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A small café in downtown Dakota City

Dakota City is a city in the Midwestern United States.[1]




Dakota City
November 5, 21:08 CDT

Following the splitting of Earth into two dimensions; one with children and one with adults, Rocket saved a school bus from falling off the side of a bridge.[1]


Dakota City
March 21, 18:17 CDT

In anticipation of her wedding, Raquel Ervin and the female members of the Justice League and the Team held a bridal shower at a downtown café. The celebration was interrupted by Captain Cold, who planned to rob an armored truck that drove past the intersection. He encased the entire street, and the terrace where the heroines were, in ice. Rocket freed them, and all together they charged at the terrified villain.[4]

Dakota City
June 20, 07:35 CDT

Black Lightning and Virgil Hawkins worked together to destroy one of the Reach's Magnetic Field Disruptors that was located in Dakota City's sewer.[5]

Background information

  • In the comics, Dakota City is the hometown of all the heroes from Milestone Media comics—Icon, Rocket, Hardware, Static, the Blood Syndicate, Xombi and many others. It is based on Detroit, with all its grime and glory.
  • In the television series Static Shock, the city was called "Dakota"; that name was also used in several Teen Titans stories after Static joined.



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