The Condiment King is a villain who uses condiments and relishes as weapons.

History Edit

2018 Edit

New York
November 04, 20:07 EST

On his live show, G. Gordon Godfrey highlighted an inflammatory comment on social media posted by an account conspicuously named "CNDMNTKNG", denouncing the Justice League for sidelining the government.[1]

2019 Edit

Unknown location
January 21, pre-17:32 PST

In some restaurant, the Condiment King held a group of diners hostage until he was intercepted by the Outsiders, who were tipped off by the busboy. In the ensuing skirmish, the Condiment King doused Beast Boy with a motley of condiments and relishes, causing him to slip and sprain his wrist. He was ultimately taken down.[2]

Background information Edit

  • The Condiment King was introduced as a joke character in Batman: The Animated Series. He was a comedian, Buddy Standler, brainwashed into becoming a joke villain out of spite by the Joker. When he was introduced in the comics as a Birds of Prey villain, he lost the origin and was given the real name Mitchell Mayo instead.

References Edit

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