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Child is a Lord of Chaos.[1] After a dozen millennia of insipid antics, Klarion lost favor with the other Chaos Lords, and so Child was sent to the mortal plane to reinvigorate their cause and dispose of the Witch Boy, once and for all.[2]


Despite her being a Chaos Lord like Klarion, Child's demeanor is a perfect foil to the Witch Boy. Both portray themselves as being adolescents, but while the latter is sadistically petulant, the former takes a different tact of appearing very innocuous and disarmingly polite. However, her outward appearance conceals her true nature as an emotionless, demented archfiend who commits atrocities on a whim.

She is clever and coordinated. Unlike Klarion, she had enough foresight to forge an Earthly anchor that would not easily jeopardize her link to the mortal plane and, in times of peril, could even defend her. Child's appreciation for her anchor, Flaw, makes them simpatico, contrasting the relationship between Klarion and Teekl.[1]

She is openly dismissive towards any semblance of order, even accusing Klarion of being a "lapdog" for working with Vandal Savage, who she sees as an overglorified lord of order.[2] Though she is not without her childlike quarks, as twisted as they may be. Child has a youthful wonder about humanity, finding her fleshly guise to be "adorable", and mutilating a man to study his innards.[1] She also indulges in morbid pranks, like letting Klarion to slice her in half while making a high scream.[2]

Physical appearance

Child takes the form of a young Caucasian girl in her pre-teens with red eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair adorned in a black headband. She wears clothing similar to that of a girl's school uniform, consisting of a black blazer with a gold emblem over a white collar shirt, a purple-tie, a purple skirt, knee-length white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.



May 13, post-20:20 EDT

Child's emergence on the mortal plane emitted a pulse felt by magic users the world over. Making haste, the neophyte Lord of Chaos set out in search of the perfect anchor for herself, and in due course, she decided on a solid diamond within a jewelry boutique. With her anchor to the physical world solidified, she corporealized as a young schoolgirl. This new fleshly appearance so fascinated her that she took the opportunity to kill and dissect a security guard to pore over human anatomy.[1]

Roanoke Island
May 13, 23:49 EDT

Child and Flaw traveled together to a spot in the woodland. Here, Child conjured a magical pentagram and put out a frequency to fetch Klarion. Before long, her prey arrived.[1]

Roanoke Island
May 14, 00:03 EDT

Child made plain to Klarion the purpose of her visit. The Witch Boy balked at her accusations that he was inept at his role, but she cared little for his meanderings and promptly attacked. He soon realized that she was more powerful than him since she possessed the essence of all the Chaos Lords within her. Hence, Child allowed herself to indulge in a wanton show of power, which Klarion could not match. Though the Witch Boy was not without aid. Phantom Stranger sent Etrigan the Demon to help give Klarion a leg up over Child but, even with their combined powers, this did little to stall her advances. She capped off the showdown by burying Klarion underneath a mountain.

Rather than accept his fate, Klarion fussed that the duel was unfair since Child's strength wasn't her own but of all the Chaos Lords. In an atttempt to catch Klarion off guard, Child begrudgingly "agreed" to only fight using her own power for the sake of fairness. However, Klarion saw through her lie and before she could finish him off, proceeded to teleport away to safety. With her quarry on the run, Child and Flaw followed suit.[2]

May 14, 05:21 EDT

As Child closed in, Klarion's only recourse was to seek sanctuary with their archnemesis, Nabu. Just when he reached Nabu's doorstep, Child and Flaw caught up with him, and she sicced her golem on the Witch Boy's anchor, Teekl. The encounter proved deadly as Flaw unceremoniously killed Teekl, breaking Klarion's hold on the mortal realm. As Klarion bellowed in anguish, Child beheld his defeat with great satisfaction.[3][4]

Now, as Earth's sole remaining Chaos Lord, Child shifted her sights towards a new target. With a nascent spark from her fingers, she reduced the Tower of Fate to rubble, leaving its occupants cleaving for safety as the structure exploded around them. The unprovoked destruction of his home predictably incensed Nabu, who rose from the debris ready to retaliate; however, a direct hit to the face from Flaw sent him careening mid-monologue, much to Child's delight. With a few more sparks from her fingers, she took a moment to set ablaze a couple of intact valuables. As the survivors struggled to their feet, Child looked on and confessed how genuinely bewildered she was about how these mortals were able to foil chaos's will for so many years. Nevertheless, she vowed to let chaos reign before teleporting away.[4]

Powers and abilities

Naturally, being a Chaos Lord, Child is a powerful magic user. Even still, her abilities far outclass Klarion's own since she holds the added power of all of the Chaos Lords within her. She has an anchor that tethers her to the physical world, yet her foresight to construct her anchor from a solid diamond does not leave her vulnerable if it gets attacked.[2]


Flaw: Child's protector and anchor to the mortal plane. Same as any Lord of Chaos or Order, if her anchor is hurt or destroyed, she will be weakened as her hold over the mortal plane is disrupted or banished back to her home dimension.


Background information

  • In the comics, Child is a boy and is an enemy of Princess Amethyst, a Lord of Order. The Child was sent by the Lords of Chaos to reclaim the magical realm of Gemworld.
  • This is Child's first animated appearance.


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