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"Coldhearted" is the 20th episode of the first season of Young Justice, and the 20th of the overall series. It aired on March 10, 2012.


Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way...[1]


Central City
November 11, 07:16 CST
Snow day

Wally gets a snow day.

Wally wakes at the sound of his alarm clock. He is elated because it's his sixteenth birthday, he has finally lost his cast, and it's snowing. His mother feeds him a big breakfast with toast, bacon, sausages and boiled eggs. His father offers to take him to the DMV after school to get his driver's permit, but Wally declines: he wants to go to the Cave after school, because he knows the Team is throwing him a surprise party. Mary turns on the news, where his aunt Iris first congratulates him on air, and then reports on the school closures due to the heavy winter weather. Wally cheers as his school is among those mentioned.

Mount Justice
November 11, 16:05 EST
Birthday kiss

Not the kiss Wally hoped.

Wally makes it to the Cave, and as soon as he arrives, the computer mentions the Zeta-Tubes are offline because of extreme atmospheric conditions. He finds the kitchen empty, and proceeds to the lounge, where the lights are out. He is suddenly surprised by the Team, Flash and Red Tornado, who, just like he expected, throw him a surprise party. He tries to sound as if it's actually a surprise, but Robin sees through it.

Megan has baked two cakes for him, and Wally is quite eager to make a wish. Much to Artemis's chagrin, he desperately tries to score a kiss from Megan. She gives him one—on his forehead. Artemis smiles.

Fortress briefing

Batman briefs the Team.

Robin tries to comfort Zatanna, and offers her cake. Artemis joins the conversation, then decides to tell Wally about Megan's relationship with Superboy. She sits behind him, and whispers it in his ear; hearing it and seeing Megan and Conner eat together dampens his birthday spirit.

Batman calls in, urges them to change into polar stealth suits, and attend a briefing. Flash and Red Tornado leave, while Batman briefs the rest. Five mysterious ice fortresses are the cause of the extreme winter weather. They have to destroy them. Kid Flash suggests blowing them out of the sky from the Watchtower; Batman is not pleased that he mentioned that in front of Zatanna, and tells him that it's not going to work anyway as it doesn't have any weapons systems. Because both Hal Jordan and John Stewart are off-world, the Team has to team-up with the Justice League to take them down.

Who is this girl

Wally does not get the mission he hoped for.

Robin and Aqualad are to help take down the first fortress; Superboy and Wolf will help Black Canary and Red Tornado with the second fortress; Artemis, Miss Martian and Zatanna will go to the third. Other Leaguers will deal with the other two. Kid Flash asks why he wasn't mentioned, and is disappointed in getting another mission: delivering a donor heart for a desperately ill young girl, 3,000 miles cross-country from Boston to Seattle, because air traffic is impossible with the snow. Robin apologetically reminds him that the Zeta-Tubes are offline. Though he is disappointed and would prefer to fight with the rest of the Team in their first team-up with the Justice League, Kid Flash realizes that he has to do this and accepts without voicing complaint.

As Kid Flash departs for Boston, Batman informs him that law enforcement across the country will help him by clearing his route. He still envies his teammates, who race past him in the Super-Cycle and the Bio-Ship.

November 11, 16:26 EST
Wally's route

Wally's route.

Boston's freeways are gridlocked. Though police are trying to create a narrow path for Kid Flash, they're too late. Kid Flash has to jump over the trucks, but can continue his journey.

At Boston General Hospital, Mattie Harcourt waits anxiously for Kid Flash to arrive. She immediately gets down to business, urging him to keep the heart safe. It's insulated against basic shocks in a streamlined medical backpack, but abrupt movement needs to be avoided. He has four hours before the heart is no longer viable for transplant. She dismisses his attempts at small talk, and sends him on his way.

November 11, 16:49 CST

Two national guardsmen wait for Kid Flash to pass their cordon. He moves so fast that they can only feel him going by. Wally checks his time, and calculates that he has enough to deliver the heart and get some Justice League action. He switches his PDA to the Watchtower feed to see how his teammates are doing.

Chicago Fast Food

Plenty of distractions.

