Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim is the leader of Intergang.

Personality Edit

"Ugly" Mannheim is impatient, aggressive and suspicious. He is also selfish and has no loyalty to his gang as he left Whisper A'Daire behind to be captured as he made his own escape.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Mannheim is a stocky, thick-necked man of medium height. He has dark skin, dark eyes, and black hair in a pudding-bowl cut. He also has a Fu Manchu moustache framing a square chin, and a unibrow.[2]

History Edit

Early life Edit

Mannheim took over command of Intergang from his father. He allied himself with Desaad, and greatly expanded Intergang.[2]

2010 Edit

October 23, post-18:04 EDT

Mannheim led a heist on the Metropolis Federal Reserve by tunneling under it. The operation was interrupted by Superboy and the Forever People, and he was forced to flee.[2]

2011-2015 Edit

Mannheim had gone into hiding, and only rarely came out.[3]

2016 Edit

Washington, D.C.
February 13, post-21:51 EST

Mannheim came out of hiding to meet with his lieutenant Whisper A'Daire for a new plan. Outside the Hall of Justice, he used an Apokoliptan device to revive and merge the dormant Appellaxian husks inside the museum. He brought the golem under his control, and hoped that it could act as Intergang's enforcer. Despite the intervention of Superboy, Blue Beetle, the New Genesphere and Wolf, Mannheim and A'Daire absconded with the golem.[3]

February 13, 22:45 EST

The New Genesphere blocked the signal of Mannheim's device and destroyed it. This shattered Mannheim's control over the creature, and the Golem swatted and Whisper away. Blue Beetle restrained them both with a staple gun.

Sportsmaster visited them while they were pinned down, and gave them a powerful sedative that renders its subjects catatonic for weeks.[4] Later, Superboy and Blue Beetle found them still bound, alive but non-responsive.[3]

2018 Edit

Atlantic Ocean
December 01, 04:26 EST

Intergang raided a dormant Reach warship at the bottom of the Atlantic. The heist was thwarted by Aquaman and La'gaan, and Bruno Mannheim was arrested. The others got away with three War Bugs.[5]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim was the leader of Intergang and the Religion of Crime. He took over after the death of his father, Boss Moxie.
  • This is Mannheim's second animated appearance. He was a major villain in the first two seasons of Superman: The Animated Series, as leader of Intergang and stooge of Darkseid. He was killed in the season 2 finale.

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