Casey Brinke is an EMT in Los Angeles.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Casey is a young woman with blond hair and green eyes. She wears her hair short, with a bang dressed to the left.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

August 08, 16:16 PDT

When several people collapsed in a food court, Casey and her partner were close by. However, they couldn't do anything for the comatose Sandra Stanyon, Garfield Logan, Megan Morse and Conner Kent. Luckily, they came to on their own. Casey urged the green one to get himself checked into the hospital anyway.[2]

2018[edit | edit source]

Beverly Hills
October 15, post-18:39 PDT

Casey and her partner were called out to a patient in The Luthor Grande Hotel. By the time they got the unconscious television actor Garfield Logan strapped to their gurney and ready for the hospital, Miss Martian and Superboy arrived. Casey and her partner were carried outside by Superboy, who thanked them for their service and promised to return the gurney later.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • Casey Brinke is a character created by Danny the Street, initially as a fictional comic book character, who was then spawned in the "real" world and assembled the Doom Patrol. She is a paramedic, partnered with Sam Reynolds.
  • This is her first animated appearance.

References[edit | edit source]

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