At Ice Fortress-1, Robin and Aqualad fight beside their mentors. With Flash, they take out several of the ship's cannons. Wally comments that a certain someone is missing from that picture.

Just as he looks up, he notices a pile-up in front of him. Unable to find a clear path, he has to take a detour. Unfortunately for his stomach, it leads him straight through a street full of fast food stores like Tacostada and Chicken Whizee. He makes his way back to the highway without filling up, no matter how delightful the snacks look.

South Dakota
November 11, 16:13 MST
Vandal confronts Kid Flash

Vandal Savage confronts Kid Flash.

Two hours and fourteen minutes are remaining as Kid Flash enters South Dakota.

Further along the route, four state troopers make their final preparations for Kid Flash's arrival. They are suddenly attacked by Vandal Savage, who easily defeats them. Kid Flash spots the fight, and turns to check up. He recognizes the villain, and cannonballs into him. He urges the troopers to leave, but Vandal surprises him and grabs him by the hair. With a kick in the stomach and the head, he frees himself.

Vandal boasts that he had hoped to find Flash himself, as they're due for a reckoning, but has to take solace in killing his sidekick instead. Because the troopers are out of range, Wally decides to go full throttle, egged on by Vandal's remarks.

Surprise from behind

Kid Flash tries a new strategy.

The Super-Cycle makes its way to Ice Fortress-2, getting in range for Black Canary's cry. It cracks the shields, and Superboy and Wolf jump in to take down a turret. Red Tornado picks it up and throws it at another turret, destroying it.

Wally cannonballs again, but finds his tactic ineffective. He devises a new strategy: running circles around Savage. He lands a hit from behind before his PDA reminds him he only has two hours left. He abandons the fight, and Vandal Savage rests contently after checking his pocket watch, convinced he's slowed down Kid Flash long enough.

November 11, 17:09 MST
Artemis and Green Arrow

Artemis fights alongside her mentor.

He's wasted fifteen minutes on Savage, but Kid Flash surmises he can still reach Seattle in time. He ignores his hunger, as well as the temperature and the windchill.

Miss Martian destroys one of Ice Fortress-3's turrets with the Bio-Ship, while Artemis and Green Arrow shoot their arrows at others. Martian Manhunter easily dislodges one, and Miss Martian blocks the ice flow out of one of the ship's ports. Zatanna's spell brings it down.

November 11, 17:08 PST

At Seattle Medical Center, Pieter Cross waits outside the Emergency Room for the heart. Seeing no sign yet of Kid Flash and due to the cold, he returns inside.

Too late

Henchy cons Kid Flash into thinking he's too late.

Kid Flash arrives moments later, where he is helped by a doctor who tells him it's too late; the patient has died. He takes the heart, and Kid Flash blames himself—he was twelve minutes too late, the time he lost in the fight with Savage. He sits down in the lounge, and sees on the news that Superman, Captain Marvel and Doctor Fate have brought down the fourth ice fortress. Dr. Cross runs up with two other surgeons, asking him where the heart for the Queen is. Wally is bewildered, still thinking the girl is dead. He's informed that the recipient is Queen Perdita of Vlatava, and she is alive but time is ticking. Realizing he's been conned, Kid Flash spots the fake doctor board an elevator and pursues him down the stairs to the basement levels.

Down in the parking garage, he overtakes the henchman and steals back the heart. He avoids bullets from him and several other accomplices, but the staircases are blocked, so he'll have to take the car ramp. He can't reach it, as he's brought to his knees by Count Vertigo. Realizing Vertigo seeks to take the throne from his niece, Wally decides to keep him talking.

Vertigo reveals himself

Count Vertigo reveals himself as the mastermind.

He inquires about Vertigo's arrest with the Injustice League, and learns he got away scot-free because he has diplomatic immunity. As Vertigo unsheathes his cane sword to destroy the heart and kill Kid Flash, the young speedster slides the medical backpack under a car and knocks over Vertigo. He easily takes out the henchmen, and cannonballs Vertigo. He destroys the Count's vertigo-inducing headgear, collects the heart and escapes up the car ramp, smashing in through the Emergency Room's sliding doors to reach Dr. Cross. Out of energy, Kid Flash collapses.

