• Tupka217

    Ancient Pet Peeve, part II

    February 28, 2019 by Tupka217

    Years back, I did a blog on some unrealistic uses and practices of monarchy in YJ. Since Outsiders brought us a new one, some more gripes from this not-that-much-of-a-royalist-but-too-lazy-and-indifferent-to-be-a-republican...

    Gentle reminder that, because these are fictional countries with fictional histories in a fictional world, they can of course be different from our own monarchies. And many of these real world cases are so rare most countries never had any.

    I was glad the addressed the regent issue, which bugged (and still bugs) me about Vlatava. Monarchs have to be 18 years old to rule, and Gregor has only just had his 17th birthday - the regent would be in charge for a little under a year. They point that out explicitly.... and then ha…

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  • Caitlyn H.

    Wiki domain change

    January 23, 2019 by Caitlyn H.

    I totally can't believe my luck. I happened to be editing a page while the Wiki domain change occurred, which resulted in my edits unable to be saved :P What bad luck. So I ended up discarding my edits at and re-editing at

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  • TheAtomicLight

    Grey's dream role

    January 10, 2019 by TheAtomicLight

    I can't imagine this would be of value in a blog or in a discussion, but I saw Grey Griffin's (the irony of her changed name now) comment on Twitter about her dream role of being Helga Jace. She may have been using that as way of meaning Troia, but even it was Troia, I can't imagine Grey's been dreaming of playing Troia on Young Justice. Unless I'm missing something. No disrespect for her, and it's nice to see her getting involved in the social buzz, but I just can't picture this being her dream role. I can imagine Kevin Smith saying that just about any role in the history of comics, but I can't imagine Grey Griffin being honest about what she's saying.

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  • Atheist723

    Consider me tilted that they didn't release a Young Justice variant of a playable character. They had Batman Ninja Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Robin, and Harley Quinn for crying out loud.

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  • Caitlyn H.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    December 29, 2018 by Caitlyn H.

    Hi, I just finished the episode Targets and I saw Taipei. As a person from Taipei, Taiwan, I'm super excited and happy to see my country and city in my favorite TV show, and I just wanted to say Thank you YJ, for acknowledging Taiwan as a country.

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  • Thailog
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  • Saika2134


    January 22, 2018 by Saika2134

    Hey, guys my name is Scarlett i'm new to this stuff but I might be posting about my OC's that i create and over all comments. I'll answer some questions if you got them!~

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  • Dai Li Director

    Hey, I'm new in these Wiki, can somebody tell me what actually will happen in the next Season, Please?

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  • TheAtomicLight

    Turner has announced a new online subscription service for Boomerang, that will air new shows and new episodes of still relatively new shows that Cartoon Network did not give its full attention to. The new shows cater to what you'd expect to see on Boomerang (like a new Wacky Races TV show that has been going around for a while), but the fact that season three will likely air online, and Young Justice did rerun on Boomerang, might show some potential of a new home, but then again it could still air on Netflix (or somewhere).

    So, I just thought you'd might like to know this, even if nothing comes from it.

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  • Rassilon of Old

    Young Justice Wiki isn't just a database of information, we're one of - if not the - ultimate Young Justice fan resource.

    As a part of that, we've expanded beyond the pages of Wikia into social media, to engage with fans and keep you all up to date on the latest production news for season three.

    Please Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Liking us on Facebook, and then make sure to share our tweets and posts with your friends.

    We'll be updating those sites (as well as the wiki, of course) with the latest news, plus some fun fan content as well.

    Remember, the more people enjoying and consuming Young Justice content, the more likely it is the show will continue beyond just its third season, and social media is a great tool for getting people …

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