Cisco Ramon is a student at Henry Heywood High School. He was a towel boy for the football team.

Physical appearance

Cisco is a teenage boy with black hair and dark brown eyes. His hair is cut into a mohawk.



October 12, post-07:55 EDT

While football players Sebastian Cardona and Ron Evers were discussing superheroines in the locker room, Cisco offered his own suggestion: Zatanna. His unsolicited participation was not appreciated, so the two jocks laughed at him and shoved him. Victor Stone watched on coldly, thinking only of the big game that was coming up.[1]


February 26, 15:15 EST

Cisco was picked on again, and this time Victor, now the hero Cyborg, stepped in.[2]


Background information

  • Francisco Ramon, originally named Paco Ramone, is Vibe, a Detroit gang member turned super hero, notable for being the first Justice Leaguer to die in the line of duty.
  • This is his fifth animated appearance. He appeared in Justice League Unlimited, the DC Nation Vibe shorts, the Vixen web series and DC Super Hero Girls.


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