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Danny Chase is a meta-human with telekinetic and multi-dimensional abilities who was trafficked to Apokolips. His brain was extracted and placed in a box, becoming known as the Kaizer-Thrall and used to lock onto other dimensions. After interfacing with a Motherbox, Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted Danny and took control, renaming the device the Mother-Thrall. Danny has since been liberated and is in control.


Early life

Danny Chase was a runaway, who was abducted and tested positive for the Meta-Gene. He was meta-activated and gained telekinesis and multi-dimensional abilities. He was trafficked to Apokolips, where Desaad extracted his brain and placed it in a box to form the Kaizer-Thrall.[1]


August 26, post-20:43 UTC

The Kaizer-Thrall had been in the care of Mantis. Darkseid, through Grayven, ordered that Mantis and Ma'alefa'ak take the device and follow the orders of Lor-Zod.[2]

August 27, 11:50 UTC

The Kaizer-Thrall stood by as Lor-Zod explained his mission to his companions.[3]

August 28, 11:43 UTC

After Ma'alefa'ak gathered needed intelligence, the group decided to go back in time by two days to plant a tracer on a Ruction Cell which would be taken to Metron's Vault in the Mobius Dimension, which would allow the Kaizer-Thrall to follow it.[4]

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:59 UTC
Two days earlier

The group went back, and Ma'alefa'ak planted the tracer.[4]

A Time-Sphere and its dimensional "echoes" as it is teleported by the Kaizer-Thrall.

August 26, 23:00 UTC

The group observed the Cell being taken to the Vault. The Kaizer-Thrall teleported the Time-Sphere into the Mobius Dimension. The Sphere appeared momentarily split in multiple spectral forms before disappearing and reappearing at its destination, and all occupants found the journey disorientating.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 26, 23:06 UTC

The Thrall stood by as the others searched for the Phantom Zone Projector. They had to flee from a Sun-Eater.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 14:11 UTC

After a day of searching and dodging the Sun-Eater, Lor had the Thrall torture Metron. The device locked beams onto both Metron and his Mobius Chair, causing them to flash different colors and fade in and out, seemingly held between dimensions. Lor threatened to keep Metron in that state until he told them where to find the Projector.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 28, 16:55 UTC

After over a day's torture, Metron relented and the Thrall released him. However, Metron tricked them, and produced a piece of Kryptonite, then summoned the Sun-Eater before escaping. Mantis was able to get the Thrall and the others into the Time-Sphere and travelled back a day.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 17:06 UTC
One day earlier

Mantis located the Projector as the rest recovered in the Time-Sphere.[4]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 17:07 UTC

Mantis returned to the Sphere and had the Kaizer-Thrall take them back to the real world.[5]

New Genesis
August 27, 17:08 UTC

They arrived on the surface, where Mantis dragged a Kryptonite poisoned Lor out before collapsing himself. Mantis had failed to compensate for the dimensional shift in their journey, damaging the Time-Sphere.[5]

New Genesis
August 28, 17:09 UTC

Lor awoke from his Kryptonite poisoning. The group left to find a power source for the Projector.[5]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

After hours waiting at the lakeside while the Projector charged, it finally reached minimum power levels and began to optimize power absorption. Lor spotted a group led by Orion, and ordered his companions to defend the Projector. The Kaizer-Thrall locked Flash into an inter-dimensional state, but broke off when attacked by the Mountain Forager. The Thrall then attacked first the Mountain Forager, and then Forager. The Mountain Forager was able to break her hand free of the Thrall's effect as she reached for Forager, and Tomar-Re's Green power ring found her and made her a Green Lantern. She blasted the Thrall, and took it into custody in a construct bubble.

