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"Cherry Gig" is the 29th issue of the official Young Justice spin-off comic series and the first of Young Justice: Targets. The "Director's Cut" version includes the bonus short "Hot Mess: Memory One". It was released digitally on June 14, 2022 on DC Universe Infinite. The print version will be released on July 26, 2022.


Queen Perdita has been kidnapped! Mysterious armored assailants have snatched the Vlatavan royal out from beneath Bowhunter Security, leaving Green Arrow and Black Canary poisoned and comatose in the process! Now a rallying cry echoes around the globe, and across super-teams, to band together and rescue Perdita! Continuing the story of Young Justice: Phantoms, now streaming on HBO MAX, is the six issue, digital first Young Justice: Targets.


Cherry Gig

November 11, 12:32 PST
Team Year Ten

On the Premiere Building helipad, Beast Boy is distracted looking at pictures of Perdita Vladek on his phone, when Stargirl calls out to him. She is worried that their mission to rescue Perdita might be too personal for him and not the best way to return to the Outsiders. Gar insists on going, as Wonder Girl calls them over to the Super-Cycle to leave.

Star City
November 09, 08:00 PST
Two days earlier

Perdita's private jet comes in for a landing. Perdita tells her bodyguard she hates this airport, which he understands. A Bowhunter Security detail, consisting of Will Harper, Roy Harper, Jim Harper and Harlan Matthews, stands ready on the airfield, with Will taking the mission to protect Perdita very personally.

November 09, 18:17 EET

At Markovian National Penitentiary, Count Vertigo has a disagreement with Piotor Platz over the quality of the food, when four armored soldiers break in and extract Vertigo, Platz, Johann Mintz and Simon Ecks. The plan had been pre-arranged with Vertigo, though he had told none of his fellows.

Back at Star City, Bowhunter takes Perdita in a convoy of three SUVs, with no sign of trouble. Roy is at Perdita's side, and is pleased to see her again. Will and Denny discuss Perdita's schedule; first up, a tour of STAR Labs. As they arrive, Perdita explains to Roy that STAR wants to open a facility in Vlatavastok.

Inside, they are greeted by Dr. Serling Roquette and her two "colleagues", "Drs." Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen. Perdita and Roquette bond over their shared Forever Sixteen purse, when six more armored attackers like the ones that freed Vertigo crash through the glass ceiling. As Will and Denny cover Perdita, Will authorizes Harlan to go "full Clayface". As Clayface leads the attack, Serling offers an escape route. Oliver pulls out his bow and shoots one attacker, with a helpful boost from Jim, but gets taken down by another, who hits him with a dart, causing Oliver to quickly pass out. Denny, Roquette and Dinah are soon taken out by darts as well. Clayface creates a barrier to prevent more dart attacks, but the armored attackers use their sonic weapons to reduce him to a puddle. The attackers then knock down the rest of Bowhunter Security, grab Perdita and fly off. Will swears they will get her back.

To Be Continued...

Hot Mess: Memory One

Star City
November 09, 08:09 PST
Team year ten

As Will tells his squad on the airfield that he takes protecting Perdita personally, he remembers a time when he failed her.

Ten years earlier, on a September night,[1] Red Arrow was in Vlatavastok. He had intel that the League of Shadows had accepted a contract to kill King Josef Vladek, Perdita's father. Arrow hadn't called in for help, determined to prove he could handle the situation himself. He was a mess then, and though he accepted that was not entirely within his control, some of it was.
The assassin was Sportsmaster. Red Arrow got off one shot before Sportmaster used the Cadmus-programmed phrase "broken arrow" to shut him down. At the time, Arrow had no idea how Sportsmaster got so close to him so fast. Arrow was knocked out with a single punch. By the time he woke up, King Josef was dead, and Perdita was an orphan.

Will promises himself he will not fail Perdita again.


A cherry gig is a desirable job. Bowhunter Security's mission to guard Perdita Vladek is a high-profile, though seemingly routine assignment, as noted by Jim Harper and Harlan Matthews. The title may be intended ironically, given the issue ends with Perdita's kidnapping.


Armored attacker 01  
Armored attacker 02  
Beast Boy
Count Vertigo
Dinah Lance
Harlan Matthews
Jim Harper
Oliver Queen
Perdita Vladek
Piotor Platz
Roy Harper
Serling Roquette
Simon Ecks
Sportsmaster (flashback)
Will Harper/Red Arrow
Wonder Girl
Non-speaking roles
Armored attacker 03  
Armored attacker 04  
Armored attacker 05  
Armored attacker 06  
Armored attacker 07  
Armored attacker 08  
Armored attacker 09  
Armored attacker 10  
Johann Mintz
Josef Vladek (flashback)  
11 Character debut
1 Speaking debut




  • Perdita's purse strap switches between being across her chest to hanging on her shoulder and back between panels.

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