Carol Ferris works for Ferris Aircraft.

Physical appearance Edit

Carol is a dark haired Caucasian female with green eyes. She typically wears purple lipstick, a darker colored jacket and a single purple bead on a necklace. While in the control room, she wears an earpiece to communicate with her pilots.[2]

History Edit

2010 Edit

Cape Canaveral
August 19, 20:48 EDT

Carol asked Thomas Kalmaku to scrub the launch of a rocket with research technology after she noticed Batman and Robin fight the League of Shadows at the launch pad. Tom discovered that the systems were hacked, and he could not stop the countdown. It was clear to Carol that the rocket's original payload, ozone layer measuring instruments, had to have been replaced with something else.[3]

2016 Edit

Cape Canaveral
March 19, 20:59 EDT

Carol and "Martian Manhunter" held a press conference about the Earth-Mars communication satellite. She was annoyed that G. Gordon Godfrey usurped the opportunity to ask questions to rant about aliens. She explained that the Martians are their solar system's neighbours and she let "Martian Manhunter" continue to explain that with an alliance between Earth and Mars, they could stop the invasion. Then she thanked him for his speech.

She authorized the launch of the Earth-Mars communication satellite. When Kaldur'ahm and the Manta Troopers tried to destroy the satellite, she sped up the launch sequence, bringing the countdown back to two minutes. She celebrated with her employees for the success of the launch. Unfortunately, the satellite exploded, due to a bomb smuggled by Black Manta days prior to the launch.[2]

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Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Carol Ferris has been the boss, love interest and adversary of Hal Jordan, as an emissary of the Star Sapphire Corps.
  • This is her seventh animated appearance; she appeared in the DC Animated Universe (in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited), Justice League: The New Frontier, Green Lantern: First Flight, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League: Doom and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

References Edit

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