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== Trivia ==
In the episode,"inside the writers' room", [[Francisco Paredes]] is wearing a Nightwing The Series Kickstarter T-Shirt
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Bringing Back Young Justice poster

The poster for the docu-series.

Bringing Back Young Justice With Whitney Moore is an exclusive DC Universe series in which DC Daily co-host and Young Justice voice actress Whitney Moore presents behind the scenes footage on the making of Young Justice: Outsiders and exclusive interviews with cast and crew. The first of five episodes premiered on January 8, 2019, with subsequent episodes releasing each Tuesday in January.

These episodes were released as a special feature in Young Justice: Outsiders – The Complete Third Season.

Format Edit

Each episode is approximately ten minutes long, and focuses on a particular aspect of the process of creating the show. The episodes include recordings of production meetings as well as interviews with members of the crew, and show concept art and storyboards.

The first and third episodes include material from episodes that had not yet aired at time of release.

Episodes Edit

# Title Logline Running Time Release Date
1 "Inside the Writers' Room" Our adventure begins at the world famous 2018 San Diego Comic-Con® with fans hyped for YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS. We then join Whitney Moore as she travels to the writers’ room in Burbank to meet producers Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman, and the writers behind this brand new season. 8:34 January 8, 2019
2 "The Animation Process" Our adventure continues as Whitney Moore goes behind the scenes to see how YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS leaps from the page to the screen. 12:10 January 15, 2019
3 "Voice Recording" Meet the exceptionally talented voice actors who bring the heroes of YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS to life! 12:37 January 22, 2019
4 "The Post-Production Process" The last stop on our journey to bring back YOUNG JUSTICE, Whitney Moore pulls back the curtain, revealing the post-production magicians who assemble all the final elements that make each exciting episode of YOUNG JUSICE: OUTSIDERS. 10:50 January 29, 2019
5 "Recording Doom Patrol Go!" Grab your exclusive all-access, backstage pass and join Whitney Moore as she visits the producers, voice talent and composers working on the original song, “Doom Patrol Go!” featured in Episode 312 “Nightmare Monkeys." 4:08

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