodyguard in Bibbo's Diner, fully expecting her to remain safe. Her bodyguard turned out to be under the thrall of Queen Bee. He took advantage of the heroes' absence, and summoned his mistress and her goons into the diner, where the real Noor Harjavti and an innocent bystander, Bibbo himself, were replaced by Krolotean robotic duplicates. Queen Bee handed the captives to the Kroloteans for experimentation, while the robotic duplicates took their place.[1]

December 1, 22:03 EST

Beast Boy and Bumblebee check up on Noor. What appeared to be Noor and Bibbo waved at them. The operatives suspected nothing.[1]

The driver exposed.


January 5, 17:09 EST

"Bibbo" was posing as the real thing on Bibbo's Diner, when Bumblebee and Blue Beetle walked in. Even though they were undercover, "Bibbo" realized they were on to him and made a run for it. He escaped through the back door into an alley, but was knocked down by the real Bibbo. However, the Krolotean escaped from the robot suit.[2]



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