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Brick is a criminal from Star City and an enemy of Green Arrow.[3]

Physical appearance

Brick is a tall African-American male with a muscular frame and red skin. He has a short white goatee, and wears his hair in cornrows. He has a penchant for wearing tailor-made suits.[3]



Star City
July 17, 23:16 PDT

Brick oversaw the import of illegal firearms at the Star City docks. He was captured by Speedy, who encased him in high-density polyurethane foam.[3]

Belle Reve Parish
September 16, 21:55 CDT

He was imprisoned in Belle Reve Penitentiary, where he managed to form his own group, though still answered to the "capo", Icicle Sr.. He participated in the riot and attempted breakout, and threatened to kill the warden, Amanda Waller, but Hugo Strange convinced Brick that Waller was more useful alive.[1]

Belle Reve
November 13, 12:03 CST

Working in the kitchen, Brick could not resist mocking new arrival Count Vertigo, and splattered his lunch all over him.[4]


Star City
August 01, post-07:16 PDT

Brick and his crew planned on stealing a shipment of Goode Goggles in broad daylight using forged credentials to get around Bowhunter Security. The heist went to plan, until Will Harper noticed that they are the wrong drivers.[5]

Pacific Coast Highway
August 01, 12:21 PDT

The gang made it to the coast before they were intercepted by Harper, Arsenal, Jim Harper, and Nightwing in disguise as security officers. Brick managed to destroy the SUV but was ultimately defeated by Will and Nightwing, who threw him under the truck they are on. After this, Brick and his crew were arrested.[5]

Star City
September 10, 12:01 PDT

Brick and Shade were being transported to Belle Reve, when the armored car they are being escorted in is ambushed by Sportsmaster. However, the drivers are secretly Flash and Shazam, who fight until Sportsmaster incapacitates both and frees Brick and Shade. However, Brick is soon captured by Rocket and put back in a collar while Sportsmaster and Shade escape.[6]


Star City
February 23, 11:19 PST
Bayou Bartholomew
February 23, 16:16 CST

Abilities and equipment



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