At the Wests' house, Mary tries to save the dinner, and Rudy watches the news. Iris reports on the destruction of Ice Fortress-5 by several Leaguers, but the news gets worse as she relates how Queen Perdita died on the operating table. They're shocked to see their son has failed his mission at a terrible cost.

November 12, 06:39 PST
Vertigo's boast

Count Vertigo's boast.

Wally wakes up in a hospital bed to find a very content Count Vertigo—or King Vertigo, as he now styles himself, having been waiting for him. With Perdita dead, he's untouchable as King of Vlatava, despite Kid Flash's best efforts to get up. Vertigo tells him both his and the young hero's actions were, in the end, futile, as she died on the operating table. No-one can blame him for regicide. Kid Flash plays his trump card: he pulls aside the partition curtain and reveals Perdita with two security guards, alive and well. She replays a recording made of his boast, and officially charges him of high treason against the crown. His diplomatic immunity is revoked. With no options left, Vertigo lunges at his niece with his sword, but Kid Flash, revealing his post-exertion weakness was only a feint, disarms him with an IV pole. The guards overpower Count Vertigo, and Kid Flash tells them to send him to Belle Reve. Count Vertigo admits he was outplayed, but tells the youths that they've only won this round as he's taken out of the room.

Kid Flash returns the sword to Perdita, who thanks him for saving her and his plan to take Count Vertigo down. Wally came up with it after waking up and learning that the queen was in recovery after her heart transplant. She notes that the cane sword was never Vertigo's but an heirloom of Vlatava, and is happy to offer it to Wally as a reward or souvenir; but Wally declines and chooses the medical backpack as a souvenir instead.

Belle Reve
November 13, 12:03 CST

Count Vertigo does not make any friends in the food line. Brick splatters the grub all over him, and mocks the royal's fall from grace.

Royal lunch

Count Vertigo is the victim of Brick's mockery.

Batman and Flash convene with warden Hugo Strange. Batman suspects the involvement of the five ice villains they've faced before, but Strange assures them Icicle Sr., Icicle Jr., Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Mister Freeze were all in custody in the days of the attacks.

Wally looks at his souvenir wall, and places the backpack on it. He thought about the sword Perdita offered him, but this seemed more fitting considering the nature of his mission. Robin congratulates him, not only on saving Perdita, but an entire country. Wally is glad, and reflects that the best birthday gift this year was nothing material, but Perdita's smile.


A "cold hearted" person is someone devoid of sympathy or feeling. This applies to Count Vertigo, who plots to let his 10-year-old niece die, and kill Kid Flash if necessary, in a coup d'état. Also, Kid Flash is imbued with the mission of collecting and delivering a heart to save Perdita's life, while the episode takes place during a (staged) snow storm that dampers his efforts.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Lacey Chabert Zatanna
Stephanie Lemelin Artemis
Jesse McCartney Robin
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Khary Payton Aqualad
Jason Spisak Kid Flash
Steven J. Blum Count Vertigo
Rudy West
Nicole Dubuc Iris West-Allen
Miguel Ferrer Vandal Savage
Bruce Greenwood Batman
Pieter Cross  
Adrian Pasdar Hugo Strange
Cree Summer Mary West
Mattie Harcourt  
Ariel Winter Perdita  
Non-speaking roles
Black Canary
Captain Cold (TV)
Captain Marvel (TV)
Doctor Fate (TV)
Green Arrow
Icicle Jr. (TV)
Icicle Sr. (TV)
Killer Frost (TV)
Martian Manhunter
Mister Freeze (TV)
Red Tornado
Richard Dragon (poster)
Full credits
4 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut



Backwards spells

Speaker Spell Translation
Zatanna Erif nrub, nordluac elbbub Fire burn, cauldron bubble


  • After the guards subdue Count Vertigo Wally's gloves are on, But when he tells the guards to send him to Belle Reve they are off.

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  • Wally: My favorite breakfast: heaping piles of everything.

  • Wally: Who is this girl?!
  • Batman: Does it matter?

  • Count Vertigo: It's called "regicide".
  • Kid Flash: It's called... you're busted, jerk-face!


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