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Christopher Jones is the illustrator for the Young Justice comics, having replaced Mike Norton as of issue #5 "What's the Story?".

On August 25, 2019 he announced that he had been hired as Storyboard Revisionist for season four.[2]

The character of Correctional Officer Jones was unofficially named in his honor when he voiced the previously unnamed character for the fan-produced motion-comics based on the companion comic. Greg Weisman has since made the name official.[3]


Jones's extensive body of work includes publishers such as DC Comics, Marvel, Slave Labor Graphics, Image, Malibu, Caliber, and more.

Jones has a longstanding partnership with DC Comics. His first penciling work for them was doing fill-ins on the cult series Young Heroes in Love, and before landing a job as the regular illustrator for the Young Justice comics, Jones was a regular contributor to Justice League Adventures and afterward he became the regular penciler on The Batman Strikes!, the comic based on The Batman animated TV series. He also worked with Greg Weisman on a Captain Atom/Gargoyles crossover parody story in JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1.

Jones has also contributed to DC's Licensing department, in which, among other things, he provided promotional artwork and character turns for action figure design.

Jones is also the Chief Creative Officer for CONvergence, the largest fan-run science fiction convention in the MidWest, which he co-founded in 1998.


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