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Cassandra Savage is one of Vandal Savage's children. She is also a member of the League of Shadows.[5]


She is very loyal to her family, as she read the story of her father's past and was fascinated by the details. She believes her father is truly the savior of humanity and calls it an honor to fight by his side. She cared for her sister Olympia Savage and was devastated by her death but made sure she was honored with a worthy funeral.[6]

In spite of her strong will, she has a vulnerable side to her. She was horrified at witnessing her father killing her sister, as a form of mercy to end her suffering and stuttered to justify it.[6]

Regardless, Cassandra has proven herself a zealot, as Terra described her to be a "true believer" who worshiped her father. Cassandra expressed she is grateful to her father for taking her away from her mother, to live a life of greatness instead of one mundane.

Physical appearance

Cassandra is a young woman with a strong build and facial features. She has long brown hair and eyes of the same color. She wears a similar attire to that of her father and sister.[6]


Early life

At the age of four, Cassandra was taken from her mother's home by Vandal Savage. In time, she came to appreciate this, feeling that her father had saved her from an unremarkable life and elevated her to a destiny greatness by his side.[7]


Olympia hands Cassandra their father's history book.

Khüiten Peak
September 08, 07:54 ICT

Approached by her sister Olympia Savage, Cassandra was told that it was time she came to know of their father's history and was given the book with full details of his long life.

The Warworld
September 08, 23:26 UTC

Cassandra was onboard the Warworld as Vandal confronted the incoming armada and declared that Earth was off-limits to all incursion or invasion. Cassandra was asked by her sister if she read the part of the bear battle, before telling her to hush as their father battled the armada. Cassandra soon had Olympia alert Vandal that another armada was incoming from the other side of the solar system, so Savage realized that it was someone who knew that the Warworld couldn't be in two places at once. She watched as Vandal contacted Darkseid to ask for resources to help and his partner acquiesced the request was sent in by Olympia.

Oort Cloud
September 09, 01:47 UTC

Cassandra is one with the Warworld.

Darkseid deployed his son Kalibak, who then annihilated the entire one of the armadas by sacrificing one meta-human. Savage noticed that one alien had a star creature brethren latched to his face and realized how he could win the battle. Once Vandal realized what they were facing, he turned the control of the Warworld over to Cassandra, who was taught how to use the base before she detected another ship scurried away in the darkness of space, behind the armada.

Without a second thought, Cassandra justifies the killing of her sister as a mercy.

After the battle, Cassandra watched as her father put the remains of Starro in the holding cells of the Warworld. She expressed her enjoyment at fighting by his side and calling him a true savior. Not long after, Olympia once more brought up the battle with the bear and her intentions of putting her new favorite moment of watching the battle in space in the book. Cassandra watched as Vandal denied her request and soon hugged his child before snapping her neck, killing her. Horrified, Cassandra nervously justified his act as a humane way because of Olympia's deteriorating mind and ending her pain. Cassandra declared that she would make the proper arrangements for the funeral, as Vandal told her to make it one worthy of her.[6]

Santa Prisca
October 12, post-04:00 ECT

Cassandra training under Lady Shiva in Santa Prisca.

Lady Shiva was training Cassandra and other members of the League of Shadows when a helicopter flew overhead. Shiva dismissed everyone else and instructed her to follow.

At the landing dock, Cassandra stood beside Shiva as she welcomed Deathstroke. When asked how she was settling back, Cassandra claimed to be happy to be among Shadows again, but wondered what had happened to her bunk mate. Deathstroke informed that Markov had "washed out", which Cassandra regretted because she was fond of her. Deathstroke advised her not to get too attached to anyone, with which Cassandra morosely agreed from personal experience. After being dismissed, she bowed and walked away.[5]

December 31, 09:02 CAT

Cassandra leads the attack posing as the Bwundan Independence Front.

Cassandra, Lady Shiva and other Shadows were sent to kill Troia and Garth at the U.N. Climate Conference, posing as the Bwundan Independence Front. Acting as the spokesperson of the group, Cassandra accused Lex Luthor and the U.N. the ambassadors for legitimizing General M'Barra for holding the talks in Bwunda. A fight between the B.I.F agents and the Outsiders broke out until the Flash stepped in. As he subdued the agents, Cassandra slipped away.

