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Charlie Daggett is a school bus driver from Metropolis, now living in Atlanta.


2010 (pre-time travel)

August 03, 07:00 EDT

Charlie was driving his regular pre-school bus route, and picked up Penny Randall, the last stop before going to school. The children were disappointed to be headed there, but Charlie reminded them that only smiles were allowed on his bus.[2]

During the journey the bus crossed a bridge as some of the suspension cables broke. This resulted in the bus being hit by a LexCorp truck and a sports car, sending it halfway over the side of the bridge. The bus was rescued by Superman and Superboy.[3] The children cheered as Charlie wondered when Superman got a sidekick. Shortly thereafter, Klarion appeared over the bus, and took it as his anchor to the mortal plane. Klarion told Charlie he was taking over his "skateboard," to Charlie's confusion. Klarion teleported the bus away in search of heroes who could help him fight Child, taking them all on a journey through time and space.[2]

2010-2021 (non-linear time travel journey)

Pacific Coast Highway
August 01, 12:22 PDT
Team Year Eight

Charlie and the children screamed as the bus nearly crashed into an SUV carrying Will Harper, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper and Jim Harper.[4] Klarion teleported them away seconds later.[2]

Star City
October 01, 16:58 PDT
Team Year Zero

The bus was on a bridge as it was attacked by Kobra-Venom-enhanced plant creatures. Despite the best efforts of Black Canary, Green Arrow and Red Arrow, the bus was thrown off the bridge, but landed in a baseball mit-shaped energy construct created by Guy Gardner.[5] Klarion teleported them away seconds later.[2]

February 28, 15:04 EST
Team Year Nine

The bus passed Bibbo's Diner, nearly running over Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy, before Klarion teleported them away.[2]

Dakota City
November 05, 21:08 CDT
Team Year Zero

While the world was magically split into two dimensions, one for adults and one for children, the bus was on a bridge. In both dimensions the bus teetered over the edge of the bridge. It was rescued by Rocket in the child dimension,[6] and by Icon in the adult dimension. Klarion teleported both buses away shortly after.[2]

Star City
June 20, 04:10 PDT
Team Year Six

The bus was caught in the natural disasters caused by the Reach's Magnetic Field Disruptors. Black Canary and Green Arrow were helping the children out of the bus,[7] when Klarion teleported the bus, including the evacuated children, away.[2]

May 16, 16:16 UTC
Team Year Eleven

The bus briefly flew across the sky of Apokolips, much to the confusion of Big Barda, before teleporting away.[2]

May 14, 05:16 UTC
Team Year Ten

The bus nearly crashed into Baby in the extraplantary space between Earth and Mars, before teleporting away.[8] [2]

---- --, --:-- ---

The bus travelled through one or more mysterious dimensions, as Charlie and the children screamed between gasping for breath.[9] [2]

May 13, 23:42 EDT
Team Year Ten

The bus nearly hit Zatanna and the Sentinels of Magic as they landed in the street outside the Harlem entrance to Madame Xanadu's parlour.[10] [2]

North Pole
May 14, 09:55 UTC
Team Year Ten

The bus finally halted in its journey as Klarion found the heroes he was looking for at the time he needed them.[2] Charlie and the children ran out of the bus, glad their torment was seemingly over, but soon realized from the chaos wrought by Child that they would be safer in the bus. Charlie recognized Doctor Fate as a member of the old Justice Society of America from a photo he has once seen, but was corrected by Zatanna that Fate was on the Justice League. He was quite surprised to hear Fate was a League member.

After Fate, Zatanna and the Sentinels boarded the bus, Klarion teleported them once more. Charlie drove them through another dimension, following a map made by Doctor Fate. Thirteen discussed Charlie's ten-year journey with him, though he said it had only felt like a couple of hours.[11]

May 14, 22:50 EDT
Team Year Ten

The bus arrived at the Old Salem Animal Shelter. Charlie and the children remained on the bus while Klarion selected a new feline anchor. Then the magical heroes teleported away to battle Child, but not before Zatanna promised Charlie and the children that they would return to send them back to their proper time.[11]

May 15, post-00:01 EDT
Team Year Ten

True to her word, Zatanna and Doctor Fate returned to send the bus back. Before they went, Zatanna implored Charlie and the children to get help to deal with the trauma they had experienced during their journey, and gave Charlie a card with Dinah Lance's phone number. Shortly after, Doctor Fate teleported them away.[11]

2010 (post-time travel)

August 03, 7:42 EDT

Moments after Klarion first teleported the bus away to begin their journey through time and space, Doctor Fate returned the bus and its occupants to the same spot. Charlie and the children cheered the end of their ordeal.[11]


After ten years of off-and-on counselling from Dinah, Charlie now lived in Atlanta, where he still drove a school bus. Dinah thought Charlie might be the bravest man she ever met.[11]


Background information

  • Charlie Daggett was a bus driver in Smallville. He only appeared once, in Superboy #137 (1967).
  • This is his first animated appearance.
  • In the episode "Intervention", Charlie's character model is re-used for a GBS cameraman.


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