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Bwunda is an African country, home to Gorilla City and Solovar's troop.[1]


Early history

In 2008, the Brain and Ultra-Humanite established a base consisting of a series of Quonset huts which they would name Gorilla City. There they performed experiments and surgical enhancements upon themselves and a troop of gorillas who would become their slaves.[2]


September 26, 20:11 CAT

Brain operated a Kobra-Venom operation in Bwunda. The Team was sent in to stop him, but they were captured by Brain's Kobra-Venom enchanced gorillas.[1]

September 27, 04:15 CAT

Following the liberation of Solovar's troop and the destruction of Gorilla City, Robin concluded his case notes.[2]


Background information

  • In the comics, Bwunda is a sub-saharan totalitarian state ruled by General Mbarra, modeled after the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It first appeared in Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey.


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