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Illinois Army National Guard

The Illinois Army National Guard.

Chicago is a city in Illinois. It is the residence of Martian Manhunter.[1]

History Edit

2010 Edit

September 17, post-00:01 CDT

Martian Manhunter fought the Headmaster in Chicago. The Headmaster was defeated and apprehended. Cat Grant reported from the scene.[2]

November 11, 16:49 CST

Chicago was one of the cities on Kid Flash's cross-country run from Boston to Seattle. While the national guard had cordoned off a clear path, Kid Flash had to take a small detour because of a pile-up.[3]

2016 Edit

April 2, 21:08 CDT

M'gann, disguised as her uncle's secret identity, returned home. "He" was greeted at the door by neighbor Ida Berkowitz.[1]

April 9, 06:20 CDT

Deathstroke and Tigress ambushed Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy at the Zeta-Beam site on a junkyard. Miss Martian was taken; Lagoon Boy was injured and brought to a hospital by Superboy and Nightwing, who arrived just too late to help.[4]

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