This article is about the first Blue Beetle. For his successors, see Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes.

Dan Garrett (19152005[1]) was an archeologist and the first Blue Beetle.

Physical appearance Edit

Dan Garrett was a Caucasian man with brown hair. As the Blue Beetle, he wore a costume that consisted of a blue formfitting suit, blue boots, yellow gloves, and a black belt with a scarab on the buckle. He wore a cowl that covered his hair, with a small fin in the middle. He hid his eyes behind blue goggles with yellow visors. The scarab manifested itself on his back, which allowed him wings for flight.[2]

History Edit

In 1939, archeologist Dan Garrett discovered the Scarab in a temple in Bialya. The Scarab bonded with Dan. Assuming it was a mystic artifact, he used the Scarab to become a superhero under the name Blue Beetle.[2] He did not join the Justice Society of America.[3]

When Dan passed away, he left his Scarab to his protégé, Ted Kord.[2]

Equipment Edit

  • Scarab: During his time as the Blue Beetle, Dan Garret used the scarab, an advanced alien technology created by the Reach.[2] He most likely got the scarab to adapt the armor to his needs and desires, because he acquired it after having been cleansed and buried for thousands of years. This should explain why Garret's armor differs so much from Jaime and the other Beetles' armors.[4]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Daniel Garrett was the first Blue Beetle, first appearing in Charlton's second series Blue Beetle. He was based on an older character, Dan Garret/Blue Beetle, published by Fox Features in the forties. That Beetle was a policeman who used a special serum to gain super stength. The new one, Dan Garrett, was an archeologist.
  • In designing Dan Garrett for the series, character designer Jerome Moore incorporated aspects of Humphrey Bogart's appearances in the films The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and the The African Queen, as well as from the character of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The fedora is a nod to Jones's character, and is an artistic addition that producer Brandon Vietti personally approved of.[5]
  • This is Dan Garrett's second animated appearance. He had a cameo in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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