A logo for the spin-off, illustrated by Christopher Jones.

Black Manta's Celebrity Hot Tub is a Young Justice spin-off that series producer, Greg Weisman, and voice actor, Khary Payton, pitched to DC Nation, based on a suggestion by David Wilcox, inspired by a design by Phil Bourassa. Weisman and Payton wrote a script for the first episode titled "Black Beetle, Black Vykin, Black Lightning". Albeit met with some praise, the project was passed on.


Black Manta hosts his hot tub talk show, which features a series of celebrity guests from the DC Nation. This week: Black Beetle, Black Vykin and Black Lightning.


Black Manta
Lead Trooper
Amanda Waller
Killer Frost
Black Lightning
Black Beetle
Black Vykin
Manta Trooper

Live performance

In 2016, Greg Weisman repurposed portions of the original script for a live performance at a CONvergence convention. The radio play, entitled "The Cosmos", involved a non-canonical crossover between Young Justice, Gargoyles, and The Spectacular Spider-Man. The live rendition featured Weisman, Khary Payton, and Christopher Jones, along with a cast of dozens of attendees.[1]


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