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Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy being doused with chronoton radiation from Lor-Zod's stolen Time-Sphere.

Chronoton radiation is a form of radiation associated with time travel. Individuals exposed to chronoton radiation may be partially or fully immunized from changes to the timeline.[1][2][3]



Mount Justice's sensors detected chronoton radiation from Bart Allen's time machine.[4] Bart himself was irradiated, rendering him immune to the changes he made to the timeline.[2]


Saturn Girl posited that she and Chameleon Boy might have been exposed to so much chronoton radiation that they were far enough outside their original timeline that they could not tell if they had restored it or not.[1]


Neutron was exposed to chronoton radiation from Bart's time machine. This meant that[3] when Bart traveled back and changed the timeline, Neut's memories did not change, so he could only judge the changes based on what he could see.[4]

31st century

When Lor-Zod took his Time-Sphere back to 2020, it released chronoton radiation which doused Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy, who were pursuing him. This meant they were unaffected by the changes in the timeline wrought by Zod.[2]


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