Later, aboard a getaway plain, Cassandra and Shiva recovered from their battles with the Outsiders. Cassandra contacted Luthor and asked him if their plan failed, because their targets had survived. Luthor explained that the real purpose was to defame the Outsiders, but Cassandra pointed out that the meta-human they used was captured and could expose the set up and Luthor's involvement. Luthor allayed her concerns saying that they could not prove it, even if they knew.[8]


Cassandra and Lady Shiva set up Onyx to unwittingly help them with their plan.

Cassandra and Lady Shiva plotted together to extricate Shiva's daughter from the the Team and take the opportunity to accomplish the Light's long-term goal of acquiring the Justice League's intelligence. To accomplish this, Cassandra took a page from the Team's book and used a Glamour Charm to create the illusion that her left arm had been amputated and the left side of her face had been badly scared. This was meant to illicit sympathy and corroborate her cover story: she had defected from the League of Shadows and the Light, because of her abusive and uncaring father. She would then secretly carry organic infiltrators to steal the intel at the first opportunity.[9][7] Among her circle, her "injuries" were told to be a result of a failed attempt to recruit Killer Croc.[10] Meanwhile, Cassandra also raised some concerns to Lady Shiva about Onyx's commitment to the Shadows. To test her loyalty, they allowed Onyx to eavesdrop on them discussing their infiltration plan. If their suspicions turned out to be true, Onyx would try to escape and warn Tigress, which she did and Cassandra and Shiva allowed, in hopes that the ensuing confusion and suspicion would buy Cassandra enough time acquire the League's data.[7] After ascertaining that Tigress was de facto leader of the Team,[3] Cassandra made her move.

Star City
April 18, 19:09 PDT

Cassandra plays her part to perfection.

In the college library, Cassandra sought Tigress for asylum after proclaiming to have defected from the League of Shadows. However, just as anticipated, Onyx had already approached Artemis and told her that Cassandra would use that cover story to infiltrate the Team as a mole. Cassandra assured Tigress that the League of Shadows must had sent Onyx to sabotage her reception. Tigress questioned her honesty due to Cassandra's unwavering loyalty to her father. Cassandra explained that when he killed her sister in front of her, she had a change of heart and decided to escape. After her first unsuccessful attempt, Vandal took her arm as punishment. Not believing either one of them, Tigress decided to sequester the two until they could sort out the truth.

En route to the Vault, Cassandra tried to appeal to Artemis's sympathy by drawing a parallel between them, as she also had an abusive father. Suddenly, the convoy was attacked by League of Shadows agents gunning for Cassandra. During the ensuing fight, Cassandra escaped from her cuffs and saved Tigress from being strangled. Later she admitted that she could have freed herself and escape anytime she wanted.

At the Vault, Cassandra argued that the Shadows were after her, so that should prove she was telling the truth.[10]

Star City
April 19, post-12:17 PDT

After eluding a telepathic reading, Cassandra manages to deceive a skilled assassin such as Cheshire.

Cassandra allowed Looker to read her mind to confirm her sincerity. However, because Shadows are trained to thwart psychic readings, Tigress enlisted Cheshire to interrogate Cassandra, hoping to see through Shadows' counter interrogation techniques. Cassandra claimed wanting to cut ties with everything her father touched, namely the Shadows and the Light, because he was an uncaring monster. She went on to say that he took her from her mother when she was four years old and told her she was dead. Later, she found out that her mother was actually alive and had another family. Cassandra felt deceived and used. She decided to approach Tigress, because Cassandra thought she would sympathize with her plight, being Sportsmaster's daughter and all. Cheshire didn't trust her and Cassandra returned the mistrust. She even questioned why Cheshire, an assassin herself, was helping the heroes.

Strategically positioned nearby the Justice League Computer, Cassandra inconspicuously deploys the infiltrators amid the confusion.

Moments later, Black Spider and Rictus infiltrated the compound and the latter attacked Cassandra inside her holding cell. Even with just one arm, Cassandra managed to stave off Rictus long enough for Tigress and Onyx to step in to help her. During the ensuing brawl, she got snatched by Black Spider and thrown nearby the League's computer,[3] so that she could deploy and retrieve the infiltrators with the League's stolen intel without anyone noticing.[7] The fight came to a halt when Lady Shiva appeared and held Orphan hostage. Before slinking away, she demanded Cassandra to be delivered to Santa Prisca in 24 hours, otherwise she would kill Orphan. Cassandra offered herself up to the Shadows, saying she didn't want to trade her life for someone else's. Cheshire revealed that Orphan was Shiva's daughter and she would never kill her. But Cassandra was not so sure, as she had seen firsthand that her father and his allies are capable of anything. She reiterated her determination to go along.

