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Celia Windward is a young meta-human.

Physical appearance

Celia is a dark-skinned meta-human with black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is short and slightly curly. She wears a white shirt under a dark green jacket.


November 17, 07:07 MST

In the Meta-Human Youth Center, Celia quietly partook in a counselling session, presided by Eduardo Jr., with Livewire, Mist and Wendy Jones.[3]

November 22, post-17:31 MST

At the Harvest Festival carnival, Celia had fun riding bumper cars. After sunset, she and every other meta-teens were gassed unconscious by Onslaught, who intended to abduct them. Celia was snatched by Icicle Jr. but Kid Flash rescued her.

Later that night, when Beast Boy was talking to the press about their feet, Celia walked up beside Virgil and commented that the hero-boys were pretty cool and hot. Virgil told her he was friend of theirs but Celia didn't believe it and walked away.[4]

Celia then posted a photo of Beast Boy and Perdita on 1K Wordsworth to celebrate the event.[2]


Background information

  • Celia Windward is Jet, a Jamaican member of the New Guardians during the Millennium event and later a member of the Global Guardians. She has electromagnetic powers which affect sound and light.
  • This is her first animated appearance.


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