Daddy Lidz was a thug working for Brick.

Physical appearance Edit

Daddy Lidz is an African American man. When he worked for Brick, he wore a gray sweat shirt and a greenish sleeveless jacket. He wore brown pants, and a reddish orange face mask with a black, zig zag line around it. Over this, he wore a gray derby hat with a black band.[1]

History Edit

2010 Edit

Star City
July 17, 23:16 PDT

Daddy Lidz helped Brick unloading a shipment of contraband weapons. He was taken out by Robin and Aqualad.[1]

2018 Edit

Star City
August 01, 7:38 EDT

Brick planned to steal multiple trucks with Goode Goggles in broad daylight. He cased the shipment as it departed the warehouse escorted by Bowhunter Security. Brick's henchmen took over from the truck drivers, and with faked credentials they got past security. Bowhunter's Will Harper recognized Hoody Boy as an associate of Brick, but the thugs had gotten a decent head start before security could give chase.[2]

Pacific Coast Highway
August 01, 12:21 PDT

Brick held off the pursuers while hus thugs tried to escape. Daddy Lidz drove the front truck, and manage to evade his pursuers for the longest. Dick and Will fought Brick on the trailer's roof. Once his boss was thrown off the roof, Daddy surrendered without a fight. All the criminals were taken into custody.[2]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

Daddy Lidz and the other thugs are not named in the show, but on character art released by character designer Jerome Moore.[3]

References Edit

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