Major General Clement Lemar (1911[1]—?) was Captain Adams's superior during the Vietnam war.

Physical appearance Edit

Clement was a Caucasian man with short gray hair and blue eyes. While serving in the military, he wore a uniform consisting of a button up shirt with a name tag on one side and two stars on either side of the collar. He also wore a pair of pants and cap with two stars on the front.[2] His dress uniform consisted of a white shirt, a black tie, and a jacket with badges similar to his normal uniform.[3]

History Edit

Clement Lemar was part of Lt. Yarrow's weapons smuggling ring, but did not like taking orders from a lieutenant. When Captain Adams claimed he had intel on the ring, he decided to play them against each other. He sent Adams's squad, with Yarrow, to investigate Hill 409. He ordered his North Vietnamese ally, Duk Trang, to ambush them. However, his plan failed as Adams's and Yarrow miraculously survived.

Yarrow decided to get rid of Lemar by framing his friend Nate Adams. He drugged Adams, and had Sgt. Polk kill Lemar with Adams's knife.[3]

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