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Blubber is an Atlantean scientist working under Vulko, and the best friend of La'gaan.


Early life

Blubber was a student of the Conservatory of Sorcery, where he was a classmate of Kaldur'ahm.[2]


September 6, post-08:06 UTC-2

Blubber was at the Conservatory when Kaldur'ahm arrived with his friends Miss Martian and Superboy.[2]

September 6, 19:27 UTC-2

Blubber, Lori, La'gaan and King Sha'ark confronted Ronal and his friends, whom they accused of being purists and responsible for an attack on Topo.[2]

Old Roman's Trench
September 7, post-01:31 UTC-2

With the other students, Blubber came to Aqualad's aide when they were ambushed by purists. Ocean-Master's magic weakened him, but they won the day thanks to Topo's ink spout and Superboy's infrared vision. Blubber could not participate in the final fight with Ocean-Master in the S'atiroman Cave.[3]

September 7, 07:01 UTC-2

Blubber witnessed a heated argument between Ronal and King Sha'ark.[3]


May 14, post-07:42 UTC-2

Blubber was caught outside the city dome when Child's pillar of fire created deadly red waters. He was saved by Orin, who helped him quickly reach a portal on the far side of the city from the pillar.[4]

June 01, 17:28 UTC-2

At the Science Center, Blubber ran the tests to confirm Arion's identity. Though the magic and DNA testing was not conclusive, it was consistent with his story. Blubber joked about finding an old hair follicle on Arion's missing crown.[5]

June 02, post-08:37 UTC-2

Orin gave Blubber Ocean-Master's mask and tasked him with running tests to see if Ocean-Master really was Orm.

Later, Blubber reported back to Orin that the Ocean-Master they had caught was a clone.[5]

July 03, 19:36 UTC-2

Blubber and others watched Mera Nereus's first speech as High King and chanted her name.[6]

Powers and abilities

  • Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although human, have through scientific and sorcerous means[2] developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea:
  • Underwater breathing: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills.[7][2]
  • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures[8] and the effects of freezing,[9] although notably hindered by high temperatures.[10]
  • Durability: Dense flesh, although not invulnerable.[11][2][12]
  • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength.[9][2][13]



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