Caribbean Sea
April 20, 18:25 ECT

Aboard the Super-Cycle, Cassandra, Tigress and Onyx traveled to Santa Prisca.[3] She broke the silence, regretting the present predicament and insisted again that Tigress traded her for Orphan as soon as they reached Santa Prisca. Tigress summarily turned her down and Onyx accused Cassandra of only suggesting it, because she knew that would happen. The two bickered until Tigress proclaimed they had to work together in order to save Orphan. Cassandra and Onyx begrudgingly agreed.

Santa Prisca
April 20, post-20:49 ECT

Having successfully infiltrated Santa Prisca, Cassandra is one step closer to complete her mission, while Tigress is none the wiser.

Nearby Santa Prisca's bay, Cassandra and the others dove underwater and she pointed the way. When a shark nearly snapped at Onyx, Cassandra stabbed it in the eye, forcing it into a retreat. After reaching the shore, they climbed over a cliff. Cassandra nearly fell to her death, if not for Onyx saving her. At top, they neutralized the Shadows standing guard and then converged. Then they set off into the jungle looking for a hiding place and wait the day out.

Santa Prisca
April 21, post-19:03 ECT

Once she was close enough to her objective, Cassandra dropped the façade and released the infiltrators to process its stolen intel.

After sunset, they set off into the jungle again and finally reach the Shadows' HQ. Cassandra was flummoxed by how Tigress managed to turn off the security alarms and then they all sneaked inside the compound. They ran stealthily through the corridors, knocking out every guard in the way, until Cassandra posited that Orphan might be in cell block A. In that moment, Onyx grabbed Cassandra from behind, pressing her blade against her neck. She insisted to Tigress that Cassandra was a mole and could not allow her to go any farther. Suddenly, Cassandra flipped Onyx over her head and removed her Glamour Charm, revealing her scar and amputated arm to be just an illusion. She mocked Tigress, claiming they got the idea from her and proceeded to release infiltrators from inside her now visible left arm. She tried to prevent Tigress from destroying them but Oracle managed to render them inert. Cassandra was then backed by Black Spider, Rictus and Shade, when Cheshire came out of nowhere and provided a smokescreen, allowing Tigress and Onyx to escape. Thanks to Shade's teleportation powers, Cassandra and the others caught up with them at Orphan's jail cell.[9]

Santa Prisca
April 21, 21:04 ECT

Cassandra fights Onyx.

When confronted by Tigress about the truthfulness of her confessions while in captivity, Cassandra admitted that only her purported feelings were false, but all the facts were true. She did not despise her father or his actions at all. She saw her sister's death as a mercy and she was grateful to him for whisking her from a mundane life with her mother. She kept on spilling the details of her plan, unaware that Tigress was stalling to allow Orphan to free herself. Once she did, a fight broke out. Cassandra sparred with Onyx, who was furious for being used by them as a distraction to fulfill their plan. Cassandra bellowed that she was lucky they found some use for her at all. Onyx bested Cassandra momentarily but soon enough the Shadows regained control of the situation. However, without warning Shade teleported Tigress, Onyx, Cheshire, Orphan and himself away from their grasp. Lady Shiva followed after them, but Cassandra stayed behind.

Santa Prisca
April 22, 10:15 ECT

Cassandra contacted her father.[7]

The Warworld
May 14, post-04:22 UTC

Cassandra took note of her father's instructions to make preparations to execute Project Lifeboat, evacuating the Light and transporting items of value into the Warworld, as a precaution for the potential fallout from the battle between Klarion and Child.[11]

Following the defeat of Child, Cassandra met her father at the storeroom for Project Lifeboat on the Warworld. He decided to leave the valuables there in anticipation of another inevitable crisis. He ordered Cassandra to have Psimon confirm the integrity of the Psy-Backs, then have the room sealed and its only key given to him. He wanted it done quickly so they could move on to their top priority, Project Thrinos.[12]


Background information

  • Vandal Savage has had many children in the comics. Young Justice's Cassandra Savage is inspired by Scandal Savage and takes the name Cassandra from CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow.[13] Appearing in the season one episode "Leviathan" played by Jessica Sipos, Cassandra is a loyal lieutenant in her father's quest for world domination who turns to the resistance after she learns he was responsible for the death of her mother.


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