Boka is a Kobra-Venom enhanced gorilla and Solovar's mate.

Physical appearance Edit

Boka is a large, black-haired gorilla, with several big, red scars on her limbs and torso.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Boka lived as part of a troop of gorillas in Bwunda. She and her mate Solovar had a son, Nnamdi. In 2008, she, along with most of the troop, was captured by the Brain and Ultra-Humanite. The adult gorillas were surgically enhanced to increase their intelligence. They also received telepathic abilities as a side-effect, a fact they kept secret from their captors. The troop's children were held hostage, forcing the adults to serve their captors at Gorilla City. They were later given Kobra-Venom injections.[2]

2010 Edit

"Gorilla City"
September 27, 00:00 CAT

Boka, Solovar, Grodd and Primat held a telepathic conference with Miss Martian, during which they explained the history of their troop and Gorilla City, and asked for her team's help to liberate them. Later, Boka and Primat met Miss Martian outside the city to take custody of the children she had rescued. They took the children to a secret haven where the other mothers were waiting under Congorilla's protection. Following the destruction of Gorilla City, they greeted their mates and the Team, happy that everyone escaped safely.[2]

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Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Boka was a beautiful female gorilla who was meant to be betrothed to Solovar. She was "stolen" by Grodd who used neo-magnetic radiation to make everyone worship him.

References Edit

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