The Thrall was recognized as sentient and would be imprisoned in a Sciencell on Oa.[5]

In early September, Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Forager studied the Kaizer-Thrall on Oa. Soranik's scans showed that the Thrall was indeed sentient and contained the remains of an eleven-year-old human boy. The Thrall began to beep, which Soranik believed was the boy trying to communicate.[6] The Thrall was released and sent back to Earth with Forager.[1]

The Watchtower
September 13, 17:38 EDT

Miss Martian arrived to make psychic contact with the Kaizer-Thrall. Danny quickly explained his story, and asked to speak with everyone directly. He was very happy that everyone could see the real him when M'gann created a psychic link. M'gann believed using his multi-dimensional abilities was killing Danny. Soon after, J'emm J'axx contacted M'gann to tell her he had reason to believe Superboy was still alive. After some false starts, Danny told the group that he knew the trans-dimensional frequency of the Phantom Zone, and a plan was hatched to rescue Superboy from the Zone by opening a modified boom tube on Trombus. Miss Martian was concerned using his power would harm Danny, but he was sure he could do it one more time for a good cause.[1]

September 13, 23:45 UTC

The group boom tubed to Trombus, and Danny and the Motherbox opened a boom tube to the Zone. M'gann reached out to Conner psychically, but he refused to come out. She went to lead the group into the Zone to get him, but Ma'alefa'ak psychically blasted Danny and took control of the Kaizer-Thrall and used it to subdue the rescuers.[1]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

After Lor decided to evacuate his parents, he ordered Ma'alefa'ak to have the Thrall open a boom tube to Earth.[7]

North Pole
September 14, 00:05 UTC

They emerged in the Fortress of Solitude. Lor urged his parents into solar pods, but first Dru had Ma'alefa'ak open another boom tube to the Zone to free his army.

Dru noted that Nightwing's team was probably preventing their army coming through, so Lor entered the boom tube. Ma'alefa'ak warned him that the boom tube was not able to stay open forever, and was quickly proved right as it began to destabilize, forcing Lor to retreat.

The Mother-Thrall went outside with the others when Ursa, now the Emerald Empress, detected the Bio-Ship approaching. The Emerald Empress blasted the Bio-Ship out of the sky. Superman emerged from the wreckage. When Superman refused Dru offer to join him, Dru and Ma'alefa'ak brought him down with Kryptonite, which Ma'alefa'ak held against his chest.[7]

September 14, post-00:16 EDT

Dru's group boom tubed to Planet Circle. After they engaged in some wanton destruction, Dru addressed the world, claiming it as his. As proof of his dominance, he prepared to order Superboy to kill Superman.[7]

September 14, 05:46 EDT

Dru-Zod ordered Superboy to kill Superman, but Superboy refused. Numerous heroes appeared to fight them. During the ensuing battle, Dru-Zod had Ma'alefa'ak open a new boom tube to the Zone for his army. Kaldur'ahm snatched the Mother-Thrall into the sewer, closing the tube. Motherbox was able to restore Danny's consciousness, but Ma'alefa'ak attacked him again. The Legionnaires intervened, attacking Ma'alefa'ak in both the physical and mental realms. Danny was able to kick the distracted Martian out of his head, and later blasted him through a boom tube into the Phantom Zone.[8]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Danny attended Conner and M'gann's wedding.[8]

Powers and abilities

  • Inter-dimensional travel: Danny is able to read trans-dimensional frequencies if provided with a tracer or portal to another dimension.[1] This allows him to modify a form of teleportation, such as a Time-Sphere[4] or a Motherbox's boom tube, for inter-dimensional travel.[1] The journey can be unpleasant.[4] Moving through dimensions leaves a tear in space-time which can be traced.[5]
  • Fractal beam: The Thrall is able to lock beams onto one or more targets, making them phase in and out, causing great pain.[4]
  • Telekinesis/Force blasts[1][8]

While interfaced with a Motherbox, forming the Mother-Thrall, it is able to open boom tubes, including to the Phantom Zone.[7]


  • Using his multi-dimensional abilities causes Danny great pain and may be killing him.[1]
  • Energy absorption: The Thrall was disabled by a Sun-Eater which absorbs energy.[4]


Background information

  • Danny Chase was a character introduced towards the end of Marv Wolfman's run on New Teen Titans. He was an arrogant telekinetic boy who hung out with the Teen Titans and did more harm than good. Eventually, he merged with Arella and the Souls of Azarath to become the Phantasm.
  • Kaizer-Thrall's zigzag beams are meant to be reminiscent of Darkseid's Omega Beams.[9]
  • This is his first animated appearance.


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