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Chameleon Boy is a Legionnaire who traveled back in time with Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl to prevent Lor-Zod from killing Superboy.


Physical appearance


31st Century

Chameleon Boy joined the Legion of Super-Heroes, a group inspired by Superboy. They fought against General Dru-Zod's attempt to overthrow the United Planets, and banished him and his followers back to the Phantom Zone with the last Phantom Zone Projector. Due to his youth, Lor-Zod was not sent to the Zone, and relentlessly attempted to obtain the projector to free his parents. The Legion was finally forced to destroy the projector.

Lor-Zod then stole a Time-Sphere. Chameleon Boy pursued him along with Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl, but they were exposed to chronoton radiation as he traveled back in time, leaving them immune to the changes he wrought. They searched the new timeline and found that Lor had killed Superboy, thus preventing the Legion's formation. The trio took the last Time-Sphere back to the point they knew Lor must have assassinated Superboy.[3]


New York City
February 17, 12:03 EST

Posing as a human, Chameleon Boy joined a protest outside the United Nations building, calling for Lex Luthor to resign as Secretary-General.[4][5]

New York City
February 17, post-12:04 EST

On the day that Superboy publicly revealed himself to the world, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl successfully saved his life by preventing Lor-Zod's assassination attempt outside the United Nations without anyone discovering their involvement. Though they managed to stop him, Lor-Zod escaped, and with the timeline revised once more, the Legionnaires had no way of knowing how or when he would make another attempt. Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy decided the best course of action would be to use their powers to secretly keep watch over Superboy until Lor-Zod would strike again.[3]

February 28, 15:04 EST

Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl were standing outside Bibbo's Diner, when they saw Charlie Daggett's school bus swerving out of control, heading in their direction. Chameleon Boy pulled his teammates to safety.[6]


March 22, 16:22 UTC

Disguised as a Green Martian, Chameleon Boy spied on Miss Martian, Superboy and Beast Boy as they strolled the streets.[7]

March 23, post-05:26 UTC

Outside the Science Center, Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl discussed what Lor-Zod intended by destroying the Zeta-Tube and the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite. Chameleon Boy surmised that he wanted to prevent the Justice League from intervening and Saturn Girl instructed them to stay ready.

Sacred River
March 23, post-15:51 UTC

Concealed by Saturn Girl's psychic screen, Chameleon Boy and his teammates kept close watch on Miss Martian and Superboy. An ensuing cave-in, caused by Lor-Zod, forced the trio to take cover and retreat. After scouting the perimeter for their foil, Chameleon Boy reconvened with Saturn and Phantom Girl.[8]

Hollow Hill
March 24, post-14:47 UTC

After Beast Boy stranded Superboy in G'all'ee Crater in a psychotic episode, Chameleon Boy posed as Garfield (in his green Ma'alefa'ak form) as a means of guiding J'emm J'axx, B'arzz O'oomm and M'aatt M'orzz to Superboy.[8]

March 25, post-17:23 UTC

Camouflaged by Saturn Girl's telepathy, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl spied on Superboy at the Royal Palace. When Saturn Girl sensed Miss Martian approaching, the trio took off, fearing Miss Martian would detect them.

Later that day, the trio kept close watch on the Royal Arena as Prince J'emm gave a speech to the audience. Chameleon Boy was impressed by his inspiration. When Phantom Girl's Time Scanner alerted them to the presence of their enemy, they rushed to intercept him. However, they lost the trail on everyone, because Miss Martian was blocking Saturn Girl's telepathy.[9]

In the chaos, Phantom Girl separated herself from Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl to rescue Superboy herself, but never returned. Although they found no evidence of a second fatality, they were forced to conclude she must have died in the explosion. Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl found afterwards their Time-Sphere was destroyed, leaving them stranded in the past, but managed to find Bio-Ship who transported them back to Earth.[10]

May 13, Unknown EDT

Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl sat on a public bench opposite the Luthor Grande Hotel watching Space Trek 3016, while Chameleon Boy ate Chicken Whizees.[11]

May 14, 05:40 EDT

Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl went to Bibbo's Diner, posing as regular humans, and approached Clark Kent-who they knew to be Superman-to ask for his help.

The Legionnaires met up with Superman later in the sky and began to explain their situation. Saturn Girl revealed they are from the future and traveled back to the past to prevent Superboy's death. Chameleon Boy admitted their failure to protect him on Mars, expressing their deepest apologies and alongside Saturn Girl further explained the destruction of their Time-Sphere, the loss of Phantom Girl, and their acquaintance with Bio-Ship. Superman agreed to help.

Saturn Girl explained that Superboy was their greatest inspiration, but upon his death, the future is in danger. Saturn Girl asked for Superman to take Superboy's place at a crucial moment in Happy Harbor at 12 noon exactly 10 years from that day, but cannot reveal anything more to preserve the timeline. They advised him to ask himself when the time comes what would Superboy do in the situation.

Once Superman left, Chameleon Boy was disappointed the timeline did not reset itself, suggesting they had failed. Saturn Girl felt that they had been exposed to so much chronoton radiation that they might be unable to tell if their original timeline had been restored.[10]

Central City
May 15, 20:06 CDT

Posing as human once more, Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl waited for Jay Garrick to leave his home, before approaching Kid Flash to talk.[10]

After convincing Bart to help them build a time travel device without revealing too much about themselves, the group spent three and a half months gathering materials.[3]

Central City
August 26, 15:53 CDT

Chameleon Boy went shopping for supplies with Saturn Girl and Bart.[5]

Central City
August 27, 06:49 CDT

With all the components gathered, Bart assembled them on the Bio-Ship in less than ten minutes, but refused to complete the job until Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy told him exactly what they were up to. Reluctantly, the duo explained the story of what brought them to the 21st century. Satisfied, Bart completed his work, and invited them onto the Bio-Ship to see the completed Cosmic Treadmill.[3]

August 28, 00:31 UTC

As Kid Flash powered their flight through subspace to New Genesis on the Cosmic Treadmill, Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy discussed the plan for finding and destroying the Phantom Zone Projector, or rather their lack of one.[12]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

The Bio-Ship arrived at New Genesis to find the Projector already in use. The Bio-Ship opened fire on the Projector, destroying it before anyone could come through.[12]

New Genesis
August 29, 00:24 UTC

Lor-Zod saw the Bio-Ship and tore his way aboard, shortly joined by Ma'alefa'ak. Zod took Saturn Girl hostage and threatened to kill her if they did not get out of there. Though Bart and Chameleon Boy resisted, they were overpowered and the Bio-Ship was forced to fly away from Boiling Lake.[5]

September 06, 04:22 UTC

Bart and the Legionnaires were held captive with inhibitor collars on the Bio-Ship, while Ma'alefa'ak gathered intel in Supertown. When he returned having learned the Kaizer-Thrall had been taken to Oa, Lor had Bart take his place on the Cosmic Treadmill, and the Bio-Ship left for Oa.[5]

September 13, 23:00 UTC

Chameleon Boy and the others remained captive on the Bio-Ship as Ma'alefa'ak impersonated them to get information from Phantom Girl.[13]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

After the Zods escaped the Zone and fled with Superboy, Kid Flash collected Bio-Ship, Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy.[14]

September 14, 01:19 UTC

Powered by both the Cosmic Treadmill and Forager's ring, the Bio-Ship flew at incredible speed to Earth. Chameleon Boy worried that involving the other heroes would damage the timestream, but Saturn Girl thought stopping Zod was more important.[14]

September 14, 04:08 UTC

The Bio-Ship arrived, and the group quickly detected boom tube activity at the Fortress of Solitude. Ursa Zod, now empowered by the Eye of Ekron, detected them and blasted them out of the sky as they approached. Saturn Girl was able to get off a warning, which allowed Superman and Orion to take the brunt of the blast. Bio-Ship crashed to the ground, and M'gann and Saturn Girl created a psychic illusion to make it appear everyone but Superman had died. The Zods eventually left with Superman as their captive.[14][15]

North Pole
September 14, 09:41 UTC

Nightwing approached the crash site, and M'gann dropped the illusion. They caught up with each other, and determined to go after Zod and his group with those heroes still standing. Baby arrived, called by her mother's psychic pain, providing them with transport.[15]

Eastern Seaboard
September 14, 06:08 EDT

Chameleon Boy and the other Legionnaires flew to Metropolis with Miss Martian and Nightwing.[15]

September 14, post-06:08 EDT

They arrived at Planet Circle to find other heroes already confronting Zod. The Legionnaires took on Ma'alefa'ak, with Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy distracting him in the physical world, while Saturn Girl and Danny Chase fought him psychically. Ultimately Superboy was saved and Zod's forces were defeated; all were either sent to the Zone or forced to flee. The Legionnaires lamented Lor-Zod escaping in Rocket's Time-Sphere however. Tinya feared they had lost their last chance to go home, but Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy worried that Lor was free to strike again.[15]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Chameleon Boy and the Legionnaires attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. Before the ceremony, Cham was part of a discussion on the fate of the prisoners in the Zone, and feared the League's desire to release them was naive given events in his time. Later, a Time-Sphere appeared containing Brainiac-5, who had come to bring them back to their time, which he calculated they had substantially restored. Cham worried about the 0.16% chance it had not been restored.[15]

Powers and abilities



Background information

  • Chameleon Boy is a Durlan shape-shifter and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • This is his third animated appearance. He has appeared in the DC Animated Universe (as a guest appearance in Superman: The Animated Series and a cameo Justice League Unlimited) and as a member of the main team in the animated series Legion of Super-Heroes.


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